Max Remy Superspy

Max peered around the room in search of her lolly-obsessed friend, Linden. She frowned as she detected him at an Indian stall, talking about the best types of lollies to sell. She marched towards him, grabbed his arm and dragged him away from the stall. Linden cried out in surprise. 'Remember that Cadbury will get you money!' Linden called out to the foreign shopkeeper. The man smiled and gave him a 'thumbs up' signal.

'Linden! We're in the middle of a mission and all you could do is give advice to some guy about Cadbury chocolates?' hissed Max Remy as she pulled Linden under a table for cover, so that Mr Blue wouldn't catch them.

'I was just being friendly. Maybe he was a former spy that could tell us some important information' Linden suggested, doing up his hair using the smashed piece of glass on the floor 'Hey, I look pretty good, don't I?'

Max was furious at Linden. This was an important spy mission that could save the world and Linden was busy adjusting his hair by a cracked bit of glass. Her face was red with anger. Linden realised and stopped doing his hair.

'He might've been a normal person and when Blue asks him if he's seen two little kids running around with waist packs and the man says yes they went over there under the table playing, we'll be doomed' Max snapped quickly. Linden didn't say anything but he was grinning. Max frowned again. She hated it when Linden was grinning about something funny and she didn't know what it was about.

'Will you tell me or not?'



'Oh. Right' Linden said stupidly 'I was just thinking about something Ella said'

Ella? Max gave a frown. She did not like Ella at all. She was a mixture of annoyance and weirdness. It literally drove Max nuts.

'Who cares about what Ella says?' Max snapped at Linden, wishing he'd knock his head on something that instantly made him forget all about Ella.

'I care!' Linden snapped back. Max was stunned. Usually, Linden just went along with Max and did as he was told so he wouldn't annoy her. But this time, he snapped back at her. Max didn't let him win, as usual.

'Linden, Ella is a dork. She's a stuck up goody-goody and she's not even a good spy! Why would you go daydream about her when there's girls out there' Max yelled. She was lost for words at the end. There was no way she would mention herself in her 'really good girls for Linden' list. Linden gave her a quizzical, but half mad look.

'You were gonna say yourself, weren't you?'


'Yeah, you were'

'No, I was going to say Alex Crane'

Linden cracked up at Max's defence which was clearly ineffective to him. 'Alex Crane is way older than us. There's no way I'd be going out with her!'

Max's face was very pale. All colours were drained from her face. Was he...? He couldn't be...

'You're going out with Ella?' Max gasped, weakly.

'Yes. Didn't you know?' Linden asked Max, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Max was sure she was going to faint. All this time she had liked Linden and hated Ella. All along Linden was going out with Ella. She was so quiet that the ants could hardly hear her breathing. Linden wasn't surprised at Max, nor did he notice her jealousy and sadness. He simply stood up and left from underneath the table. After a short while of Max recovering from utter shock, she looked around and saw lots of people.

'Linden?' asked Max.

There was no reply. Max figured Linden was playing a prank on her. But she was wrong. She was terribly wrong...

'Linden!' called Max loudly, over the chatter of the foreigners.

There wasn't a reply.

Linden was gone.