Ok everyone, here is my newest fanfiction

I am somewhat saddened to say that the story isn't as long or as detailed as I originally intended it to be, but I've been sitting on the idea for a year now and I finally just now got around to writing it. I still hope you all enjoy it :)

Chapter 1-

The wind lifted small clouds of sand into the air as the sun fell. The few ninja on guard duty paid no mind to the harmless shadows that flitted across the desert. A rogue cloud, a high flying bird, or even a thick batch of flying sand could cause them. The sand ninja held their positions, waiting for their shifts to end. Nothing happened at sunset; only the billowing sand moved out in the distance. As the sun slipped further downwards, the shadows grew, taking on humanoid forms, racing towards the cliffs before the guards took them seriously.

"Did you see those shadows?" asked one man. His partner fixed his glasses before replying.

"It's just the clouds, there isn't any one making them out there." The shadows moved up the mountainside as the sun finally dipped below the horizon in the west.

"Are you sure?" the first ninja asked, "they looked human-" The man's eyes opened wide in shock. He clutched his chest and fell over, dead. His partner gasped and fumbled to sound the alarm. Too late. He tumbled to the ground as well.

The shadows raced passed the fallen men, taking human forms without a physical body. They left the ninja, only the dead men's shadow an indication as to how they'd been killed. No blood, no cuts, no physical damage, until the shadows cast on the rock were examined. The two men both had kunai planted in their hearts.

Over the rocks the shadows moved silently. They leaped and paused, moving like the people they once had been. Soon, the group of 50 shadows crested the boarder to sand's hidden village. They stormed in uninvited yet unseen. They encountered few ninja on the way. Each one fell like the first two. They moved into the town.

Temari shouldered her fan as she walked towards the Kazekage's tower. She knew Gaara had wanted to speak with her and Kankuro but she had been sidetracked all day with other errands. As she walked through the houses, she could feel something in the air, something off. She scanned the crowd around her, but all she saw were civilians heading home. Three other ninja prowled the rooftops up ahead. In the distance she saw a massive shadow shift. She looked up; no clouds, only the sunset filled the sky. She reached back to touch her fan.

One ninja fell. He called out in panic and the two others moved to assist him. Temari paused and watched as one them tumbled from the building. She sprinted forward, yelling. She needed to get the villagers away. She wondered how an enemy ninja could get into their village undetected. It had been done before, but they had since increased the security.

The third man fell as Temari reached the body on the street. She reached to check his pulse and felt something sharp glide along her forearm. No blood appeared, and she had seen nothing hit her. Looking around as she moved, she shouted for the civilians to return home and stay inside. There was some confusion, but they obeyed her orders and moved to leave the area.

Searching further, she spotted a silhouette facing her on the nearby building. She spun to face the enemy, but no one was there. Confused and beginning to get frustrated, Temari felt more slices. Still no blood, but her arm stung and she realized something was amiss. She ducked and leapt to the rooftop. Behind her, the two ninja she had seen before lay dead. One looked unharmed. The other bent into an uncomfortable position. It looked like his arms had been snapped and pulled from their sockets. She ignored them as best she could and glanced down at the street below. She spotted the ninja's shadow once more.

It stood in one spot, searching the area just as Temari had done. The silhouette reached for a weapon and drew several throwing knives as a mother and daughter hurried past. Temari's breath hitched. She opened her fan and waited for the ninja to attack so she could catch him off guard. The civilians passed the shadow and for a moment Temari thought he would lunge. The shadow raced across the road, moving across the woman's own shadow before vanishing. Temari noticed the mother's hair ruffle as the shadow moved, but the two did not otherwise act alarmed.

She thought to herself. It could not make sense. To create the path the shadow had just taken, the ninja would have had to run in front of the two. Surely they would have jumped or looked surprised, but they had reacted just like they had seen nothing.

A scream sounded to her left. She could see other ninja jumping to the source. The mystery would have to wait while so helped out the others. She moved to follow them until she felt her head explode with pain, and she collapsed against the roof, her fan falling over her.

The sand ninja were in a panic. The enemy was everywhere, yet they were nowhere. The first ninja had fallen only ten minutes ago, but already the attack had reached the center of the city. Some of sand's ninjas were finally starting to catch onto the shadows, though fighting them was difficult.

With no physical bodies present, there seemed to be nothing to attack. A giant puppet dropped onto the sand behind two ninjas fighting as best they could. The sun had set completely and the street was only illuminated by the lights on the buildings and the glowing moon.

Kankuro had gotten better, even in the urethral light, the threads of chakra controlling the puppet were nearly invisible. It scurried after the shadow ninja, thrashing about. Kankuro saw the spot where his puppet landed. A dark stain stood out. It took on a vague human shape, except flattened to the ground. Kankuro manipulated his puppet as he studied the spot. Had a shadow been there when his puppet had landed? No one else could even land a hit, and here the ninja shadow lay dead.

He wondered at the jutsu used to control the shadows. It had to be some long range attack that was pretty powerful. Either that or the controllers needed to be good at hiding. Kankuro figured that it was not much different from his own jutsu. The shadows were obviously being controlled, since they were not clones as he originally thought.

Suddenly, the puppet stopped responding to his cues. He glanced over, fingers twitching, and he saw three shadows surrounding it. Each shadow held tight onto the puppet. He saw the shadow's arms reaching against the ground, disappearing into his own puppet's shadow. The other sand ninjas all lay unmoving on the ground. They appeared to be sleeping since they did not look injured.

Dropping the threads on his left hand, Kankuro grabbed three kunai and threw them at the shadow nearest him. His grin was short lived. The weapons embedded themselves into ground where the ninja had stood. It was as if the kunai had no effect; they moment they landed, the ninja stepped sideways, leaving the weapons in the street. Kankuro pulled at the puppet strings again and forced it free. The shadows fled, darting against the walls and behind boxes. The hooded sand ninja called back the puppet and stood tall. The shadows had vanished. An explosion and loud screams filled his ears, he ran towards it.

When the sun rose the next morning, the city was in a panic. Many of villages' ninja were critically injured if not dead. Even with the sun, the shadows had not vacated. There was still fighting in the streets.

The door to the Kazekage's tower was flung open. Kankuro helped Temari through the door, his arm over his shoulder. Gaara looked over as they entered. Temari pulled her arm back so she could support her own weight and spoke.

"Have you found out anything?" she questioned.

"A bird has been sent," Gaara replied, "are you two ok?"

"Fine," Temari nodded. Kankuro agreed.

"They haven't come to the tower yet?" Temari asked.

"No," replied Gaara, "and the sand has no effect on them." the two siblings looked to the gourd at their brother's back. Nothing was immune to the enhanced sand's power when their brother yielded it.

"So they can't be killed?" Temari questioned. Her grip tightened on her fan in her hands, "what are they?"

"They can be killed," Gaara stated.

"How?" Temari asked, "There's no physical body to attack. All we ever see are their shadows."

"The shadows can be killed," Kankuro said, "My puppet crushed and killed one of them."

"So the enemy is nothing more than the shadows?" Temari wondered aloud, "how do you fight shadows?" The question hung in the air between the siblings until another ninja threw open the doors.

"The attack has stopped!" he exclaimed even as his breath came in short gasps.

"Were the shadows defeated?" Kankuro questioned.

"They left the city and fled East," the messenger explained.

"They didn't flee," Gaara spoke. He moved to look out the grand window in his tower.

"Kazekage?" asked the messenger; he sounded worried. All excitement had vanished from his voice.

"Warn Konoha, maybe they'll be more successful in defeating this enemy then we were," Gaara ordered. He turned to his siblings, "let's go." They left the room to assist the injured sand ninja still in the village.

A message was written, including all the observations collected of the enemy. Notes on how they moved and when they attacked, no matter how trivial were included, anything to aid sand's allies. A bird was released into the air, the note tucked into place, warning of an enemy to come.

So, I hope it sounds interesting enough. All the chapters will be relatively short, just a warning and the story will only be about 4 or 5 chapters in total.