Max Remy 3- A Breaking Heart

'Alright. Here we are, London' Linden announced bluntly.

Max got off the Invisible Jet and looked around the dark streets. It was slightly raining and the locals walked around with umbrellas covering their heads. London was always the same to Max. If Max ever lived in London, she would probably die within the first few weeks of boredom. However, Linden would be jumping about and cracking jokes all the time and making everybody happy and laughing...if he was the other type of Linden, not the mean crabby one. Max started recalling to herself when was the last time Linden did something funny. Was it two weeks ago? Or maybe just yesterday? Either way, Max couldn't keep track.

'Is Blue here?' Max asked Linden. She almost felt strange asking him since they were giving each other silent treatment. It had been hours since they had exchanged a word together. It may be days since they would even laugh together. Max sighed again as the depressing thought filled up her mind.

She could see that Linden didn't want to speak to her either because he gave a sloppy shrug in reply. Max followed the 'responsible Linden' around London. Dreaded memories flooded into her as she looked around and remembered meeting Ella for the first time in London. It was definitely the most horrible time of her life. As they walked, Max saw one of Blue's workers dash into a secret hold. She was so shocked by the sight that she almost forgot to tell Linden about what she saw. For a little moment, she was sort of tempted not to tell him since he was acting so ridiculous. But she managed to let it out just for the heck of it.

'Hurry!' hollered Max loudly and dashed to follow Blue's worker, with Linden at her heel. The man was so close to the secret hold! If Max could speed up a little bit...she could just grab him and prevent him from getting attacked...

Suddenly, Linden raced ahead of Max and dived for the man's shoes. Max was awed at Linden's speed. She would never be able to do that! Max was definitely not the very sporty type. She failed Alex during the courses she took for spy training. It was only Linden that sort of pleased Alex Crane. He was more athletic than she was. She dreamily stared at him in a romantic way. It was way too girlish for Max. Since when was she starting to act this way? It was so strange. Maybe it was since she met him...but she never noticed. Or maybe she was acting like this all along and that was why Linden didn't love her like she did!

'Girl, I've gotta quit this love thing!' Max murmured to herself strictly.

'Uh...good job...' Max said awkwardly as Linden dragged the man out from the hold.

Linden gave Max an icy stare, as a warning not to speak to him. Max looked down at her shoes sadly, feeling pained with resentfulness. All Max wanted to do was stomp on Linden's feet and shake him until the old Linden came out. She didn't like the new, icily mean Linden that gave everybody mean looks and silent treatments. She remained silent and used up her silent time thinking about where she went wrong and what she could do to stop it all and cover everything up. She had to make the old Linden come back. But how? What could she do? There was basically no chance for her now. He was still angry at her.

'Tell me what blue's determined to do!' demanded Linden to the suspect.

'Never. You can kill me but I'll never say' the man shot back stubbornly. He twiddled with his fingers nervously, almost unsure of what to say next. Max watched for Linden curious to see his next fantastic move.

After about twenty minutes of persuasion, the man gave in and blurted everything out. Linden let him off and the man scurried away to his home, ready for the consequences he was going to have to face from Blue.

'Alright. I'm going in now' Linden declared.

Max followed Linden to Blue's secret hideout where he planned every single thing he did. Max peered into the window and saw Blue sitting on his chair evilly, giving a maniacally crazy cackle of laughter. Max shuddered at his appearance. He was certainly a very creepy man that nobody would fancy at all.

Linden took no notice of Max and ducked around the hideout, ready to break inside and ruin Blue's plans.

'Don't move' Linden ordered Max as if she was a little kid.

Max clenched her fists furiously and rolled her eyes at Linden. He saw her roll her eyes at him. Immediately, another new Linden came out and replaced the mean one. Linden was generally a nice kid that was really sociable and that could make anybody feel comfortable in a new place. He would even try making friends with the kids at school, even if they were dorks. So Linden being so cruelly mean to Max and making her feel uncomfortable was definitely very unusual for Linden. Max tried considering the faults she done in the past and wondering if they were as bad as the fault she committed earlier about Ella...But the thought of Ella reminded Max of Linden's stinky attitude. She rolled her eyes again.

'Don't give me that stupid attitude, Maxine Remy!' he blurted out angrily.

Max's jaw dropped. Linden never called her 'Maxine'. She was getting even more furious at him now. Why in the world was Linden being mean? Was it all because of Max, when she told him off for liking Ella? Surely it couldn't be! It was just that one time!

Linden crept down into the hide. Max was coated in jealousy as he watched him spy on Blue. She waited and waited for Linden to come back out but all he was doing was stay in the exact same position, recording everything they said on his notebook.

Finally, Max couldn't take it any longer. She looked out the window and watched everything that happened...everything...until the worst happened. Blue caught her. He gave an icy stare and got up swiftly, taking out his slime gun. Max breathed hard, shocked and feeling very insecure. She wanted to dive inside and attack Blue.

In a flash, he busted Linden too and shot him with the slime gun. Linden fell back, covered in the green slime.

But Blue was not done yet. He kicked Linden out of the secret hold, literally. Linden cried out as one strong worker heaved Linden up and carried him outside. Blue closed the blinds so that Max could see no more. Everything was going terribly wrong. Max thought she could've done it without being caught, just like she normally did. Now she had been busted and everything was terrible. It was her fault that Linden was thrown out literally and slimed. Why was she so clumsy? If only she could rewind time and stay in her position! She thought herself so stupid for doing that now. She wanted to change everything.

' busted?' Max stammered uneasily.

Linden stared at Max through his slime coat and his eyes narrowed on her.

'OK, so firstly, you insult me for dating Ella, then next you give me attitude and now you busted the plan, possibly leaving the world in danger! It was all because of YOU!' Linden shouted, furious and full of rage.

Max stupidly attempted to cover it up. 'The first part is true though...' she stammered, but finally got her firm voice back 'Ella is a dork. Do you get that? Like I said before, there are definitely heaps of different girls out there that are a lot better than that dorky Ella. She's a total jerk! A jerk, do you get it?'

Linden's face was red and he was breathing hard.

'And girls like Ella deserve a jerk. And I know that you're not a jerk...even though you're acting like one now...' Max blurted out accidentally.

'So?' Linden demanded, still furious.

'SO? I love you, that's what!' Max said quickly, accidentally.

Linden stared at Max in surprise and shock. Max's face went a deep crimson.

Rain splattered down, soaking Linden and Max. The sky was dull and grey. People were making their way back home to avoid getting caught in the thunderstorm that was approaching. Max could hear the thunder and lightning. The rain still splattered against them. Rain soaked Max's hair and styled it in a position where she almost looked quite...beautiful... She stared at Linden firmly, determined to keep a straight face, rather than letting her face loose and giving him a love stare that she always did when Linden gave a charming smile. Her face went a deeper shade of crimson as she remembered the times when Linden gave a smile...

'I know you like me, Max. But that doesn't mean you can change me and control me. I'll love who I want to love. And I know I've said we make a good team in the past. But that doesn't mean that I like you. I only said that we're a good team. So if you want to continue daydreaming and trying to persuade me to like you rather than Ella, by all means keep doing it but nothing will happen. It won't do you any good!' Linden declared darkly 'And if you still don't understand my firm and clear response, I'll give it to you this way. Ella and I love each other- not like! I know you love me too but nothing is going to separate me and Ella. I love Ella. And I don't love YOU!'

A bolt of lightning and crash of thunder smashed against the clouds after Linden shouted at Max. Max's eyes were filled with tears as she stared at him in fright. There was now nothing to be done. He loved Ella. And he made it clear that he didn't love Max.

'Goodbye, now' Linden said darkly and turned quickly towards the Invisible Jet.

Was there a sense of care in Linden's heart anymore? No. Did Linden apologize for treating Max in such a hasty manner? No. No, he didn't. All he did was cause the biggest injury to happen. All he did was make his 'friend' hurt and grieve. Linden had caused a broken heart. Max stood in the rain, soaked, trying to induce all the details that had just occurred over the last ten minutes. Life was just not getting any better. It was horrible. Max exhaled deeply and took a few steps backwards towards the wall of a building. She sighed and brushed her hand through her hair, knowing all hope was lost now.

All that was left of Max was a shattered and breaking heart.