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Chapter 1: Lilith, Lukas, and Levi

Sam Manson laid in a hospital bed sweating and in extreme aching pain. But she couldn't be happier.

Smiling she looked over three babies laying asleep in their baby beds as the doctors and nurses hovered over them. Since learning she was pregnant she had chosen not to see a doctor for fear of what they might was why she and everyone else was surprised when she had triplets, one girl and two boys.

She had tears of joy in here eyes as she looked over had her children. If only their hadn't broken up with her before she had found out she was pregnant he would be here too.

But, he had and now she wasn't sure she would every tell him.

"Names?" one of the nurses asked.

Sam looked up at the nurse and sighed. She had only expecting one child, not three. After a few minutes she replied, "Well, the girl will be named Lilith, the oldest boy Lukas, and the younger Levi." She then spelled the names for the nurse.

"Any middle names?" she asked scribbling down their children's first names.

"Levi's will be Tucker," Sam responded remember her dear friend and after a few seconds decided, "And Lukas's will be Samuel."

"And your daughter?" the nurse asked coping down Sam's names

Sam sat thinking she had couple in mind ranging to Jasmine to Gwen to Morgana. But, then remembered a girl with glowing green, "Danielle."

"Lilith Danielle, Lukas Samuel, and Levi Tucker?" The nurse asked again.

"Yes. And the last names Manson," Sam replied smiling as the doctor came over.

"well, Ms. Manson you have 3 healthy babies," Dr. Collins stated, "Now just a few more questions and you and your children are free to go home by Saturday." He looked at the chart, "So, you chose the names Lilith, Lukas, and Levi. So I need your full name and birth date."

"Samantha Elizabeth Manson, I was born May 24, 1995," Sam replied smiling at the thought of taking her young kids home.

"And the father?" he asked.

Sam remained quiet til she finally answered, "He was born September 5, 1994. His name is Daniel Jack Fenton."

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