Chapter 1

I really hoped it wouldn't happen like this…but it did(:


Troy? My boyfriend yelled my name as I shoved the rest of my books into my locker at Thomas Jefferson Private High School and Elementary. Troy's three years older than me, and I'm a junior…so he already graduated. The only reason he came back to this dreadful school everyday was because his dad was the principal, and Troy's little brothers, Darren and David go to school here, too.

He was wearing a black Polo shirt I bought for him, some jeans, unlaced Nike's. You know, the casual outfit. I love this boy(: All 6'4'' of him!

My friends/group were all right beside me at their lockers; wishing their boyfriends were this gorgeous!(: "Where were you last night, babe?" He wrapped his big, muscular arms around me, touching my butt in the process.

"My dad made me stay home, and watch Shadow. I sent you like five text messages?" He released from hugging me and held my hands awkwardly.

"Yeah, about that…Lori," he said, looking away from me, toward my friend Lorianna. How many Troy's do you know? Because I sure hope that that wasn't you texting me those love notes last night."

Lori blushed a deep red, and turned her head.

"Her brother texted me off of her phone last night and told me to back away from his girlfriend when she clearly approached me at the mall with a big smile, and a hug; just defending myself," he whispered into my ear as everybody talked quietly in the hall.

"Am I coming to your house after school?" Yeeeeah, buddy!:D

"Only if you want to, baby." (;

Everybody was heading to their 7th hour class…mine's jazz band. Boom!(:

"I have to go, gorgeous. I love you so much!" He pecked me on the lips right as his brother Darren walked by, rolled his eyes, and yelled 'PDA' at Troy.

"Screw off, midget!" even though, Darren's like 5'11'' in the 7th grade.

Troy blew me a kiss as I walked off to class with Michelle. Troy's dad walked by and stared at me. Awkward!

It was a free-day in jazz band…woot woot! I love my beautiful Sunburst Les Paul 3

School got out at 3:03; the signal for me to jump into my shining orange Charger and leave.

I stopped by the house, and said hello to my dad, momma, and my brother's band…and my brother!:D

Damion Lancastor. I love that boy, more than Troy. And I love Troy A LOT…I just can't have Damion yet, until my birthday. Because he's like, 23, and I'm 17. And my daddy said he would kill me if he ever caught me wrapped around a world famous rock star's finger, like my mom was to him.

I made my way to my elaborate bedroom with ease. Until on the way back, that is.

"Where are you going?" My dad asked.

Scenery of the living room:

Damion: playing acoustic guitar.

Bret: pacing back and forth on the phone with his wife, Diana.

Luke: snoring away on the couch.

Dad: talking to Laybrin.

Laybrin: talking to my dad.

Mom: hugging me!(:

Damion put his guitar down, and followed me out to my car. Looks like he needed to talk? :S

"Motley…" Damion said quietly as he followed me to my car.

"Damion?" I stopped and leaned against the car.

"I've been meaning to ask you this for a while….but will you come to the Grammy's with me?" He pressed his body onto mine, and I was smashed between him and my car. He ran his fingers through my straightened, yet tangled hair, and tucked a loose strand behind my ear.

"I don't know…I'll have to ask troy?" He suddenly looked sad and pouty. "..but who cares what Troy thinks? I mean, yes! I will definitely go with you." J

"Okay." He had something on his mind, and I was going to get it out of him. "Has anyone ever told you that you're the most beautiful person I know."

"Ummm, just a few." A bunch of guys have told me that.

"But I love you."

"I've heard that a lot, too, Damion…"


"Yeah, yeah, yeah…; I know."

"MotleyyyL" He whimpered, like.

"Ugh." Damion makes me want to cry…I mean, he's so….HOT!L I love him sooo much

Damion pushed his face to mine, and kissed me deadly!(: Kinda surprising actually; he has a 'girlfriend' himself? Not that he even likes her… o.O

After like five minutes of complete silence (and Damion making out with my neck…), I decided it was time for me to go.

My phone was blowing up with text messages, and Facebook notifications. And then, Troy called.

"Whatsup?" I asked.

"Just waiting."

He gets scared whenever he doesn't know where I am, because he's quite afraid of me cheating on him, or Damion trying to do something with me.

"Oh, yeah! Sorry, babe!"


"Where are you at?" he asked, slowly.

"My house like I said I would be?" Oh, gosh. We're going to get into a fight.. L

"Well, Troy! I didn't know if you would be over at your dad's, or at your sister's or your mom's, or god-only-knows-who's house!"

"I said I would be at mine; now would you mind getting your butt over here please?" :/ He's gonna mad..

"yes! I'll be there in a minute." I ended the phone call and threw my phone back into my purse.

I needed to call Clara…I could definitely vent to her.

I opened the door to Troy's house quietly, wiping under my eyes to make sure to get the smeared make up from the few tears that I let flow.

"Motley?" he said as he rounded the corner from his bedroom. He sighed when he saw me..?

He embraced his muscular arms around me.

"Baby, you're cold!" He rubbed his hands up and down my arms.

I shrugged.

Not too worried about it, I slowly walked over to the couch. He followed me, observing my every move.

"Babe.." he said slowly, as he played with my hair.

"Troy." I interrupted his slow approach to the conversation. "Yes, baby?" He played with my hair again.

"We need to talk." I smiled weakly.

He sat silently, staring at me intently.

"Troy…." I paused. "As I've told you multiple times before, I love you. So very much."

He stared at me. He nodded, and shrugged.

"Don't you think we should tell each other the truth; always?"

"Mhmm..? Where are you going with this?" He bit his bottom lip. "Are you cheating on me?"

"Right now? Clearly not."

"Well, does that mean you have before?"

He realized that's what I was trying to say, and said after a moment, "Who was it with?"

"Now, why would you ever expect me to tell you?"

I whispered, inching closer to him.

"Because I love you, and I want to know. To try to make things better."

"Make what better, Troy? Our relationship? That's definitely done for." I was still whispering; getting closer.

"We can try to work things out, honey. Bryan said that he took Julianna, because they were having problems, and they went to a couples counseling a couple times. Worked their out their marriage completely."

"That's the thing, Troy. I just…can't picture myself with you for the rest of my life." He tried breathing but couldn't because his throat was closed from being…heartbroken.

"It's Damion, isn't it?" He was on the verge of tears. (yes, he's that emotional, sometimesJ)

"Oh, Troy…" I sat in silence, hugging him.

For the next couple of weeks, I stayed cooped up at home. I couldn't handle thinking of Troy. Maybe I was wrong? No, I needed Damion. Obviously we were the perfect two.

I finished school, not really looking into college. Why go to college when I am going to progress in the music business?

I talked to Damion. He said he had been waiting for me to dump (in his terms) 'Mr. Goody two shoes, tool boy that should be on Jersey Shore because he would be perfect for it, and I deserved better than him."

"But you see, Damion…"

I was in my room, talking to him on the phone as he was in Japan about to go into a press-conference.

"Can I text you?" He paused. "I love you way too much."

"Okay," I hung up, and texted him.

Motley: Damion. Why do you have to make things soooo complicated?

Damion: u c miss posideon I make every teenage n mid 20s girls life a livin heck(: these charming godly looks r not juss 4 foto shoots n makin $(:

Motley: yeah, I noticed:/

Damion: I love you, babe.

Motley: we're not in a relationship, so technically I can't say that back to you(;

Damion: u kill me u no that rite?;))

Motley: J

Damion: what tym is it there? U'v gta be tired.

Motley: it's just two a.m.

Damion: go to sleep!

Motley: I can't with you bugging me all 24/7.

Damion: I'll leave you alone, okay? OkayJ

Motley: no, you wont!

He didn't text me back.

Dang, he's good.