Title: Temp(t M)e
Author: youngerdrgrey
Pairing: Castle/Brennan, Brennan/Booth, Castle/Beckett
Summary: At a weekend seminar for crime novelists, Richard Castle meets - and entices - the infamous Temperance Brennan. Unbeknown to her, she is not the only source of temptation in his life, nor he for her. -Crossover with BONES-
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All rights for the characters and the world go to their owners (like ABC or FOX). I, in no way, believe – or would lead others to believe – that I own Castle or Bones. I am merely a fan who stumbled across a picture of Emily and Nathan on Tumblr and concocted a story from it.

Author's Note: Hello Castle and Bones fans! I have been an avid Bones viewer for three years now and have recently gotten sucked into the Castle fandom. I hope that both of you will be welcoming to my little venture out into their worlds. I apologize to the three people who reviewed to this before I had to re-post it into the Crossover section. Originally, this was in the Castle section, as if leans a bit more heavily into the mind and life of Rick Castle, but an anonymous reviewer marked the story as abuse for being in solely the Castle section.

This piece can stand alone, or it can have multiple chapters (which is what I intend). If you like it, do tell me so in a review so that I know that other people are as interested in it as I am.

The timeline of this is not really set in any one time. However, it is before the last two episodes of the current season of Bones and the same for Castle.

Now I shall offer my apologies and tell you to go on with the story. Enjoy!


The seminar was coming to a close. Some veteran author of crime novels saturated his lengthy speech about character development with small glances at specific authors he thought would need some help with that. His eyes grazed over many people, but he did skip the man in the back row to the far left. Not that the man would have noticed. He flipped through text messages on his cell phone, enraptured with those words over those of the speaker. Were the man in the back a lesser author the speaker would call him out on it. Fortunately, the man in the back was Richard Castle, author of not only the phenomenal Derrick Storm novels but the new Nikki Heat novels as well. He had a real feel for the details of death, something some of the newcomers could learn from.

The speaker wrapped up his speech. The attendees of the seminar rose in waves, scurrying off to other places.

Among the last to rise was Castle, who took his time with sending a message and scanning the people still in the room. He zeroed in on a woman leaning slightly against the wall in the middle row. Her soft brown hair cushioned her temple from the tough, beige surface. A laptop sat on the slide-out desk in front of chair, the background a group of happy, obviously friendly people. None of them bore a resemblance. He assumed them to be her closest friends. More probably, they were co-workers as the glasses in their hands were filled with the obligatory after hours liquor.

Castle rose an eyebrow upon catching sight of her in the picture. Her body angled towards that of a strong looking man with broad shoulders and a charming, modest grin. Boyfriend? No, they would be closer if there were some sort of physical intimacy. They did have the tension though. Castle knew a great deal about those sort of feelings. Hmm, how would Beckett respond to hearing that he met someone at his little writing seminar, a beautiful brunette with eyes that rained down all of the joys of what it meant to be alive? He assumed this woman's eyes did that merely because no woman stares into nothingness like one who has something to imagine in that place.

He marched over with his most confident stride. He caught the eye of the speaker and winked at him briefly. Once beside the woman, Castle offered his hand to her.

"Rick Castle," he greeted.

She turned to him then. He grinned inwardly as he caught the fading optimism in her cerulean pools of passion. Ah, she was daydreaming. A favorite past time of his as well. She snapped from her reverie and took his hand in hers.

"Temperance Brennan," she said.

He grinned outwardly then. That day just kept getting better.

"As in the same Temperance Brennan who wrote Bred in the Bone?" he asked.

With a nod, she answered, "The very same."

Her replies were short but not without a certain weight behind them. She seemed defensive, no doubt from her time as an abandoned foster child. While her past was not exactly public knowledge, one tended to learn things when he did as much snooping - er, research - as Castle did. He wondered if she remained stoic in all situations, or just those where a strange man approached her.

He gestured towards the seat next to her with a raised brow. She glanced at it for a moment before scooting more upright into her own seat, a very 'if you must' way of agreeing to his company. Her behavior would have been refreshing a few years ago. However, after years of working with Beckett, he found the 'cherishing his every breath' response to be a dip into a steamy hot tub after hours on the slopes. In layman's terms, heaven.

"I didn't know you came to seminars," he said in an attempt to truly start a conversation.

"I didn't know I was being watched," she said.

Was she trying to make this difficult?

"Only at the odd crime writers' event. You manage to stun the moment you enter a room," he informed her. She turned to face him a bit more. Ah, jackpot. Who ever said flattery would get him nowhere?

"Yet I'm not the one flocked and followed by a line ten women long," she returned. He grinned once more. She returned that as well.

"So I'm being watched?" he checked.

"A tad."

He chuckled. "How rad."

She smiled, stating, "'Rad', a popular word on the West Coast to describe something rather than using 'cool' or 'awesome'. Though, I suppose you used it for the rhyming effect."

"That I did," he said. He found it hard to stop smiling at that point. Her presence was simply euphoric, enticing... rad.

He entertained the notion that perhaps she had someone in her life, a boyfriend who couldn't make the trip and had yet to make the fan sites. He dismissed it quickly enough. Anyone dating a woman like her would certainly want to keep tabs, in the most discreet of ways. A simple text message asking about the seminar to draw out whether or not her emotional state were compromised, followed by a text suggesting a lengthy phone call upon hotel arrival to ensure she would not go gallivanting off to some bar where she would be hit on by countless inebriated men, one of which would not take 'no' for an answer.

Castle glanced down towards where her cell phone sat next to her laptop. No new message. No boyfriend. No problemo. Now, how to approach the subject?

Temperance cleared her throat slightly. He looked to her in time to catch the unwrinkling of her eyebrow, a sure sign of the end of contemplation.

She said, "Customarily, the man who initiates the small talk also extends the invitation to the hotel bar for drinks. In this case, as we are literary equals in the twenty-first century and I would rather not waste any more time in these uncomfortable seats-"

He interrupted. "Care for a drink?"

She smiled slowly, nodding as she did so. She slipped her laptop into its case and pocketed her cellphone before rising from the aforementioned uncomfortable seat. He motioned for her to go down the row first. She went, without a mention of how the woman going first was typically utilized in this day and age to force the woman to squeeze unnaturally close to the man in order to leave, thus resulting in a brief build-up of the sexual tension between the two parties. He considered it an honor not to hear the facts he had heard she related to all those in ear shot. Even more so as she got a bit closer than she would have needed to in her cross to the front. Was jackpot possible twice in five minutes? It certainly seemed so.

The duo reached the foreground of the conference room. The speaker remained dutifully flipping through papers at the podium. Castle caught the smirk on his lips and resisted the urge to offer a second wink to the man. When the man began to laugh, Castle glanced ahead in time to see his companion turning her head back forward towards the door.

More for show than anything else, Castle asked, "Your hotel or mine?"

Temperance offered him a sly grin that more than answered his question.

And the night was only beginning.

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