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Chapter 6: Let the games begin

Sam stood, leaning against the prow of bumblebee's bonnet as he watched the large Lockheed C-5 Galaxy angle in the sky and set off for the horizon. The rest of the autobots and Carley were aboard and on their way to Diego Garcia. He on the other hand had a little while to wait yet before his C130 would take off for Mac Dill Air Force base in Florida. Pushing himself off from the shiny bonnet he kept his hand on the sleek surface as he walked to the driver's side door. He gave the metal bonnet a quick pat before he spoke.

"Well Bee, you ready to be bored out of your processor watching after me?"

"You betcha" a sound clip played as he revved the engine.

Sam laughed as he sat in the comfy driver's seat; he fixed the three point harness over his form. He knew he didn't really need it inside Bee; it was more for show than anything. The cops in the nearby town were cracking down on motorists not wearing their seatbelts. Seen as Bee was a cop magnet with such a young man driving him. Sam had lost count the amount of times he had been pulled over by wide eyed officers, some looking for trouble others just admiring the car. He told them each time that his father got him the car, which wasn't a lie exactly...they just didn't know the Camero hadn't looked quite like this when he had first got it. Often some asked if his dad was loaded. Sam told them he wasn't just that he had saved for a long time to be able to buy his only son whatever first car he wanted, that now that was done his dad said he was on his own. The officers often laughed at that thinking it might have been better to get him a house rather than a car.

Sam sat caressing Bee's steering wheel a moment before a wild smile started to cross his face as he looked at the now empty runway before him.

"Hey Bee" a questioning beep cm from the radio. "Runways empty"

"I feel the need for speed!" Bee quoted full blast from the radio.

"You read my mind Bee" He clicked Bumblebee into drive and put his foot down, tires screamed as they spun and the car slew side to side a moment before the tired bit and the frame rocketed forward.

The car sped down the runway, sun glinting off its shiny surface as inside the driver laughed with joy and adrenaline. He kept his foot down marvelling at the power he had control over. Bee was happy to let him drive knowing Sam could handle it. He shot past the air traffic control at blinding speed before finally taking his foot off the gas to coast round the taxi corner and back towards the base proper. He would grab something to eat and make sure all his belongings were packed before placing them in Bee's trunk. He pulled Bee over at the mess hall and slowly hauled himself out of the driver's seat he shut the door and patted Bee on the roof before walking inside. Walking inside he now seemed to fit in, he was wearing army camo with a black top with the NEST symbol on the front. He had asked them if he should take it off at the training camp but they told him not to. To them he was already part of the team and others should know he was not just another grunt.

Sam sat eating while running his special dog tags through his fingers where they lay against his chest. To think how his life had changed over the short years since the Autobots arrived, it seemed like another world now, as if his life before was light-years away. Once he had his fill he went to his dorm, picking up his bag before walking back out. He opened Bee's trunk and placed the bag safely inside, before telling the Autobot he would be right back, there were a few people he wanted to say goodbye to whom weren't coming to Garcia. He made the rounds, laughed, joked and even phoned his parents. They had long since given up trying to keep him from this path. Right now they were touring Europe for the second time, amazing what the government pays to keep them quiet. All too soon it was time to leave; he got back into Bumblebee and drove him towards the plane that was sitting on the runway. He carefully manoeuvred Bee up the ramp into the C-130 he placed Bee in park and watched as the crewmen strapped him down with cargo straps to each wheel to hold him in place.

Sam rolled down the window and looked to the crewman. "All set?"

"Yes sir, if you would take a seat and buckle up" the Airman indicated to the seats bolted to the side.

"That's fine Airman," Sam pulled the five point harness across himself securing himself in the seat. "I'll be safe in the car and less likely to get bored."

"That's ok Sir, just don't leave the car until we level out." He saluted before going to finish their pre flight checks.

Sam settled, listening to the radio as he heard the engines roared to life and the ramp behind him closed, he felt the plane begin to roll forward towards the end of the runway before he felt himself pushed back and tilted as the plane took off. Sam settled himself for the long haul and looked over some files and camp rules he brought with him. He looked at each and absorbed all he could, that being a lot easier since the all spark was in its head. It hungered for knowledge no matter how trivial and soaked stuff up like a sponge. He often felt the all spark almost...accessing his brain when it read or saw something, but didn't understand the context. He turned his mind to thinking of his future, of him being a Prime.

"Do you think I am ready for this Bee?" He looked to the Auto bot insignia sitting in the centre of the steering wheel.

"Size matters not, you will be, you will be" Bee clipped together two quotes from Yoda.

"I hope you are right"

Sam slept for a while dreaming of far off places and lost worlds, gleaming cities under blue suns. Bee woke him just before the plane was about to touch down. He waited until the airman unstrapped Bee so he could reverse the Yellow and black Camero out of the now stationary plane. He angled the nose of the car to the airfield exit and over to the checkpoint.

"Identification please" the checkpoint guard requested as Sam rolled down the window. He pulled out his new NEST Id and handed it over, the guard looked over the ID then too an appreciative look at Bumblebee. "Sweet ride kid."

"Thanks, could you direct me to the training barracks. Have to report to Colonel Sinclair"

"Just keep to the right and follow the road round, you can see the barracks from here" he pointed to the right of the base where nondescript military buildings sat, he could see some kind of obstacle course sticking out from the back.

"Thanks" Sam rolled the window back up and drove in the direction the checkpoint guard indicated.

Once he got close her saw there were some parking spaces in front of the barracks, most were empty and those that were filled mainly held motorbikes of varying types. Bee was going to stick out like a sore thumb. Then again that was nothing new.

"I'll catch you later Bee. Not sure when I can catch up though, I get the feeling it's going to be gruelling" He patted the trunk as he closed it from grabbing his huge military bag.

"I'll be here" a voice spoke directly into his ear. Good to know Wheelkjacks gadget was working fine.

Sam left Bee and wandered into the main entrance following the signs indicating the direction to the base commander. He arrived in an office area, at a desk sat a young officer typing something onto a computer. His name on his shirt proclaimed him to be Corp. Richardson. Behind the desk was a door with a gold name plate proclaiming Colonel Sinclair.

"Can I help you Sir?" the man behind the desk

"My name is Samuel Witwicky. I was told to report to Colonel Sinclair"

"Ah, we have been expecting you. Please wait a moment." The Corporal leaned over to press the intercom button before a voice replied.

"Yes Richardson?"

"Mr Witwicky is here to see you sir"

"Send him in"

"You can go in Sir." Richardson looked up at Sam

"Thank you" Sam smiled at the Corporal before turning towards the door.

"You are welcome"

Sam walked towards the door; he raised his hand and gave a solid knock. Upon hearing the shouted "Enter" he opened the door to walk into the Colonels office. The man behind the desk looked to be in late 30s, his hair was cut short in a military style and he gave off the feel that he could handle himself. His face was chiselled and strong while his eyes where pure cobalt and Sam felt like the man knew everything about him from just looking at him.

"Ah Mr Witwicky, I must say I am curious as to why you are here." The Colonels voice was deep with a commanding lilt.

"I am here to be trained Sir" Sam kept himself straight while keeping his gaze on the man before him.

"That is as maybe. But your file is so tied in red tape that I can just about read your name on the front. They tell me you will be joining NEST when we finish with you here"

"Yes Sir"

"You realise there are some here who have been training their whole lives who want to join this new illustrious group." Colonel watched Sam as if gauging his reaction

"I realise that sir, but I need to do this'" Sam looked him straight in the eye.

"Very well" he leaned forward to press the intercom button "Richardson"


"Get in here a moment would you?"

"Of course Sir"

The door opened behind Sam and Richardson walked in, he saluted before looking to the Colonel for his orders.

"Take private Witwicky to the means quarters, find him a bed and get him settled. Let Davis know he's here and he is to be given the same training as all the rest"

"The same Sir? But..."

"Yes Corporal the Same, I Know he is new but he has a lot to learn in a short amount of time." He turned to Sam at this. "I'm not going to lie son. It's going to be tough."

"I Understand Sir"

"Good, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress" Colonel Sinclair smiled at the young man before him.

"Sir?" Sam inclined his head to one side in question, out the corner of his eye he saw Richardson do the same.

"I promised a certain annoying Lt. Colonel that I would" He laughed in irony. "I owe that boy a few, and he says you're important."

"Lennox. I should have known he would want to keep an eye on me." Sam laughed.

"Yes, something about his wife, daughter and someone called Carley would come after him if he didn't" Colonel Ward grimaced as he thought about the potential wrath of three women.

"That and a group of giant walking robots" Sam whispered under his breath with a small chuckle.

"I'll check up on you later Sam. Dismissed" Colonel Sinclair saluted, he smiled as Sam did the same, the salute was a little off, but passable.

Richardson snapped a salute also before turning from the room and Sam following closely behind. Once out of the room Richardson fell in step beside Sam. Sam could see Richardson looking at him out the corner of his eye. Sam let him stew a moment as they walked down the corridor; he looked at the pictures on the wall, seeing unit photo after unit photo. He was surprised how many lined the walls, in some places you could no longer see the dull grey paint for all the framed photos upon it. Finally Sam took pity on the man beside him. As they passed through the outer door and back into the sunlight he spoke.

"So, what did you want to ask?"


"If you look at me any harder you're going to burn a hole in my head." Sam laughed.

"It's Just, you are jumping right into advanced training...just who are you? How do you expect to be able to do this?"

"Don't worry, recently I have found...I learn fast" Sam smiled.

He hiked his bag higher onto his shoulder as they neared the main barracks. Richardson opened the door and walked into the room. As Sam followed he saw beds lining each side of the room. There were six in total near them where a group of five men joking and laughing. As they noticed Richardson they all stopped.

"Hey Kale, who's the new guy?'

"This is Private Samuel Witwicky. He is joining the Raptor program"

"Private? Are you serious?" One man almost snarled he was heavy built, a typical look you would expect from a marine who had been training his whole life. Sam looked like a stick insect compared to him. He felt the eyes of everyone on him as he stood there.

"What's going on here then?" Sam and Richardson turned to see a man had walked in behind them, on his clothes he carried the mark of a Major and the name Davis. Richardson snapped a quick salute with Sam close behind.

"Major Davis, this is Private Witwicky. He is to be in the raptor program starting today."

"Ah, yes. Ward filled me in. Well then son, best get you a bed and we can start your basic training layout. See how much you know before we throw you into the deep end. The Bed back there is empty. Get yourself settled then we can begin." With that Davis abruptly turned away.

"I'll catch you around base private" Richardson said as he snapped a salute.

"Thanks Corporal." Sam returned the salute.

"Call me Kale" Richardson smiled.

"Sam" Sam held his hand out and Kale shook it.

Richardson left soon after and Sam went over to dump his bag on the only vacant bed. The others watched him a moment before the youngest walked up, Sam turned to regard the newcomer. he seemed nervous a moment before he got up the backbone to talk, which seemed a little on in itself considering life in the forces was meant to give you confidence.

"You're him aren't you?"

"Him who?"

"The one those giant robots were after that time"

"Hey! You're right. I remember that" the others were crowding round now while the big guy from before just scowled.

"Yes I was the one they were looking for that time." Sam saw no point in hiding it, it was easier to deny it to the everyday civilian but he had noticed military personnel tended to remember more; after all it was their job to know.

"Well I'm Corporal John Bradley. That crazy guy over there "He indicated a black haired lad that had spoken after Bradley after his recognition. He was well built with sharp green eyes. You could see the thoughts running through that one. "Is Corporal Galen Griffin..."

Said Galen Griffin rolled his eyes at Bradley then punched him in the shoulder. "Yeah don't laugh. Call me Galen, Griffin or even better Dragon."


"It's his nickname, I can never decide if it's because he is nuts on dragons or if he fights like one. We all have nicknames. We'll have to figure yours out."

"We don't all have stupid nicknames" Snarled the big guy

"That ray of sunshine is Sergeant Steven Briers,"

"Sergeant?" Sam asked.

"Yes, what is this? Your forth or fifth time trying?"

"Shut it you jumped up shit!" Sergeant Briers leapt up and went straight at Bradley.

Sam realised he had been mistaken when he had walked into the room they hadn't all been laughing and joking, four of them had been laughing while Briers had been sat there just glaring at the rest of them. As Briers walked towards Bradley the last of the group stood up and got in the way. He was the oldest looking of the group maybe 26 or there abouts.

"Sit down Briers before you hurt yourself" He stood there like a building blocking the others from harm.

Briers snarled before turning back to his bunk to stew, the others watched him before turning back to Sam.

"And this is second Lt Jacob Gibbs" The man in question gave a big smile.

"Nice to meet you all, you'll have to forgive my total ignorance for most things military. I have picked things up here and there but I am a fast learner." Sam shook each of their hands as he took the measure of each of them...all except Briers

"So...Already part of nest huh?" Gibbs pointed to the Sam's shirt.

"What?!" Briers exclaimed but was dutifully ignored

"Yeah, you could say that" Sam laughed.

Sam got himself sorted all the while feeling Briers glaring at the back of his head. Once his things were stored inside the metal military chest at the bottom of the bed and he was as settled as he could be Gibbs came up. He took Sam to the supplies unit and gathered all the necessary items he would require. They continued on, letting Gibbs drool over Bee a moment before entering the shack that Major Davis said he would be waiting in. It looked like some king of gym or small training area, with a mat on the floor to soften impacts from one on one training. Major Davis was leaning against one wall, arms across his chest as he idly looked out of the window.

"Well lad, let's see if this faith is well placed." He indicated the floor.

"Well Sir, I don't know much. Just from watching other NEST officers train"

"Watch me and Lt Gibbs Spar a moment then we shall see how much you take in and how much training you need." Davis motioned to Gibbs to join him on the matt.

The two military men squared off to each other before moving forward to lock in a grapple. Their moves were well practiced. Sam initially thought Gibbs would win this fight but to his surprise the found the man quickly on the floor with Davis standing over him with a small smile on his lips.

"I thought I told you to work on that"

"Sorry sir, I thought I had. It's not my fault you worked on your move too" Gibbs laughed as Davis reached a hand down to help him up.

"Ok Witwicky let's see what you can do." Davis walked from the matt to watch him tackle with Gibbs.

"Go easy on me." Sam smiled

They moved round each other, Sam tried not to show the nerves he was feeling but knew he was failing miserably from the smile on Gibbs's lips. Gibbs moved forward, his large bulk hiding Sam from view as his arms wrapped around him and squeezed. Sam panicked a moment thinking there was no way out, and then it was if a switched was flicked and he found himself standing above a dazed Gibbs on the floor.

"Well done Mr Witwicky, little loose but amazing after seeing the move only once. I think you will catch up with the others in no time" Davis clapped his hands as he walked forward.

"Catch up nothing. I think he is going to sail right past us. How did you do that?" Gibbs exclaimed as he got up from the floor, looking at Sam with new respect in his eyes

"Let's just say I have a photographic memory"

They continued for the next hour or so going through basics and some harder movements, Sam got them all, form off at first but by the third time on each stance or skill he had it down as if he had known them all his life. True to Davis's word Sam was on par with them both in no time. All too soon night began to fall and Davis called time on training.

"Right you two, that is enough for now. Return to your barracks and get some rest, the raptor training starts tomorrow." He saluted them both which they both returned.

They walked out together, separating as Davis went to the officers barracks while he and Gibbs returned to theirs. Sam had a feeling that tomorrow was going to be a long day.


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