Alex: So sad ending. Last one. My classes got canceled today so I was able to do all the endings today. This was just a what if ending for the other two. It's not much but could be built up if I wanted a dark sequel. I own only characters like Luke, Levi, Nathan, etc.

The Sad ending

Danny sat crying next to his sons, who were also crying.

Burying your lover was one thing, burying your daughter is worst, especially a daughter you didn't get to know.

Clockwork the bastard, he knew. Why didn't he take one of the deals!

The names on the tombs taunted him now.

Samantha Elizabeth Manson

Lilith Danielle Manson

This was the thing that would weight on his conscience now. Forever.

He stood pulling Luke and Levi with him looking one more time at stones "Good bye, Sam. Lily."

He and the boys leaned on each other as they left the grave yard not looking back.


Nathaniel sat with Vlad as they played chess. Vlad was in jail, a ghost proof jail.

"So my son, are you happy with your choice?" Vlad smirked, "The girl you betrayed me for dead."

"No…I'm not," Nathaniel looked at Vlad red glowing glaring at him, "And you killed her. You and Danny Phantom…."

Nathaniel stood, "I can't kill you here, but I will eventually. You, Danny Phantom, and Clockwork will pay too. Mark my words." He turned to leave, "By the way, check mate."

And with that Nathaniel Masters left, vowing revenge on all that opposed him.

Alex: Over 25 chapters, the most words in any of my stories, the one with the most reviews, as well as my one that took me the longest to write. Thank you all for reading and reviewing.


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