I'm back.

Pushing the glass door to let himself in, the commissioner accepted the welcomes of his fellow colleagues. He collected his mail from the cubbies near the entrance. It wasn't too full -he had had better days- but it wasn't exactly chicken scratch either. Searching through his mail to find the most intriguing envelope to open first, he heard the sound of high heels clicking against the floor. A young woman approached Edward Lightyear as he headed over to his office. Her brown, curly locks of hair bounced against her cheeks and ears as she panted to catch up to his speed.

"Good morning captain Lightyear!" she pronounced, saluting the man.

"Good morning, Trixie," Edward greeted. Normally, he wouldn't use such informality such as addressing a co-worker with her nickname, especially when he could address her with a beautiful name like Theresa, but he had heard her pleads many times before for him to use the name 'Trixie'.

"Well, you know what today is, don't you?" she began. Edward figured, knowing Trixie, never lets him reply to any of her questions that she knew the answer to. "It's the first day of recruitment day! You don't know how many submissions we have gotten so far. The lines are going to be long, I'd be prepared for a slow day today."

"It'd be interesting to see what array of people we attract," he replied, pushing the button on the elevator, "After all, there aren't too many military systems that occupy in the outer space."

"Please, that's easy for you to say," Trixie countered, "Your, like, their hero to them. You're a military legend." She joined him in the elevator and pressed the eighth floor. "Besides, you only have to show up for a couple of hours to train with them. I'm the one who has to get every individual's information put into the system all day."

"But that's because your are very handy with computers. You are the only person I have ever known to take a computer apart, piece it back together in less that two hours. Twice. In the same session." The doors opened and the workers strolled to room 834.

"I suppose your right. But it's still not my ideal reward for my technological skills by entering thousand of entries a day," she joked, sitting in a chair opposite to his desk.

Taking a deep breath, Edward blew it out as he sink into his chair and pulled himself to his desk.

"It seems all I do is work," he jested half-heartedly.

"Buzz, I have a question I want to ask you,"

He raised his eyebrows in shock. "'Buzz'?"

"Yes, I know your nickname just like you know mine. I learned it from the boys."

"Please, Theresa," he started, ignoring her moan, "lets keep our formality down to a minimum."

She gave him a smirk. "Then you are really going to hate the next question I'm going to ask you." Buzz looked up from the paperwork he was signing.


Trixie watched him for a second and looked down at her hands, almost in a defeated conduct. "Nothing. It's just… we worry about you, Edward. We see you work till the darkest hour. You're a workaholic. You look exhausted and if you excuse me assuming your personal life, you don't seem to take time for yourself and relax."

"I appreciate your concern, but I'm fine. Hard work has gotten me where I am today. And I don't want this subject to be brought up again, understand me? I'm hearing enough of it from the others."

"Yes, sir." There was a long silence as he ripped open envelopes.

"Thank you for caring about me," he finally said, noticing Trixie's posture straightening slightly. "It's comforting to know that my staff looks after me." Slipping a folded letter for its envelope, Buzz opened it, shocked at what he had just discovered. The letter was hand-written instead of typed; Buzz at first had trouble reading the cursive letters.

Captain Edward Lightyear of Star Command-

I wish for your company at my palace.


Buzz flipped the paper to the back. Nothing.

"What is it?" Trixie questioned, noting Buzz's furrowing brows.

"Emperor Zurg wants me to meet up with him. Alone," he whispered, staring at the note and calculating the words. "I can't risk it. He has led many revolts against this government and his power is increasing. He's getting more followers." He looked up at Trixie. "He's a threat and our number one public enemy. I can't risk it."

"Can't risk what? Going by yourself?"

"Yes. Trixie, I'm going to have a word with the recruiters," Buzz informed, looking out the window. There was a line of potential, waiting soldiers forming already by the door. They all appeared to be so tiny. "I want you to get started with the application process."

"Yes sir," Trixie agreed, getting up to leave the room. Buzz took his phone off the receiver on his desk and dialed for the forth floor.

"Sergeant Pride, I need to have a word with you."

"So this is all he wrote you?" the sergeant asked while he read the letter. "There was nothing else in that envelope?" Woodrow "Woody" Pride and Buzz Lightyear had a close relationship, probably the closest friendship in the whole squadron. Yet, to their own and their other associates' amusement, the two completely contradicted each other from their physical form to their personalities. Woody's form was long and slender while Buzz's height was shorter than the average man but toned with healthy muscles. Woody's tender brown eyes contrasted his counterpart's serene, azure orbs. Woody didn't seem the type to be interested in joining military forces (and he didn't initially) while a person wouldn't expect anything else but an army mentality from Buzz by his formal demeanor. Buzz's rugged and sometimes even loud voice differed with Woody's calm tone. But they both cared for each other deeply. However, living the dangerous lives of space rangers, they never knew if they were going to see each other the next day. Or anything for that matter.

"Yes," Buzz answered. "I don't know what this means, Woody. I'm clueless whenever it comes to Zurg's intentions. Always have been."

"Do you think he's going to declare war? Or invade?"

"He's going to cause some sort of trouble. I just have now idea when, where, or how…"

"Are you planning on seeing him, partner?" Woody being born and raised in the state of Texas led him to occasionally slip up southern slang without awareness. This habit always caused an internal snicker in Buzz when hearing it.

"I feel obligated to," Buzz admitted. "I just can't see him alone. He can't be trusted. I need back up."

"You mean sending in troops?"


"How many men?"

Buzz paused for a moment to think about his friend's question. "Not too many. I would want to send the message that we will protect ourselves but I don't want to pose as a threat for him. I mean, he are going to his empire."

"I understand. Two hundred men perhaps?"

"Yes. I agree to that," Buzz confirmed, extending his palm, "Thank you for coming up, Woody."

"No problem, Buzz," he responded, reaching to shake his hand. As Woody grasped his hand, his grip became looser and he looked at the captain, frowning. "Are you OK about this? This whole situation?" His tone of voice had switched from stern to his trademark caring manner. Buzz observed his worker's face for a heartbeat.

"Just wish I didn't have to do this," he finally retorted after hesitating, pulling his hand away. A sympathetic expression came across Woody's face.

"Oh!" Woody exclaimed, causing Buzz to jump and snap out of his thoughts. "My sister is coming on Wednesday. She found a couple of elders to take care of the ranch. Don't worry: she's fully qualified. She has attended four years of college and passed all the necessary military tests and completed boot camp." He laughed while recalling a memory. "Before enrolling in boot camp she was worried about her hair. She was freaking out. She didn't know that men only shaved their hair, but of course I want to tease her. I told her that she was going to be bald by time she joined the army. To her pleasure, she found out that her hair could be kept on her head but the tips couldn't touch her collar bone. Her hair was pretty much that length anyway, so a huge breath of relief flew out of her body. Along with a well deserved punch to me from her."

Buzz let out a chuckle. "What's your sister's name? Have I seen her before?"

"Jessica. But she likes to be called Jessie. You've never met her before. She's a big ball of fire like the color of her hair. I may have shown a picture of her before to you. She's thin, has green eyes, about my height."

"Great, another person who's taller than me," Buzz joked.

"And she can shoot guns like her big brother here. In fact, she may even be better than me."

"Better than you? I didn't think that was possible, you're one of our best gunmen. If she's at least as good as you, we many only need the three of us to take down Zurg."

If only.

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