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Just like to point out Cliffjumper and Hound are not in the movie. I have decided to add them in there as they are one of my faves. and i know Wheeljack Was called Que in the Movie (no idea why) but i am keeping to the Wheeljack name.

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Transformers: Prime Direction
Summary: The Matrix calls him gives him direction. After the terror that was the last few days will he give hope back to the Autobots? Sam will give it his all to try.


Was it hours or days since Sentinel prime had betrayed them? Was it mere hours since he had seen Ironhide obliterated before him and the other Autobots? Sam Wasn't sure as he sat in the rooms assigned for him and Carly to rest in. He knew he should be asleep but something had woken him, a calling or some sort of pull on his soul, which had him sitting in the darkness while Carly slumbered beside him. Ratchet had given them both heavy duty sedatives to help them sleep, so he should be dead to the world. Sam felt the tug on his soul again and so with a sigh he stood and walked over to the chair that had some clean clothes on it. Epps had grabbed them from the nest supplies as Sam had no clothes on hand. He smiled as he looked down at himself, he was wearing black camo-pants and a black top with the Nest symbol upon it. Sam almost looked like one of the team.

With a soft step Sam left the room and wandered with no real direction, letting the soft tug dictate his destination. Maybe he would visit Bumblebee, but then he dismissed the idea, the yellow mech was probably still in his well deserved recharge. As he neared the Autobot area of the base he could hear quiet but very expletive cursing. Sam smiled knowing it could only be Ratchet.

"Slagging piece of Primus crap!"

"Wash your vocalizer out with car wax." Sam spoke as he entered the medical Autobot's domain.

Ratchet was bent over the prone form of Optimus Prime as he was lying on the giant chair contraption Ratchet had made so he could repair any damaged Mech. Sam felt a short pang as he looked at Optimus laying there. The last time he had seen him in here, it had been Sentinel prime that had been lying in the chair. Optimus had been so happy to find the old prime once again. It looked like Optimus had been placed in recharge while Ratchet repaired the extensive damage to the Autobot leader.

This changed rather abruptly as Sam had spoken. Ratchet jumped about a mile in the air making a rather undignified electronic tweet. "By Primus Samuel! Are you trying to give me a restart?"

Sam smirked, rather proud that he had made the battle hardened medic nearly have a mechs version of a heart attack. "No. But it might be interesting."

"You should be resting!" Ratchet's optics narrowed in annoyance as he turned fully to Sam.

Sam Shrugged as he looked around the medical bay. "Something woke me, not sure what exactly. How is Optimus?" He indicated the Autobot leader now noticing after Ratchet had moved that Optimus's arm had been returned to his right side. He had lost it in the final battle with Sentinel.

The arm didn't look perfect. It was still scratched and scared but to be honest the rest of Optimus's form looked the same. The red and blue paint was spattered with the silver of his metal frame as scratches and dents covered his entire form.

"He is functioning" Ratchet hedged.

"So why all the swearing? You were sounding like Iron..." Sam broke off quickly with a grimace as he nearly said the black mechs name. He looked away from Ratchet "sorry."

"It is alright Samuel" Ratchet sighed, air hissing from vents as he did so. They had all picked up this human trait since being here. "As to my colorful language, Prime has sustained extensive damage to his chest plates. I think it has pushed the Matrix too close to vital parts of his spark housing"

As he said this he turned back to the damage in Optimus's chest. Sam walked up the steps on one side that led to the walkway round the back of the bay. He would now be eye to optic with Ratchet while being able to see what the medic was doing.

"But every time I try to move the Matrix…" Ratchet inserted one of the many tools that extended from his right hand; it was like a flexible cable with a pincer at the end like you would see in a hospital when they were placing a camera inside a human body to see what was wrong. All of a sudden as he was easing it in, there was a crack and spark like electricity; it travelled down the rod and into Ratchet's hand. He drew it back sharply with a hiss, waving it in the air as if to cool it. The flash caused Sam to shiver in memory of a forgotten touch.

"The slagging scrapheap of Primus shocks me!"

"Insulting it is not the way to make it stop shocking you" Sam giggled.

"This is no laughing matter Samuel. If I don't get it out it can offline him!"

Sam grimaced at his loud exclamation. "Sorry Ratchet. I didn't think it was that serious. I mean the Matrix wouldn't stop you on purpose." Sam eyed the chest plates as his voice trailed off, the pull on his soul once more calling him.

"I don't know Samuel. But I am at a loss as to what to do." Ratchet was pulling out another tool from his hand making Sam wonder where they all came from.

"Ratchet…can I help?"

Ratchet turned slowly to regard the young human boy. To think one so small could do so much in so short a time. It seemed like only yesterday they had landed on this rock and met this stammering, nervous creature. He had his doubts then that this young child could help them, but Sam proved him wrong. Not only finding the All Spark before they did but using it to kill Megatron. It was not the boy's fault that the slagging scrapheap wouldn't stay offlined.

Then the Fallen had showed his ugly aft to threaten everything. The boy had stepped up again; yes it was reluctantly at first because he had wanted a normal life. But Sam had been there for them when it counted, he had translated the all spark message in his head even though it was driving him mad having all that knowledge in his head. It had led him to the Matrix of Leadership, though the relic turned to ash in his hand. Sam did not give up, he gathered the particles of the Matrix, adamant it would bring the fallen Optimus back. The cost had been high, Sam had died before he could reach Optimus and Ratchet could still see that moment affected Bumblebee. The young scout may have left Sam recently to train with the black ops and to get the upgrades he and Wheeljack had installed but he still kept an eye on Sam. It was unfortunate that Sam had been attacked at his first day of work by Laserbeak. Bee had yet to install his "bumblebee bugs"

Sam came back to life on the battlefield and the Matrix formed from the dust to become its shining beacon of hope. Curved metal, intricate and old beyond reckoning. The blue power of the primes at its heart. Sam had gotten up, bleeding and in pain from the burns and shrapnel, to drive the Matrix into Optimus's chest and reignite his spark.

Then just days ago Sam had got a team together and figured out most of what was going on, though no one would fully realize Sentinel Prime's betrayal until it was too late. That had been a meaningless death for Ironhide. He should have died in the heart of battle, not shot in the back and turned to rust so they had no chance of bringing him back.

"Ratchet?" He jumped at Sam's voice.

"Forgive me Samuel. My processor wandered; yes I would welcome your help."

The medic held out his large hand so Sam could step upon the warm metal. That was one of the many things that showed the Autobots were not just machines. Their metal was warm like skin. Ratchet lifted the human to Optimus's chest and gently deposited him on the buckled panels. Sam nodded at Ratchet and squeezed inside the gap he could see leading inside.

"Be careful near his spark chamber. I am not sure how it will react." Sam stuck his head back out at this

"Would it hurt me?"

"I don't know Samuel, hence why I told you to be careful. We all have a defense system around our spark chambers. It won't affect those we know and trust or fellow Autobots in dire need. I am not sure how it will react to your species."

"I'll be careful"

Sam inched his way carefully inside Optimus's chest, being careful not to harm the Autobot leader further. He pushed gently past power cables and tubes carrying energon to vital parts of the mech. The energon tubes were like human veins, carrying the life giving fluid to the vital areas of the alien beings. At last, glowing brightly in the darkness of his chest was Optimus's Spark chamber, as Sam crawled closer looking for the Matrix the spark flared brighter as if in warning. Ratchet must have seen the flash from the outside for he called Sam's name in alarm.

"I'm ok Ratchet. Hang on I am trying to spot the Matrix."

"It should be to the right of his spark chamber."

Sam looked back from shouting to Ratchet and began to look to the right of the chamber. His eyes kept straying back as he crawled closer making him loose himself in the beauty of the spark, it was like he was looking at Optimus's soul. It glowed pure white in the centre of the spark chamber with swirls of blue circling round the edges. Glancing to the side where the tubes carrying energon to the spark chamber connected was the Matrix, almost lost in the brightness of Optimus's spark.

He went closer but the spark flared from its chamber and struck out. Sam gave a light exclamation though it must have been loud enough for Ratchet to hear for he was calling Sam's name, getting more frantic by the moment. Unlike most people, using his shortened name of "Sam" until they were worried or angry with him, Ratchet went the other way, most of the time he used Samuel until he got worried. Then it was Sam he called.

"Sam! Sam!"

Sam found he couldn't answer as Optimus's spark reached out and touched him; it had flared quickly in such a manner that could only be defensive. Sam closed his eyes expecting pain but it never came, all he felt was warmth. He opened his eyes as he watched the white/blue light travel up his arm and then fully engulfed him. Warmth, peace, safe, friendship and more washed though his being.

"Optimus." Sam's voice was reverent as he spoke the Autobot Leader's name. The spark flickered at the mention of his name and flowed back into the spark housing.

"SAM!" Answer me this instant!" Sam jumped hearing Ratchet's panicked tone. He could hear Optimus's chest plate creaking above him and knew the medic was trying to open it to see if he was alright.

"I'm ok Ratchet, calm down!" He shouted out to the medic. He could hear the medic grumbling to himself and he giggled as he caught a snippet of it. "Going to give me a slagging restart."

"What happened?"

"I think Optimus's spark recognized me." Because Sam was inside the mechs chest he did not see Ratchets eyes widen.

"What did it do?"

"It sort of...engulfed me in warmth"

"Interesting. Can you see the Matrix?"

"Yeah give me a moment."

Sam crawled closer to where the Matrix was jammed in the energon tubes. Skirting round the spark chamber as it pulsed like a heartbeat he reached out to grasp the Matrix. Soon as his fingers met the cool intricate metal the blue core flashed and the pull on his soul got stronger. Remembered voices whispering in his mind as if welcoming a lost brother back home.

He pulled on the Matrix and after a moment it slipped free. As it did so Optimus sagged and his vents hissed in a great sigh as if a released from pain and Sam realized for the first time that it must have hurt having the Matrix jammed in there so close to his spark.

"Got it!" Sam shouted as he crawled back out of the chest the way he got in.

Ratchet was waiting with a mech version of a smile on his face and offered his hand for Sam to climb on. Sam calmly walked onto the offered lift and waited as the medic raised him back to the gantry round the side of the med bay. He stepped off with the Matrix tight in his grasp and watched ratchet turn back to Optimus then looking intently at the giant screen to one side that beeped and pinged with all the information Ratchet needed on whichever mech was sat in the chair for Ratchet to repair.

"How's it looking Ratchet?"

"Much better thanks to you Samuel. I can now finish repairing him." Sam could tell he was in full medic mode as his reply had been offhand being focused on something else. Even as he watched, Ratchet bent over Optimus to continue his work using the various tools that appeared from points of his hands.

Sam decided to watch for a while so he sat cross-legged on the walkway, the Matrix safe in his lap. He never realized just how good Ratchet was, the medic usually hated people seeing him work. Sam felt he was on a new level of friendship with the grizzled and sometimes gruff mech to be allowed to see his skill. Sam's hand was gently caressing the warm –smooth metal of the Matrix as the whispering in the back of his mind got more insistent like he had forgotten to do something or there was something he had yet to do. He looked deep at the blue glow of the Matrix core to try and figure out what it was.

Then like a flash he knew what, his body was moving on its own accord. Ancient power seemed to be emanating from his body as he stepped out of the medical bay without Ratchet noticing and headed for the base exit. Outside it was early morning, the stars still bright in the pitch black sky. Few guards were about as most were either dead or sleeping after the days trying events. He walked towards a dark patch on the ground near some cargo containers, the rust colored dust just visible in the light on the side of the base compound. This is where Ironhide had fallen and the rust was all that was left of the warrior mech.

Sam looked at the remains in sadness before he felt the Matrix singing his mind. He smiled as he raised his hands with the Matrix between them. Power surged and he let go only for the Matrix to float and swirl between his two hands. The song reached a crescendo in his mind as the Matrix flew out over the pile of rust making it swirl faster and faster in a tornado. At the base of the funnel the dust reformed to silver metal and matt black paint that travelled up faster and faster. There, finally as the Matrix backed off to float before Sam's face, was Ironhide. Pristine and whole. With a flick of a wrist Sam sent the Matrix towards Ironhide's chest and with a great flash of blue light Ironhide's systems started. Vents hissed as they powered up once more and last of all his blue optics lit brightly.

"What? Where?" Ironhide began looking around wildly. "Where is that slagging scrapheap of a traitor and when did it go to night cycle?" Ironhide blinked his optics at the night sky.

"Calm down Ironhide. It's over." Sam was going to say it was ok, but it wasn't and wouldn't be for a while.

"Sam?" Hide crouched down to look closer at the young human "What happened boy? Last I remember was being shot by..."

Sam used to bristle at being called boy. But he has come to realize with the Autobots that it was a term of endearment for him. From their vocals it was welcoming unlike when Megatron and Starscream had said it, full of malice and hate as if talking to a pet.

"Is that really the last thing you remember?" Sam asked though his voice seemed older, almost timeless.

"No. I was offlined…I went to a place...there was other mechs there...they were huge...they told me to wait…For you" As Ironhide had spoken he had been looking in on himself as if dragging out the memory from his core. But as he finished the last of it he looked at Sam with awe in his optics.

"Congratulations Hide. You just met the Dynasty of Primes" The Matrix floated back to his waiting hands where it had been floating before Ironhide. As he grasped it he wavered a little as if he was tired and drained of energy so much so he had to lean against the concrete wall behind him.

"You brought me back boy. Thank you." Ironhide reached down and laid a gentle finger on Sam's head and gently petting him as he would a young sparkling. Sam laughed and reached up to pat at the finger in return.

"You're welcome Ironhide." Sam pushed off from the wall, eyes unfocused as he looked out towards the ruined part of the city. The Matrix pulsed like a heartbeat in his hand.

"So where is everyone?"

"Most of them are in recharge, though Ratchet is fixing Optimus."

"Is he ok?"

"He will be."

"What about Sentinel?"

"Tell you what..." Sam turned to Ironhide. "You take me where I need to go and I will fill you in."

Ironhide regarded the young human male before him as if deciding whether he should or not before with a nod he transformed into his black Topkick form and opened the driver side door for Sam. He climbed in and Ironhide made his way to the main gate. As they got closer the guard at the gate saw it was Sam in the driver's seat and brought the gate up so they could pass.

As the black Topkick disappeared down the deserted road they did not hear the guard murmur to himself. "Huh…that looked like Ironhide."

A black GMC Topkick made its way through the city to what had now been termed by the military as "Ground Zero" Inside a young man seemed to be talking to himself as he drove down the road. Though his hands were not on the steering wheel but on a glowing object in his lap making it seem like the truck was driving itself. But that was not possible right? The male seemed to be filling in the truck on what had happened and you could feel the horror emanating from the mass of black metal almost making the truck seem alive.

Finally the young man's tale came to an end and silence descended inside the truck. Ironhide looked around at all the destruction and shivered on his wheels upon seeing the clothes strewn around in some kind of order, knowing now they had not been abandoned as he first thought but there had been fleeing people inside them before their organic tissue had been vaporized by the Decepticons weapons on the crafts.

"I am sorry Samuel." Sam blinked at Ironhide using his full name. With him it was usually Sam or boy.

"For what?"

"For all this."

"Not your fault Hide." Sam patted the trucks dashboard "Ah, here we are."

The black Topkick pulled over in a ruined intersection and waited for Sam to get out before he transformed. He looked around seeing it covered in ash and bits of metal.

"Why here?" He asked looking down and watching Sam hold up the Matrix.

"I nearly lost Bumblebee here. We did lose Wheeljack and a few of the others." He spoke as if he wasn't quite there.

Ironhide looked round properly and finally saw some mech remains in amongst the rubble. But then a bright flash of the Matrix made the parts quiver before they rushed towards each other. The parts click and clanged as they impacted to make three compete mechs. Each of their systems powered up and optics flickered to life before turning to Ironhide.

"I'm alive? But how? What?" Wheeljack rambled, behind him Hound and Cliffjumper looked just as confused. With Mirage shaking his head to clear it as he walked up.

"Hide?" Hound gasped. "We saw Sentinel offline you! How?"

"Same way as you my friends. The boy." Ironhide looked at Sam with pride that turned to concern as he saw the young boy on his knees, forehead to the ground and breathing hard. The ash of those fallen swirling around him "Samuel?"

"I'm ok Hide, just tired."

"Come on you scrapheaps. Let's go home and show the others the good news. I will fill you in on the way back to base" Ironhide transformed once again and rolled gently up to Sam "Sam?"

Sam climbed slowly into the black Topkick with an exhausted sigh though he gave a brief smile as he felt the seat squeeze him gently like a hug. He closed his eyes as he felt the truck pull away into the morning the sky becoming lighter by the moment. Ironhide sent the others a package of all that had happened in Cybertronian, transferring data and information a lot quicker than if he just told them in English. He felt the others then do as he did, searching the internet at fox news, CNN and YouTube to find any information and video of what had happened after they had been offlined.

As they arrived back at the Nest base dawn was breaking over the horizon and as Sam opened his eyes he smiled as he saw Bumblebee at the main gate. Arms waving around as he seemed to be berating the gate guard. Obviously Sam must have been missed.

"Quiet down sparkling. He's ok." Ironhide shouted as they drew up. The others transformed behind hide while Sam slowly got out.

"Good to see you Bumblebee." Wheeljack exclaimed, hugging the yellow Autobot as Ironhide was the last to transform.

Bumblebee beeped and squeaked in confusion and happiness to see them all alive and soon they were all around each other, hugging and patting on the back glad to know they all lived. The sounds caused the other Autobots near the front of the hanger to hear and come out, soon all joined in with shouts of "Hide's alive!" and "You scrapheap you should be slag!"

Sam smiled, happy they were all reunited. He walked quietly into the base leaving the Autobots to catch up. As he walked down the hallways he saw Lenox and Epps running towards him

"Hey kid. Where have you been?" they looked behind Sam at all the noise they could hear "and what is all the noise about?" Epps finished

"Go outside and see for yourself" Sam replied with a huge smile. He continued on leaving the two confused Nest soldiers behind.

Though he did hear Lenox yell, "Ironhide? You slagging toaster! What the hell?"

Sam entered the medical bay once again and whistled to see Optimus prime gleaming in the artificial light. Ratchet had outdone himself as Optimus was looking good as new. No scratches could be seen or buckled plating. His paint was pristine and gleaming. Chrome pipes reflected the light as Sam walked closer.

"Samuel! Where did you go? Bumblebee has been frantic with worry."

"I had something I needed to do. You have out done yourself Ratchet, he looks good as new." Sam walked back up to the gantry to be level with the medic.

"I am not a medic for nothing Samuel. But come here, you look ill." Ratchet took in the boys paleness and seeing all the dirt on his clothes that had been clean when he last saw him.

"Don't worry about me Ratchet. There is a surprise outside. I think some mechs might need your attention."

"What? Is it the twins?"

"Maybe." Sam smirked knowing he had distracted the medic from himself.

"Stupid scrapheaps. They will critically damage themselves changing a light bulb." Ratchet grumbled as he stormed out of the bay to the hanger entrance. Sam laughed loudly at the image that sentence created. Twins changing a light bulb, that would amuse him for days.

With a sigh of exhaustion Sam laid down on the gantry, the Matrix leaving his hand to float before him. He willed it to return to Optimus and it floated over briefly to stop before the red and blue mech's chest before it flared almost in anger.

"Not his fault. He didn't know Sentinel would betray us and become fallen." Sam whispered his eyes slowly closing.

The Matrix swirled round them both before engulfing them in blue light.

The last thing he heard was a loud thud and one of the twins exclaiming "Wow, Ratchet restarted!"

Seems the medic had fainted.

A/N hahaha so much for a one shot. So next we will get Optimus reaction and what is the Matrix's true motive? I decided to keep Hound and Cliffjumper in even if they were not in the movie as pointed out. Also been pointed out the twins die in the book, but I haven't read the book so blah.