A/N: I don't own Twister, or the song (Twisted, by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham) This is just my version of what occurs after the credits roll. I'll try to update as quickly as possible, please review!

The sun goes down
Filling the air with color
Winds lift you up to god, lift you up to god
You fall to your knees, and embrace the storm
And you no longer care, if it's cold, if it's warm
You live for the danger, like your passion and your anger
You don't let go
You like to be twisted, by the force
You like to be shaken by the wind

It had been one hell of a day. More like two, but for one team of exhausted storm chasers, the days seemed to meld together. And every one of them knew they weren't going to be getting much sleep for a long time after tonight. By successfully launching Dorothy IV into the twister, the team had made history today. They had also created months' worth of mind numbing work for themselves, sorting through all the data they received. But for tonight, they were going to bask in the glory of success. And eat. A lot.

And for a certain two storm chasers, there was a very long discussion that needed to be had.

Dusk found Bill and Jo Harding outside an old diner, watching the light fade. The team had decided that, since none of them had slept in two days, they'd stop at a motel for the night. They snagged the three remaining rooms at a local motel, and headed to the diner across the street for dinner. The rest of the group was still inside, eating just about everything in sight. No one could blame them, after everything they had just experienced, but Jo and Bill had no interest in food.

They were leaned up against the Barn Burner, wrapped in each other's arms, and watching the light fade. Neither were sure where this night would lead, they just knew they didn't want to move from each other's arms.

You'd rather be wrapped up
In the arms of the storm
Chasing down the demons