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Deidara peeked out the window of his mother's car nervously. "Oh, don't be so nervous Deidei! You'll make lots of new friends!" comforted his mother, Ai. She ran he fingers through her son's neck length, golden hair before parking in front of his new school. The small five year-old gulped as he looked at it.

He and his mother had moved to New York from Tokyo. Although New York was where he had actually been born, Deidara didn't remember anything about it. His mother said that she and his father had moved to Tokyo when Deidara had been two months old, for business reasons. Deidara had spent all of that time until now living there. His father had left them when Deidara had been three. For two years, it had been him and his mom.

Not that it bothered the young blonde. He didn't really remember his father anyway. Plus, he loved his mom so much…she had taught him English…as if she had always planned to come back. Thanks to his mother, Deidara didn't have an accent when speaking English.

"Come on Deidei." Said Ai as she opened the door for her son. Deidara jumped out of the car and looked up at the school. It wasn't as big as his old school. He looked up at his mom, "Mommy, you said that they don't take off their shoes here right?" Ai smiled down at him, "Iie. They wear their shoes all the time here. Now, just relax, put a smile on your face, and be polite. After school, I'll take you for some ice-cream, ne?" Deidara's face brightened and he answered in a cheerful voice, "Un!" Ai laughed and led Deidara into the building.

Looking around, Deidara wondered how many students were going to be in his class. He actually enjoyed being at school, he just didn't like that he didn't know anyone here. He looked at a glass case they walked by and saw a few trophies won by older kids for the school. (Maybe I can win some shiny trophies someday…) he thought.

Ai stopped in front of a classroom door that said 269 and had a drawing of a sun with a smiley face and flowers taped to it. Deidara frowned. That was hardly interesting. His mother knocked and, after a few seconds, a woman with long, dark red hair and grey-ish eyes opened it. She was dressed in skinny jeans and a purple shirt that said FREE HUGS on it. From inside the classroom, you could hear children talking and giggling. "Ah! You must be Ms. Katsu! I'm Mrs. Heart!" the woman, Mrs. Heart, shook Deidara's mother's hand with a very cherry smile.

Mrs. Heart looked down at Deidara, "And you must be little Deidara Katsu!" "Katsu Deidara un…" mumble Deidara. He was so used to the way his name was said in Japanese that hearing it said the English style was odd. Unfortunately, the teacher didn't hear him and just bent to meet his eye level. "Aren't you just the cutest little thing? Don't you worry; you'll love this class Deidara." Deidara smiled what he knew was an adorable smile, "Ok Mrs. Heart." He piped cutely. Ai smiled and kneeled down to kiss her son on the forehead, "I'll pick you up at the end of the day. Behave, ok Deidei?" Deidara nodded, "I promise mommy." And with that, Ai straightened up and walked off.

Mrs. Heart got up too, turning to the door, "Come on then Deidara! Let's introduce you to the other kids ok?" Deidara nodded and let the woman lead him inside.

The sounds that Deidara had been hearing from inside up until now had abruptly stopped. He looked around and saw that every pair of eyes in the room were now focused on him. He counted twenty pairs of eyes. "Hey kids! This is a new addition to our group of friends! His name is Deidara Katsu!" said Mrs. Heart, obviously stopping to let Deidara finish the intro.

"Um…Hajimemashite. Watashi wa Deidara desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." He said, momentarily forgetting he was in a place that he needed to speak English. "Hey! He speaks Japanese like Sasori!" exclaimed a kid with white hair and purple-pink eyes. Deidara relaxed a bit. So he wasn't the first Japanese kid in the class…Sasori huh? He looked around with a smile, "Un! I'm Katsu Deidara! I only recently moved here from Tokyo un!" "But you don't LOOK Japanese." Mentioned a girl with dark blue hair and amber eyes. She had a paper flower in her hair.

Deidara shrugged, "I was actually born here in New York, but my mommy moved to Tokyo when I was a baby. We just got back here last week un." he explained. The blonde's eyes met a pair of clear, green eyes. Deidara decided to focus on him. The boy had messy red hair that fell into his eyes and was dressed in the school uniform. He looked at Deidara with an interested look. "That's so cool!" Deidara heard the voice of the girl with the blue hair again, "Sasori only knows Japanese from his Grandmother. He's never actually BEEN to Japan!"

The boy with the white hair nodded, "You GOTTA tell us all the shit you did in Tokyo!" "HIDAN!" exclaimed Mrs. Heart causing a few kids to laugh, "You know we don't use that sort of language in class!" The white haired boy, Hidan, sighed, "Yeah, Yeah…" he muttered with a pout.

Mrs. Heart sighed before smiling and turning back to Deidara, "Take the empty seat next to Sasori. He's the boy with the red hair." She said kindly. Deidara nodded and looked back at the red head…Sasori. Sasori continued to observe the blonde as he walked over.

"Konnichiwa." Said Deidara. Sasori looked him up and down, "…you look like a girl." He said. Deidara blinked as that statement sank in. "Wait…huh?" he asked in confusion. Had this kid just said he looked like a girl? "You look like a girl. But you're dressed in a boy's uniform…that's weird…" said Sasori. Deidara twitched and frowned, "I'm a BOY." He said plainly. Sasori shrugged.

With a sigh, Deidara went to sit in his seat…to fall on his butt. "OW!" he exclaimed, looking up at a smirking red head. "I'm Akasuna no Sasori." He said, smirk still in place, "And it seems your seat moved." Deidara heard the other kids laughing.

So that's how it was huh?

"Well Sasori, I guess it did." He said, plotting his revenge…


Deidara was looking for a bucket.

He had checked the closet in the classroom but found nothing. He wanted to see where else, but was afraid he'd get lost. He sighed…there went his plan…

"Hey Deidara!"

The blonde turned at the mention of his name. He saw the white haired kid, Hidan, standing in front of him "I'm Hidan! Nice to meet ya!" he said with a grin. Deidara nodded, "Nice to meet you too Hidan. Do you know where I can find a bucket un?" asked the small blonde. The albino nodded, "Sure! What you need it for? You're not fucking sick are you?" Deidara shook his head, "I wanna pour water on stupid Sasori's head."

The grin on Hidan's face grew at the statement, "OK! I'll help! Akasuna is an asshole. He thinks he's better than everyone!" Deidara shrugged, "I just wanna get back at him for pulling my chair out from under me. And for saying I look like a girl."

"But won't that get you in trouble?"

Both boys turned to see the blue haired girl from before. "The teacher doesn't have to know Konan." Explained Hidan. Konan shrugged and held out a hand to Deidara, "I'm Konan." Deidara blinked but took her hand. "I'm Deidara. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." He said. Konan giggled, "You need to teach me Japanese Deidara!" Deidara smiled and nodded.

"If he doesn't get in trouble for what he wants to do first."

Hidan jumped and turned to the dark corner the three kids had been standing in front of. There sat a boy with long raven hair and matching onyx eyes. He was looking at the picture book of Finding Nemo. "Itachi! You scared us fucker!" exclaimed Hidan. Deidara looked at Itachi. "Itachi?" The raven nodded, "Yes. And I mean it…cause you're probably gonna get in trouble."

With a roll of his eyes, Hidan shot back, "Hey, I'm just glad that someone finally wants to fight back against the Akasuna!" Deidara blinked, "What's that mean un?" Konan took a step forward, "Most people don't mess with Sasori…he can be scary when he wants to be…" Deidara shrugged, "We're all the same age, what's the worst he could do un? Besides, by the sounds of it, he drives you guys nuts too."

Konan and Itachi looked at him for a minute. "Well…" started Konan, "You ARE right…" Itachi sighed, "Do what you want." He said as he turned back to his picture book. Deidara and Hidan grinned, "Come on Deidara! I'll show you where you can find a bucket!" Deidara nodded and followed the albino out of the room…

~After Deidara sets his trap up…~

They waited. Sasori was playing tag with some other kids and was running around the school yard. "Ok Deidara," said Hidan as the two held the bucket on top of a windowsill from the second floor, "In 3…2…1…" The two boys tipped the bucket over a bit and cold water spilled out of it.

There was a small cry as the water hit something…or more specifically someone. Deidara and Hidan giggled before pulling the bucket in with them and heading back down the hall. They dropped the bucket off back in the janitor's closet and went back into their classroom, where Itachi and Konan were waiting. After seeing the grin on Deidara's face, the two sighed, "So…I see that you got your payback?" asked Itachi. "Un!" The other three looked at Deidara oddly. Deidara sighed, "Un means Yeah in Japanese." "OH!"


Deidara looked up and saw that Sasori was stomping towards him, pure rage in his eyes. He also noted that the small red head was soaking wet and bit back a laugh. "I KNOW IT WAS YOU KATSU!" he exclaimed. "E? Anata wa, doyuu imidesu ka?" Deidara asked. (Huh? What do you mean?) Sasori narrowed his green eyes at him, "Watashi no iitai koto o seikaku ni haaku!" replied the red head. (You know exactly what I mean!) Deidara shook his head no, "I mean it Akasuna-kun, I have no idea what you're talking about un."

And that was when Sasori snapped.

He lunged at the other boy, pulling his hair. Deidara, never liking when others pulled his hair, struggled against the other boy, trying to push him off. Deidara grabbed Sasori's leg and bit down, hard. When Sasori let his grip slip in shock, Deidara grabbed his arm and flipped the redhead onto his back. "OOFF!" Sasori glared and jumped back to his feet as Deidara got into a fighting stance.

"BOYS!" Mrs. Heart grabbed both boys by the ear and pulled them over to her, "What do you think you're DOING?" Deidara, never missing a beat, looked up at her with fearful eyes, "He started yelling at me and pulled my hair for no reason Mrs. Heart-sensei!" he explained, deciding to remind his teacher that he was new with some Japanese.

It worked too.

"Oh no! Sasori! You should know better than to pick on a new student! And why are you soaking wet? Deidara, go play with the other kids. I'll handle Sasori." She said as she let go of Deidara's ear. Deidara nodded, adding a sniff for good measure, as he watched the teacher start to drag Sasori away. The redhead turned slightly and glared at Deidara. Deidara smiled sweetly at him.

Sasori scowled. The blonde may have won this battle…but the war was only beginning….

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