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Chapter 6: Contamination

Jaaku looked down at his son with a disgusted look in his eyes. "Deidara…how dare you bring this disgusting creature into our Society?" Deidara rolled his eyes, "He's not dangerous un. Not to normal Hunters un." Sasori growled, "You I might make an exception for."

Deidara grabbed Sasori's arm and gave him a look before turning back to Jaaku, "He's joking un. Anyway, what brings you here un? I thought you hated coming to New York." Jaaku scoffed, "I despise this city. But I heard that there were contaminated vampires heading here and thought it would be fun to dispose of them."

Frowning, Sasori glared at the man in front of them. He was nothing like his father, and Deidara was nothing like him. He had to be thankful for that. He couldn't imagine Deidara anything like Jaaku…too depressing.

"I would know if there were more contaminated vampires headed to my jurisdiction. I didn't sense anything un." explained Deidara. Atisuto nodded, "Deidara is the best sensor we have." Jaaku rolled his eyes, "He's merely a child." "He and his team are the best we have." Stated Atisuto as he stepped to be face to face with his son. Jaaku scowled but turned to the exit, "Whatever. Live in your little fantasies. When you need a real hunter, don't come crying to me."

And with that, Junsuina Jaaku walked out of the Hunter Society.

Deidara let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd held. "Sasori…please don't do that." He said, "I don't want to fight my father because you said something stupid. I mean, if I have to choose between the two of you…" he smiled at the redhead, "But you can't go looking for trouble."

Running a hand through his hair, Sasori sighed, "Fine. I'll be good." He told his beloved blonde. Deidara turned to Atisuto, "Anyway, besides Jaaku, what other disgusting creatures can you think of un?"

With a laugh, Atisuto put a hand on Deidara's shoulder, "You and your smart ass remarks. I'll look around Ai. If and when I find something, I'll let you know." After gaining a nod from Deidara, he turned to Sasori, "Behave. If you hurt my grandson I will hurt you tenfold." Sasori smiled nervously and he and Deidara left…


Sasori and Deidara sat in the kitchen, a bowl of chocolate chip cookies between them. The blonde was munching on a cookie, deep in thought. Konan, Itachi, and Hidan hadn't come back yet…he hoped his friends were ok.

Sasori sighed. His father had been gone all day…and that was slightly worrying. His father at least called when he wouldn't be home…

Startling the duo, Deidara's phone rang and said blonde grabbed it. "Yeah? ...uh-huh? ...Got it. Thanks for the information un." he hung up and got to his feet. "Kochi said that my mother was said to have been carried into a building downtown." Sasori thought a moment, "That's Valentine's territory…"

Eyes widening, Deidara clicked on his watch. Holograms of different programs appeared around him. He tapped at one of the icons and a map appeared before him. Sasori blinked, not really processing what was happening, while different parts of the map changed colors. "…You're right un…that is Valentine's territory…the question is: is this Valentine's doing, or is someone trying to frame him?" Deidara swiped his hand over the map and the hologram vanished, "Let's get downtown to find out." He said.

Sasori nodded, impressed with how professional Deidara was acting. Deidara, still prepared from their trip to the Society, headed out the door, Sasori following close behind.

It still amazed Sasori just how fast Deidara was. He had never seen a human run so fast; they reached downtown in half the time it would've taken on Sasori's bike. Then again, it seemed that Deidara knew every street and back alley in all of New York.

As he followed Deidara, Sasori's thoughts wandered to his father. Was Eien in Valentine's territory too? It would make sense…if he heard that Ai had been seen there…he'd go running…

The pair stopped in front of what looked like an abandoned movie theater. "Deidara…going into Valentine's territory without an invitation is dangerous…" muttered Sasori. Ignoring the redhead, Deidara walked up to the boarded up doors of the theater and kicked them open.


Deidara walked in and looked around, pulling out his twin daggers.

Nothing came out.

Sasori followed him.

Something was seriously off; even Sasori could feel it. Deidara stopped walking as the vampire he sense changed. Damnit. Someone had contaminated Valentine. He turned to Sasori, his voice barely even a whisper, "Careful. We have company un."

Before the redhead could question it, the diseased sent hit him. Wow. Deidara's sixth sense was better than a vampire's nose. Impressive.

Deidara's eyes widened as a new vampire suddenly appeared on the grid, right in the building. Ok, it had just become his job to investigate this. They had turned a human into a vampire. And a contaminated one at that.

It was time to get serious.

Sasori blinked as Deidara made his way to one of the screen rooms. What was he up to? The blonde kicked the door open and walked into the room. The air was musty, paint was peeling off the walls, chairs were missing from the aisles, and the screen was broken off of the wall and on the floor. Deidara glanced around, knowing that there was someone in this exact room.

The problem was that it was a large room, and something could easily be hiding behind the seats that were still standing, or in the bundle that had once been a movie screen. Gripping his daggers tightly, Deidara made his way down the aisle to the back of the room where the screen once hung. Sasori was a bit more hesitant, not really used to the situation he was in.

Being the son of the head of the vampires here in New York meant that he wasn't usually one to fight with contaminated vampires. He wanted to, since he felt that it was his duty to do so, but he had only started recently…and Deidara had to save him from becoming contaminated himself.

Though Sasori was not going to leave Deidara to fight these monsters alone.

A noise came from the back left corner of the room and Deidara stopped walking. Sasori could barely make out a vent in the darkness. Could Deidara actually see in this place? Even Sasori, who was born with the ability to see in darker places, almost pitch black, could barely see in here. Was it even possible to-

A shadow suddenly lunged forward, heading straight for the redhead and catching him off guard. Before Sasori could react, or the thing could realize, Deidara had grabbed it by the leg and slammed it into the ground with more force than Sasori thought a hunter should have. The blonde slammed his foot into the creature's head, crushing it and killing it instantly. The vibrations from the force of both blows made something metallic fall to the ground and roll over to them.

"What's that?" muttered Deidara as he walked over to it, Sasori just coming back to his senses. The hunter put his daggers away and plucked the object off the ground before walking over to Sasori. The redheaded vampire looked and saw what looked like a small tube in Deidara's hand. It seemed to be a sapphire color, much like Deidara's eyes, and a small part seemed to be protruding from it.

Sasori was about to ask what it was when Deidara looked over at the creature he had killed, "Well, Valentine is done for. Sad really, he wasn't that bad of a person un." He looked around, "But the other vampire, the one that had just been turned, was removed from the building…and it's already pretty far away…" He sighed in frustration. "Guess we can't ask around either…let's take a look around to see if we find anything un…"

"What is that tube you found before Dei?" asked the redhead. Deidara stood quiet a moment before pulling the sapphire tube out again. He clicked on the part that was protruding from it and the tube expanded into a staff. Sasori blinked and watched as Deidara spun it in his hands expertly. He stopped and held it in his right hand, "This…is my mother's staff. She is actually a retired Hunter un." Sasori nodded, "So she WAS here…"

With a nod, Deidara looked around the room. Sasori did the same and saw a small sliver of light coming from under the bundled up screen. "Dei…check this out." He said as he walked over to it. The blonde looked, retracted the staff, and followed. The duo pulled the screen away and had to shield their eyes momentarily. After their eyes adjusted, Deidara looked down to see a staircase leading down a white hallway.

"What the…" Sasori muttered as Deidara started down the stairs, "H-hey wait!" Sasori quickly followed the blonde. As they reached the bottom, Deidara glanced around at what appeared to be a research facility. Sasori could smell contaminated blood and felt nauseous. Deidara walked around, smelling death and decay, but since his nose wasn't as keen as Sasori's, he didn't know about the contamination.

Stopping at a table full of vials and beakers full of an odd liquid, Deidara took a closer look. The liquid was a color that reminded Deidara of old blood after a person had been decaying. The smell was no better either. He carefully picked up a vial of the stuff and covered the top securely. "What's that for?" asked the redhead. "I'm gonna take this back to the society un. Have some of our guys check it out. This isn't just some random mixture un…This might actually be what's causing contamination." "You mean they might be able to make a cure? That would really be-"

There was a creak from somewhere else in this lab and Deidara looked all over. He suddenly got an uneasy feeling. "Let's go un. I don't like the feeling I just got." Sasori nodded and the two glanced around one more time before quickly heading back up the stairs. Sparing one last glance at Valentine, Deidara and Sasori exited the theater and headed back to the Akasuna mansion…not noticing the raven haired vampire that was leaning on the wall of the theater.

Eien sighed in relief when the two teens walked off. He didn't want Sasori to worry about him. He looked down at the arm that had been bitten and frowned. The skin around the wound was beginning to turn red. He'd have to get it cleaned up and bind it tightly. Gripping his arm, he headed to Aria's district. She'd be able to help a bit.

He knew he was being stubborn and should tell Atisuto at least about the situation…but he just couldn't. For that would mean he'd have to under surveillance. And he couldn't have that happening.

He couldn't be put out until he found Ai…

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