Original Prompt:

"It is a generally accepted reality that the Bats have awful sleeping patterns and are prone to pulling allnighters several days in a row.
Now, I dare someone to have Wally trying to stay up with Robin.

Bonus if he gets tired to the point where he can't even speak properly (like he's trying to say words but what's coming out is more like a mishmash of vowels and consonants that absolutely don't exist in any given language, plus a heaping dose of slurring).

Double bonus if he starts inexplicably doing strange things, like getting up and walking around (into things?), staring Robin down, climbing on things, attempting to fiddle with some gadgets, etc.

(Why no, OP is totally not requesting this out of her own experience with the subject, why do you ask? ;;; )"

Kid Flash Crash

Robin knew that if he wanted to get anywhere close to finishing the base's security updates before daybreak, he would need to send Wally off to his room.

But this was far too amusing.

"Rob. Hey, Rob."

"Yes, KF?" he asked, not looking up from the screen of his laptop. The cave was silent except for the sound of Robin's typing on the keyboard, the hum of the refrigerator, and Wally. Specially Wally.

"What 'ime is it?" Wally's voice was muffled, but that was normal when you had your cheek smothered against the counter like that.

"Quarter til five, Wally."


"AM.," Robin corrected, his smirk wide.

"You're what?"

"Not I am, KF. AM. You know, Ante Meridiem?"

"Oh, ri'ht."

The silence returned, and Robin ran over the new encryption code he'd designed. Many would call it unnecessarily complex, specially for a team perceived as rookies. He called it Bat-quality work.

"I'm gon' get s'me coffee." Wally slurred across him.

"Didn't The Flash forbid you from drinking that?" he asked casually, scratching his chin thoughtfully as he looked at his screen. Should the security systems feature little black bats, or yellow R's?

Wally took a while to answer, and when he did, he was already at the refrigerator, well away from the seldom-used coffee machine. Robin was the only member of the team who actually liked the drink, but was also forbid from it by Batman, just in case it might stunt his growth.

"Ming s'me br'ast," Wally replied drowsily, loudly digging around the Megann-stocked fridge, and Robin had no clue what he'd just said.

"You do that," he said anyway, because there was nothing else in the fridge Wally wasn't allowed to consume.

He had finally settled for little laughing Robin-heads for the security system when he heard a wet splat nearby. When he looked back to the fridge, Wally was staring wide-eyed at the cracked egg on the floor. Robin was worried he would drop the other twenty eggs he had in his arm while in that stupor.

"KF?" he questioned, finally leaving his seat to head over to his shaken friend.

"Dude," he said, at last a clear word, without taking his eyes off the little mess in front of him. He didn't react either when Robin began plucking the eggs from his arm to return them to the safety of the fridge, arm still poised to hold them even when they were all removed. Wally's face was looking a bit green when he spoke next, "Di' I jus' ill a ch'cky?"

Robin couldn't stop a laugh at the utterly guilty Wally sounded when he said that. Not even the wide, moist eyes that turned his way a moment later stopped the sound. Heck, he laughed harder.

"'S no fu'y!" Wally slurred away, sniffing. I jus kil'd a hickie!"

"That's okay, KF, you didn't kill a chickie," Robin promised, guiding his friend back to his seat. He slumped there easily enough, though instead of doing so on the seat, he lay with his chest sprawled over the counter.

"Oh. 'S ok, then."

Robin was no neat freak, but he didn't want to think of how the kitchen would smell if he just left that egg there. So he took a paper towel and began cleaning up the mess, not paying much attention to Wally. He'd been silent for over a minute, surely he'd finally crashed.

"Hey, Rob."

Or maybe not.

"Yes, KF?" he asked again, tossing the wet paper towel to the bin. Wally was still sprawled over the counter where he'd left him, but he'd crawled even further up on it to his feet were off the ground.

"Is bre'ast readee ye'?"


"Brea'ast. Breakast!"


Robin arched a thin eyebrow at his friend, one hand on his hip and the other resting on the fridge's still-open door.

"You were making breakfast?"

"Y'ah. To' you so."

"Ah. But you see, Wally, I can't understand half the thing you're saying right now," he admitted with a grin. Wally gave him the best "are you stupid or something?" look he could muster in his current state. Which meant he just squinted at him and snuggled a bit further onto the counter.

Robin laughed again, deciding that an early-morning snack and a warm bed might be in order for his friend. There were some cold pancakes right there that he could microwave. He'd just closed the lid to warm them up when he heard another very loud sound behind him.

This time, when he turned around, Wally was crumpled on the floor, face against the cold tiles. He'd obviously climbed up too far into the thin counter.

Crouching next to his friend, Robin called, "You okay?"

"Yss," he heard. When Wally turned his head a tad to breath, Robin noticed his nose was red, but it didn't seem broken. Wally peered at him through squinty eyes, almost a glare. "I'm Batman..."

"Sure you are," Robin chuckled. He let his friend pick himself up while he fetched the warmed pancakes. His friend did not hesitate to latch onto the plate when it was offered to him.

For about five minutes, both friends just sat on the quiet kitchen nibbling on the pancakes. It was already half past five, but the sun wouldn't be up for another hour or two.

"Hey, Wally?"

"Hmmmmf?" spoke his friend, through a mouthful of pancakes and heavy-lidded eyes.

"I think its time you go to sleep, dude."