October 2, 2011. A cool Autumn day, the day that changed everything.

"So, remember the plan, ok?" Raquel Blue whispered loudly.

"Rocky, you fail at whispering, and yes, I remember the plan, I planned most of it." Cecelia Jones retorted.

"Ok, just go along with it?"

"Fine Rocky, see you soon, I'm going in." The redhead said goodbye and headed for her apartment.

"Hey mom."

"I'm gonna have to go soon, now remember, you and Flynn are going to stay with the Blue's, and you will only be in this apartment when you need something, like spare clothes, ok?"

"Yes mom." Cece drawled sarcastically using her hands as an indicator that she understood.

"Are you sure Rocky's mom is ok with this?"

"Yeah mom, we sorted it all out."

"Maybe I should talk to her-"

"No mom, Rocky told me she is still a bit on weird terms with you."

"Ok, bye sweetie." She grabbed Cece in a tight embrace that strangled the small girl.

"Can't. Breathe."

"Sorry, bye Flynn!"

"BYE MOOOOOM!" The eight year old boy screamed at the top of his lungs. He had a bad habit of doing that.

"Jesus, Flynn, she's right here." An annoyed Cece replied.

"Cecelia Jones, do not speak like that to your brother."

"Fine… I'M SORRY FLYYYNNN!" Cece said mimicking her little brother.

Ms. Jones just laughed as she closed the door.

Her kids would be fine, she thought as she closed the door. Little did she know.

"Ok mom, say hi to Aunt Rhonda for us!" Rocky said perkily.

"Are you sure you don't want to come?" Ms. Blue finally stated.

"We would be too much of a burden, mom, and you guys need to bond." Rocky quickly stated.

"Ok, bye kids, and remember, only come up here if you need stuff, remember, Ms. Jones is your mom, ok?"

"Ok, bye mom."

"Bye Rocky, bye Ty." She looked at her seventeen year old son.

He looked less then interested.

"Bye mom." Rocky said waving from the door.

Once their mom had left she ran down the fire escape.

Intrigued, Ty slumped after her, but hid, something about the way she acted left a lot to be learned.

"She's gone, Cece, and your mom's gone, this is great, so what do you wanna do, sleepover?" Rocky bounded around the room.

"I was thinking we have, like a mini party, but just with close friends so it would be you, me-"

"That's bad grammar Cece." Rocky stated.

"Thank you, for that interruption, Rocky, so it would be you, Deuce, Ty, and I."

"Oh God, not Ty, he's my brother."

"And you just want Deuce here, I know you like him but that's a bit creepy."

"Fine Ty can come…" Ty lost interest at that point and started going up the stairs.

"And same to you Cece, no gushing over your crush."

"Don't worry, it won't surface, I promise. Wanna go down to the café? We can plan more there, I'm thinking indoor camping."

Ty descended down the apartment stairs, and knocked on door 12.

Deuce's apartment.

The Cuban, bushy eyebrowed kid answered the door.

"You called," he said acting all fancy.

"Boy do I have some news for you." Ty said rubbing his hands together.

"What Bro?"

"Nah… I don't think I can tell you, you called me bro."

"So what Bro?"

"There it is again, bro is so lame."

"Fine, what's up Ty?"

"Better, I found out that my sister has the hots for you." Ty said nudging his friend.

Deuce was silent.

"Is, is that ok with you?"

"What, you're not actually gonna go for this, are you?" Ty said skeptically.

"Weelll, truth is that…"

The corner of the café was comfortable, with a worn leather couch and a table piled with old Cosmo and Home! Monthly magazines.

"So, you want a camping theme?" Rocky asked while cradling here Mocha.

"Yah, I think it would be fun, I mean, we have sleeping bags, why not use 'em?" Cece said leaning back on the couch and taking a bite of here blueberry muffin.

"We're not inviting anybody else right? No Gunter and Tinka?" Rocky stated sarcastically.

"Oh, God no, that vould be a disaster." Cece said flailing her arms about.

"What games should we play? Monopoly, no, Twister!"

"Games? Games? What are we, two year olds? We'll play truth or dare."

"Fine, but it won't be as fun without Fast Facts." Rocky protested.

Cece just rolled her eyes.

The Barista eyed them wearily.

"Let's go, SneeryMcGlare pants is creeping out." Cece said.

"Fine." Rocky replied.

The apartment was really taking shape, with the furniture moved aside and two tents set up, it looked like a trendy camp site.

"Almost ready, hey Rocky, can you help me get that bottle on the top shelf?" Cece said.

"Sure, wait, what is this, Pimms? This is alcohol Cece, we are underaged."

"Relax, my mom let me have some once, you mix it with a lot of lemonade and put fruit in it, it's really good. Ahh, the English, never fail to please me." Cece said thrusting the bottle in the air.

"Fine, just know that I don't agree with this."

"You will when you taste it." Cece said rolling her eyes.

"Hey guys." Ty said as he strolled into the room, sleeping bag under his arm.

"Hey Ty, come help me mix this, will ya?" Cece said turning around.

"Is that alcohol?"

"Relax, why won't anybody trust me, it is not super potent."

"Fine, I'll have some later, afterall, being seventeen now, I can handle some alcohol." He said popping his collar.

Again, Cece rolled her eyes.

"Where's Deuce, Ty? Is he coming?"

"Relax, he's coming, don't let that little crush of yours surface." He said tweaking her nose.

"What, how, I do not have a crush on Deuce." She stomped.

"Sure, isn't that what I heard on the fire escape?" Cece immediately turned around, wide eyed.

"How much did you… um… hear?"

"Only that part, why?" He questioned, but not fast enough, for an excited Deuce jogged into the room.

"I am so ready for this… oh, what is with the awkward silence, bad timing." He said trying to clear the air.

"Perfect timing." Cece said.

"I guess it's time to get the party started."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it." Cece said retreating to the living room.

"Aw crap, not you two!" Cece started.

The two dreaded twins walked into the room.

"Hello, I am Gunter…" "… And I am Tinka and we are…" "THE HESSENHEFFERS!" They chimed.

"Nobody invited you here, how did you?"

"Oh, the guy that works at the coffee shop works part time at the goat shack, bless his soul, and he told us of your camping adventure, so we came!" Gunter said in his ridiculously stupid accent.

"Yay…" Cece said, less the enthusiastically.

"I guess you are in then." Rocky said.

"Pimms is ready, shall I pour everyone a cup?" Ty said from the kitchen.

"Gladly!" Cece said.

"Okay," Cece sniffled, a tad drunk," Let's play spin the bottle!"

"Sure!" Rocky said raising her glass.

"No!" Deuce said," Let's play seven minutes in heaven, but the rules are, if anyone gets a sibling, they get to go again, ok?"

"Fine with me!" Tinka replied.

Ty grabbed the Pimms bottle and skillfully spun it on the floor.

"Aw crap, I think I'm gonna be sick." Cece said in reply to the spinning.

The bottle slowed to a stop.

It landed on Cece.

"Well," Ty said," I guess we gotta go to the closet."

"Carry me." Cece replied, as if she were a little girl.

"Fine…" Ty muttered putting one hand under her knees and one hand around her waist.

"Well," Deuce said finishing the contents of his cup," This is gonna be interesting."

The Jones Closet was never really used for most of the year, hence the unorganized manner of coats everywhere.

The closet was musty, but it didn't stop them.

"How come, how come you, Mr., are not as drunk as me?" Cece said fiddling with his collar.

"I am seventeen remember, my body is more mature, hence, I can handle copious amounts of alcohol. Even Gunter and Tinka can't handle it." He said sitting on a pile of coats.

"Your awesome," Cece drawled," No wonder I have a crush on you…"



"What did you say before?"

"… I said what?" She said questioning her excuse.

"You like me?" He said moving closer.

"… No?" She said again with a questioning tone.

"You do, don't you?" He said pointing his finger at her.

"Fine, I do." She said flinging her arms around his neck," And you know what comes after that, don't you?"

Rocky laid outstretched on the floor making carpet angels.

"Are they done yet?" She whined.

"Stop your whining, you sound like a nanny goat in labor." Gunter said laughing at his own humor.

"They still have another minute, nothing would happen between them, Ty is too… sober for that." Tinka said as she walked over to the sofa.

"Fine, I'll go get them now." Rocky said, struggling to get up.

Although she had refused at first, she actually liked alcohol, the power to make her stop worrying about everything.

As she opened the closet door, the sight she found immediately sobered her up.

"Oh My God!" She screamed thrusting the door back.

"Rocky it's not… what it looks like…"