"Hayley, you're better than Brian!" the brunette said loudly, his eyes fixed on the beautiful blonde in front of him.

She was looking at her ex-boyfriend Brian, who was lurking behind Jake, staring at them. But at his words, she gained a confused look as she stared at him.

"He's an okay guy, but you are a truly special girl," he continued, the same confused look on Hayley's face, "the only thing bigger than your sense of adventure is your heart." his tone was lowering, his words becoming realer and realer with each that passed through his lips.

Hayley had a truly touched look on her face, not believing how he was talking to her right now.

"I don't think any guy's good enough for you," he shook his head as he said this, "but if I got the chance to be your boyfriend, I know I'd never ever walk away." he finished, still staring at her. The girl he'd been in love with for longer than he could remember. Now he was pouring his heart out to her, and it wasn't even supposed to be real. But it was.

She was speechless, close to tears and jaw dropped slightly. "Wow. R-really?" she stuttered. He simply clenched his jaw and nodded.

Brian was watching from afar, and was considering walking over and punching the brunette in the face. But he decided it wasn't worth it and just turned and walked away.

Jake and Hayley were still staring at each other and Jake decided to make the first move. He quickly stepped forward, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her passionately. And oddly enough, found her kissing back, even running her hands through his hair.

Their tongues were tied in a wrestle for dominance, their lips moving perfectly against each others. They stayed like that for about 2 minutes before the need for air became unbearable. When they broke apart, both teen's faces were deep red, and both were panting slightly.

"Hayley Steele, will you be my girlfriend?"

She couldn't do anything but nod.