"So this is the scene of the crime?"

When I look over at Maddy she's grinning.

"There was a crime here?"

"Spencer you stole my best friends heart"

That's hilarious.

"Maddy you're so strange"

"I know it's one of my many qualities"

I owe her big time for tonight.

"Thank you so much for tonight..."

"You don't need to thank me Spencer, I've had a jolly time"

She's talking to me, but her eyes are locked on Zara.

"When do you close this place?"

"Zara's clearing everyone out now"

She wants to hook up with Zara again, it's written all over her face.

"So where's your new favourite accessory?"

"Is Ashley my new favourite accessory?"

I'm going to take that grin as a yes.

"She's upstairs..."

"She bailed before she got into your pants?"

She's already been in my pants.

"Spencer you've changed her..."

"Maddy we had sex a couple of hours ago and I told her to go upstairs"

She looked like she was going to pass out on my bar.

"Spencer I'm going to sleep with your best friend again"

That's more than okay with me.

"How do you feel about that?"

"Zara's a big girl Maddy, she doesn't need my approval"

I slowly walk over to the register and grab cash.


When I try to pass her the cash she doesn't take it.

"Spence don't insult me with your money"

"Maddy you've been working the bar all night and I wouldn't feel right not paying you"

"Your friend can pay me on your behalf"

That's hilarious.

"Maddy that's a great deal for me"

"It's a great deal for Zara as well"


When I walk out from behind the bar I undo the strap on my sling.


"I'll close up..."

"No you won't"

She's the best, best friend a girl could ask for.

"I've got it Zara"

"Are you sure?"

I'm positive.

"Yep, thanks heaps for tonight"

"Hakuna Matata"

When she says that I laugh.

She hasn't said that in ages.

"It means no worries..."

"Night Zara"



I was trying to slide into bed unnoticed, but it's pretty hard to be stealth when half your body's broken.


Her voice is croaky.

She sounds adorable.

"What time is it?"

"Two thirty"

When she rolls over the sheets pull back.

"Nice PJ's Ash"

She's wearing short, shorts and an ACDC shirts that's way too big for her.

"Spence I strongly considered no PJ's..."

She's grinning.

"Is that Maddy and Zara?"

When she says that I laugh.

"Yep, they've been going at it for a while now"

It didn't take long for me to close the bar, but when I walked into the loft they were already fooling around.

I could hear them very clearly.

It was all a little too clear.

"You've showered?"

"I like to keep clean Ash"

I had beer and bourbon all over me.

"I like it when you're dirty..."

"Ash you're so much wittier than that"

"I know I was just sleeping, my brain's not awake yet"

She's brushing her fingers down my leg.

"You're not wearing any pants?"

"I have underwear on..."

"Yer, I'm thinking that needs to go"

When she starts sliding my underwear down my legs I smile.

"I am so glad Kyla got a job working for you"

When she tosses my underwear to the side, she slowly starts running her tongue up my leg.

"You're so sexy"

She's nibbling on my hip.

"Spence your bruising's pretty much gone..."

"Well that's a mood killer"

She's laughing.

"I was just making an observation..."

"Well I have two hideous scars you can observe while you're down there"

"They're not hideous"

I didn't mean for that to be so emo.

"Spencer nothing about you is hideous"

When she moves so she's hovering above me, I gently brush my lips over hers.

"Sorry that wasn't meant to be as emo as it sounded"

"Spencer you're easily the hottest girl I've ever been with..."

"I was just thinking the exact same thing about you"

"Oh god we need to stop"

No we don't.

"We're being that annoying couple we hate..."

When she rolls over to her side of the bed I laugh.

"And we need to sound proof these walls"

Why is she grabbing her phone?

"Spencer we're playing music"


"I can't listen to that"

When she leans over to plug her iPhone into the dock, I run my fingers down her back.

"What's Maddy's intentions?"

"Right now?"


"What is she looking for?"

When she presses play I raise my eyebrows.

"This is the sexy music you've chosen?"

She's playing Creed.

"Was that the sexy conversation you'd chosen?"

She makes a very good point.

"Sorry I'm just curious"

"And I stupidly hit shuffle"

She's smiling.

"So why are you curious?"

When she moves so she's hovering above me, I slip my hand under her shirt.

"Zara's my best friend..."

"And you're worried Maddy's going to hurt her?"

"No and don't look at me like that"

"How am I looking at you?"

"I don't know, but I'm not passing judgement on your friend"

"I never said you were"



She has the sexiest smirk.

"Look I'm staying right out of whatever they're doing, but Maddy comes across like she's completely uninterested in commitment..."

I was just curious.

"So I was just curious, but I've lost interest now"

"You think she's slutty?"

"No I think she's us two months ago"

"So slutty?"

That's hilarious.

"I wasn't slutty..."

"You slept with me straight away?"

"You were throwing yourself at me"

"You dragged me into your office"

"I was horny"

"You were being slutty"

"Okay I was a little slutty, but everyone's a little slutty, some just hide it better than others"

When I start playing with her nipple she looks down at my hand.

"That's very distracting"

I have the biggest grin on my face.

"Let's be slutty"