Chapter 3 – Stupid, Stupid Izzy

A/n: Sooo some of you aren't sure about this story. Some of you have said it's predictable. Some of you have said that it's not the same as what I usually write.

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Now...let's get to it.


Stupid, Stupid Izzy. What the fuck was I even thinking showing up at that bar tonight? Yes, I wanted to see Masen...or Edward...or whatever the fuck his name is. But, that's not my normal scene.

I should have known he was a player. He's to fucking good looking to not have a harem of women following his ass around.

And of course, he plays in a band, so that would only make the groupies even more available to him.

Why would he ask me to show up then? He knew he'd have plenty of women at his beck and call. Why would he ask me, plain, boring Izzy to show up to watch him play?

I remember how I used to fantasize about him after he first started working at the Smoke Shop. I couldn't even speak around him.

Then I started dating Jake and he would rag on Masen every single time we'd see him, calling him a pansy-ass or wussy-boy. He was jealous..

The Green Eyed Monster was just my type. He was tall, lean, not to muscular...the tattoos and sex hair were out of control in driving my hormones crazy. But most of all, those piercing green eyes were like magnets for me. Every time he looked me in the eye, my panties flooded.


I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment complex and sat there for a minute. I felt like crying but I didn't allow myself too. I grabbed my bags and my new pack of smokes that I'd had to stop and buy earlier, and headed to my apartment.

Just as I got the key in the door my phone started chiming alerting me to a new text message. I got inside, dropped my stuff and started searching my satchel for my phone.

It was from Green Eyed Monster. Why was he going to torture me this way? I certainly didn't need this shit.

I'd put up with enough crap from my last two boyfriends. And let me tell ya, they were both piece of works...piece of shits really.

I hesitated again before opening it but my curiosity overtook me, I had to know what he wanted.

Give me a chance to explain, Iz, it wasn't what you thought. Coffee tomorrow morning? - Masen

Ugh. What was there to explain? I didn't need any complications in my life. And already he seemed to be filled with drama.

I don't know. I mean, what's the point? Besides, I have class at 8. - Izzy

I hoped he wouldn't respond again. I just wanted to put on my favorite pj's and crawl into bed. It was already past one am and it had been a long damn night.

Just as I was crawling into bed after a long, hot shower my phone chimed again. But this time it was Rosalie.

How'd it go w/ the hotty? - Rose

Rose meant well and she was so excited that I was going out to meet Edward at the bar. I hated to burst her bubble but I really didn't see this 'thing' going anywhere with him, at this point.

We'll talk tomorrow. He's a player. Good night. - Izzy

I got snuggled into the covers, tried not to think about everything that happened today. I hope that I woke up and don't have a repeat of this craptastic day.

Then I hear it. My phone chimes again.

I slowly rolled over and grabbed my phone off the table. Fuck, it's from him. I turned my phone over and over in my hand, while I tried to decide if I want to look at it.

I hit the button and read it.

You are worth it. Meet me at George's cafe on eighty-second before you head to class. Please? - Masen

He would pick my favorite breakfast cafe to meet me at, wouldn't he?

Little fucker.

I tossed and turned all night, internally debating on whether or not I should show up to meet him or not. I finally got up out of bed at five-thirty, started the coffee pot and grabbed a smoke. I pulled my stool up to the little kitchen window and lit a smoke.

I got lost in my thoughts about why I shouldn't meet him. I'm not looking for love and I'm definitely not looking to get into a relationship. Any guy that tried to get past the walls I've created is going to have his work cut out for him.

I grew up in a small town about thirty miles from Lubbock, where everyone knows everyone. I'd gone to school with James since kindergarten. We started dating in Junior High and broke up shortly after graduation.

He was my first everything. And I regret every single minute of it. Every black eye, every bruised rib, every busted lip. They all helped me to regret that I allowed this man to ever touch me in anyway.

It was Jacob that helped me get away from him. But then Jacob became a problem, too.

I sighed, stumped out my smoke and poured myself another cup of coffee. It was a little after six so I went ahead and took another shower, got dressed and packed up all my books for the classes I had today.

I knew that my step-mom, Sue, would be up already so I decided to give her a call. She always knew what to say to help me come out of a funk.

The phone rang once before her cheerful voice came on the line, "Morning baby girl, what's got you up so early?"

I sighed, instantly feeling a little calmer, "I've got class this morning and had some time so I thought I'd check in with you."

She tsk'ed her tongue a time or two, "Isabella, I know you. You are not a morning person so for you to be calling me this early in the morning, something has got to have you in a snit. Now spill it."

"Well, it's about a guy." It was all I had to say for her to draw in a deep breath and I knew that her face was all pinched up.

"Oh baby girl, Jake isn't bothering you again is he?" She huffed in her defensive mother voice.

"No, he's left me alone since the last time Charlie threatened him. It's the guy I met and I well, I like him but I think he's a little more than I can handle." I wasn't sure how to even explain this without her getting all up in my business. With everything that I've gone through with James and Jacob she hated me living alone and so far away. I really didn't want to give her a reason to lecture me about it again.

"So, tell me about him. Did you meet him at school?" Sue asked me in a curious tone.

"Well, he gorgeous, and funny and I'm seriously attracted to him." I hesitated before I blurted out, "He's in a band and he works at the Smoke Shop." I smacked myself in the head.

"You are still smoking, baby girl? I thought you quit?" Of course that would be all she heard out of what I said.

"Yes, Momma, I'm still smoking." I huffed out, reached for another smoke and lit it before I took a sip of coffee.

"You like this boy? What's wrong with him? If he's already got you in a tizzy this way, something's wrong with him." She stated as if that should make everything clear to me.

"Well, I went to see him at the bar he was playing at last night and I saw him with some girl all over him. It just gave me flashbacks to James and I ran away." I wanted to hit myself for getting so emotional over this crap.

"So he's a player? What exactly did you see, baby girl? Was he kissing this girl? Did he know you were there?" Sue was really good at making me look at the big picture.

Now that I stopped to think about it, what did I really see? It was dark and very crowded but I saw him shoved up against a wall and this tall blond was up against him. It looked like they were kissing.

"I'm not sure exactly, Momma. But it looked like she was kissing him. I didn't really stick around long enough to see much." I took a drag off my smoke and glanced at the clock. It was almost seven am. If I was going to go meet him, I wanted to be there first.

I could hear Sue getting stuff ready for breakfast through the phone, "Momma, I'm gonna let you go, I need to run an errand before class."

"Isabella, it sounds like you might want to talk to this boy before you completely blow him off. But, please be careful, baby girl. I worry about you so much." I heard her voice go soft and full of concern.

"I will, I promise. I love you, but I gotta go." I hoped that she knew how much I meant it. I would be so lost without her in my life. She's always been the mom that my mother never was.

"Okay, call me later. I love you too. Bye." I hung up the phone, stumped out my smoke, shut the window and went about getting my bags to leave.

Twenty minutes later I pulled into the parking lot completely shocked to see Edward's car already in the parking lot.

Something about this whole Masen thing for his name wasn't sitting well with me. Was Masen who he wanted to be or was Edward? It seemed to me that he was hiding from who he really is by choosing to be someone he's not anymore. I had to figure that out, if I continued to hang out with him.

I walked in to find him sprawled out in a booth with strange paper laid out and him hard at work. He had a beanie on his head and a days worth of stubble on his face along with that little patch on his chin. He looked positively delicious.

I walked up hesitantly, "Um, hi."

I let my hair fall down around my face to stop him from seeing my disgusting blush.

He startled and looked up at me, "Well, there you are. Hi, here have a seat." He started clearing paper off my side of the booth and stood to help me sit down.

"I'm really glad you showed up, Bella." He smiled that crooked smile at me while he sat back down in his seat.

I took a deep breath. "I don't know why I'm here, really. You don't owe me an explanation. I think it was pretty clear what I saw."

"Do you want a cup of coffee or something to eat?" He asked as he motioned for the waitress to come over.

"Oh, um, yeah." The waitress approached and filled up my overturned coffee mug, "What can I get ya sweetie?" She smiled at me, waiting on me to order. "Can I get a short stack with a side of biscuits and gravy." I asked suddenly feeling self conscious about ordering that much food.

"Sure, no problem." She turned to Edward. "The usual hun?" He nodded and she turned and walked back to the kitchen.

"Come here a lot do you?" I asked quirking an eyebrow at him.

"Yep, it's my usual morning hang out. It's quiet, the food's decent and I can get my homework done." He answered while shuffling more of his papers back into his backpack.

"Okay." I answered.

I don't know what it is about him but I wanted to know everything he had to say, and it just pissed me off, royally. I shouldn't want to know anything about him.

A quick lay was an option before last night but now, really, what's the point?

" Bella, look I want to explain something to you." He fumbled around with his words and didn't make eye contact with me.

"Stop. Why did you do that?" Why the fuck was he calling me Bella? I am not Bella. There isn't much to me and I definitely didn't want to be cutesy Bella so everyone could joke about how not beautiful I was. The girls in middle school gave me shit about it all the time, hence why I changed it to Izzy.

"Do what?" He curiously eyed me.

"Why did you call me Bella?" I felt my hands ball up under the table.

"Oh, because you are a Bella to me. Izzy doesn't seem to be who you really are. As beautiful as you are, Bella suits you better." He smuggly replied.

"Huh." I breathed out. He thinks I'm beautiful.


"Well, I don't think Masen suits you. I think I'll call you Edward." I offered back with my own smug grin.

He ran his hands through his hair before he looked at me, his eyes piercing right through to my soul, "See, I knew you were different."

Fuck. Me.

I blushed.

He was making me feel girly. Damn him.

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