Kim couldn't be more relieved that the fight was over and Dr. Drakken's plan had been spoiled. She stood by the ocean shore wringing water out of her hair and staring out at the smoking remains of the mad scientist's lair while Shego, whose arms were tightly bound, sat in the sand next to her with a rather sour expression. Ron was nearly a mile out in a lifeboat rowing the equally subdued Dr. Drakken to shore. The distant wail of sirens made her sigh happily to know that the two villains would be put behind bars by the day's end. Still, she had a bit of time to fill before the police arrived and her mind started to shift focus to the cranky villainess at her feet. When she thought about it, she and Ron had been fighting these two for nearly a year but that wasn't the strange part. The strange part was that as successful a criminal as Shego was, the only times she had ever gone to jail had been when she worked with Drakken. He still hadn't managed to take over the world and yet she kept coming back.

"Hey, Shego?"

"What, Possible?"

"This may seem like a weird question but…why DO you work with Drakken all the time?"

The brunette's posture suddenly straightened. She turned to stare up at the teenager with a frown of suspicion. "Are you serious?"

Kim shrugged. "Well, yeah. He seems to get on your nerves all the time and you're constantly going to jail when his schemes go south. So…why the loyalty?"

"First of all, cupcake, there is no loyalty. I'm in the game for my benefit, not his," Shego snapped, narrowing her dark green eyes at the girl for a moment. Then, she turned back around, watching the very faint red-and-blue dots that indicated the approach of the police.

"But you have a point there. Drakken does drive me crazy and his plans usually do fail thanks to you."

Shego then sighed, closing her eyes. "You know how that sidekick of yours gets on your nerves?"

"He doesn't—"

"Yes, he does."

Kim paused. "…okay, sometimes Ron does get on my nerves. What about it?"

"When you get to that point where you've had enough and you go home, slam the door, kick back on your couch with a glass of wine—or in your case, a juice box—and just sit there by yourself and you think…it's too…quiet."

Kim's eyes widened in surprise. Shego pressed on, not waiting for a response. "Dr. D is not the self-professed genius he sees himself as or a good roommate or a good partner but if he's one thing, it's loud. Stupid as it is, that's what I like. Loud. Get what I'm saying, Kimmy?"

Kim turned to see Ron dragging the raft through the shallows, grinning widely and waving to her with Rufus on his shoulder and her voice softened considerably.

"Actually…I do."

"Good. If you repeat what I've said to anyone, I'll break your kneecaps off and keep them in a jar by my bed. Got me?"

Kim shook her head and smiled. Well, at least things were back to normal in some capacity.

"Your secret's safe with me."


Words cannot express how nervous I am about this little drabble. It just popped out of my brain one day while I was watching some Kim Possible and found myself trying to come up with a real reason as to why Shego puts up with Dr. Drakken. This is the result. Please review and let me know if it sucks. This is not my fandom and I know nothing about writing in it. I was pretty much winging it. Thanks in advance.