The small boy slept in the crook of Remus's arm, his hair a dark blonde tonight. The wind howled through the trees outside and Nymphadora slept on the couch beside him, her head resting on her arms as she curled into herself. It was her favorite sleeping position, which he had learned quickly.

He smiled down at the tiny miracle he was holding. His son. His child. Not cursed, but blessed. Bless with a mother that loved him more than anything. Blessed with a grandmother that would protect him no matter the cost. He had a godfather that Remus trusted with his own life.

Teddy was safe.

"You'll love Harry." he whispered, causing the baby to stir slightly. When he was silent, Remus smiled. "I wish you could have known James." he continued, quieter still. "He was a real trickster. You could never predict what he would do next, but he loved Harry just like I love you."

A silent tear slid from his eye, wiped away quickly with a shaking hand. "I know Harry can help you understand if I don't come back from this. I know he'll make you see why." he said, his voice wavering from the flood of emotions he was feeling. "I'm fighting for you, Teddy."

He would come back to him, no matter what. He had to.

But if he didn't, he prayed his son would never hate him.

He had to protect him. He had to give him a better world.