Once there was a lawyer names Phenix Wright and he was a lawyer because he wanted to be one since he was little. Phenix Wright was bored and horny one day and decided to call his 2 best frends, Larry Butz and Miles Edgeworth who he knew since he was little and wanted to be a lawyer. "Hey Mi Mi, hey Harry!" Phenix said when they answered the phone. Larry got mad because Phenix called him Harry and if his name was Harry then he would be called Harry Butz which sounds like Hairy Butts (Authors Note: lololol i didnt notice dis til tha end of tha game wen my bff told me!)

Phenix invited them to dinner so he could have sex with them but he didnt tell them because he knew they wouldnt come over if he did and he wanted to keep it as a secret suprise. When they showed up at his house, he answered the door naked and Miles Edgeworth was happy because he was also horny and didnt have sex much. (Authors Note: omg! here it comes!)

"AHHH OH YESS!" Called out Larry and Miles and Phenix because Phenix had Larry's pole in his mouth and Miles had his tounge in Larry's last name.(Author's Note: ha! see wat i did there?) They were all about to finish when Franziska Von Karma showed up and a had a whip with her and said "You have all been very naughty and for that I will whip you!" And she took off her pants and it was sexy because her man rope was so big and long it touched the floor. Exept it was hard so it pointed at Larry. Miles was mad because he wanted to have her and her long manliness to himself so he jumped in front of her and put it in his butt. And then Phenix got jealous because he saw how nice Miles's thing was and jumped in front of him and put it in his butt too. And then Larry felt left out, and was too small to put in Franziska so, he put Phenix's thing in his butt. And they all really liked it because the sex was really good. "AH YES! MORE! TAKE ME IN MY MAN PUSSY!" They all yelled out. And then they came and white goo was everywhere. "Wow Franziska, I didnt knnow you were that good!" Phenix was shocked. And then she took off a mask and revealed that she was actually Klavier Gavin. "Because I Klavier Gavin Ja?"