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Red Ribbons

Ribbons were her favorite. Red ones in fact.

Viper was in the courtyard of the temple, expertly dancing with her cherished ribbons. Her ribbons flowed in the early morning wind, her body slithering and moving with the grace of a master, she was happier than ever.

With the defeat of Tai Lung, the valley had gone back to its quiet lifestyle. The furious five and the new dragon warrior had continued their training, nothing of interest happening except an occasional embarrassing slip-up from Po or a village festival.

Ah yes, she loved festivals.

It was her time to shine; she'd be lying to say she didn't enjoy the smiling faces of kids watching her perform her dance. It was one of the few times she left the temple to take a break from training, assuring Shifu it was for the children's enjoyment.

She had been doing it ever since she was little.

Sometimes she could even see Po rushing down to help his dad during the festivals, giving her a friendly wave as he left, and he accompanied her on the way back to the temple, the two of them talking how the festival went for them.

He was a nice guy, still a bit clumsy, but whenever he told his (obviously fake) stories, she couldn't help feeling Po could be such a…

"H-hey now, I'm starting to slack off. Better just stick to practice…" Viper stuttered, her mind veering off into thoughts a bit too embarrassing for her.

She picked up her ribbons again, practicing a new dance she had made a few days ago; she smiled, thinking of seeing the cute little bunnies and pigs happy faces during her performance.

Maybe if she was lucky, Po might catch a bit of her act, and ask her to dance at his-

Viper stopped and shook her head. "Ugh, what's with me today? Maybe I didn't get enough sleep… Yeah, that's probably it." Viper picked up her ribbons with her tail and headed back inside the temple, pushing out those…weird thoughts.

Why were they so persistent? Sure Po was a nice guy, kind of funny, even a good cook, but they were just friends…

"Hey Viper! What are you, uh, doing there?" She blinked as she saw Po walk up to her, a bit in disbelief in how she had the panda walk right up to her without even noticing him, considering he was so-

"Warm. I said warm."

Po raised an eyebrow. "Right… Miss master has gone off to the cuckoo-land zone."

Viper rolled her eyes. "Actually, I was practicing my dance for the next festival." He nodded, and stared at her ribbon.

"Hey Viper?"

"Yeah Po?"

"You mind if I watch you practice?"

She could feel the scales on her face warm up a little, and tried to frown. "Why?"

"Huh? Well you just look AWESOME when you're slithering around, twirling that ribbon. It's really pretty."

Her face's scales felt hot now, and now her tail was swishing side to side. "W-well…Ok."

He sat down in front of her. "Awesome. So what dance am I gonna see? Oh I hope its-" Viper's face now felt hot as Po listed all her dances, even some she vaguely remembered ever doing.

It was weirdly touching to her.

She didn't even know why she thought it was nice he remembered all her dances –normally, she'd find it creepy that someone knew ALL her dances (considering she really only "danced" during festivals) but… it was different with Po.

"Hey Viper?"

She was taken out of her thoughts with his voice and was surprised to see him holding a part of her precious red ribbon.

"Do you think I could try dancing with this? I mean, cause you have that crazy awesome kung-fu style that looks a lot like when you dance."

"Actually, my style is from dancing, Po. I told you the story about me and my dad right?"

Po nodded. "Yeah. It was so awesome how you beat that guy with a ribbon. I was I was cool enough to do that like you. Well, maybe not a ribbon, a sash or something."

Viper's face felt hot again, and so she slithered back out into the courtyard, using her tail to direct him to follow her.

"Ok Po." She used her tail to borrow her ribbon to Po. "Just try to follow what I'm doing ok?" Viper then moved around, slithering into a dance while Po tried to keep up with her.

Key word, trying.

He was more or less spinning in a circle, waving the ribbon with crazed ambition. It was a funny sight to see for Viper. Po really knew how to lighten the mood at the temple.

The panda gradually became frustrated, eventually swinging the ribbon around while running in a circle around Viper. She let out a little laugh.

"Oh come on Viper!"

"Alright, all right Po. First you just have to…" Viper began to explain to Po about the dance, but as he was swinging around, he slipped, crashing into the female master and releasing her precious red ribbon.

In the heat of the moment, Viper wrapped herself around him, until realizing how dumb it looked as Po just thumped to the ground with her head right in his face and her body coiled around his to the point where she couldn't move.

Po blushed, "S-sorry Viper, I kept going and slipped… whoops…" He tried to get up, but Viper's body was wrapped around his arms and plopped back on the ground again.

It was a fun dance practice turned into a magic trick; only Viper couldn't untie herself from Po.

Po's smile slowly vanished into an embarrassed look. "Well… This is awkward."

"Yeah… " Viper murmured, hoping that Tigress would- well, maybe it'd be better if Shifu found them instead. She'd never hear the end of it from her if Tigress found them like that… She may have been hard, but Viper knew this would be too funny for her to pass up.

"W-wait, I think I've got it." Po closed his eyes and bounced his belly against the temple floor, slowly gaining a rhythm of bounces that pushed him off the ground, but each fall caused his face to push against Viper's, as the snake quietly hissed her embarrassment.

"All right!" With one last bounce, Po bounced himself back to a standing position as Viper uncurled herself and slid down, picking up her discarded ribbon.

Viper stared at her ribbon for a bit as Po dusted himself off. "You know…that was kinda annoying, but I had fun practicing, what about you Po?"

Po coughed. "Well, except for the falling, it was nice, and your ribbon is really smooth Viper."

Viper gave him a wide smile, even though her scales were becoming hot again…Why that was even happening was something she didn't know…Maybe the sun liked embarrassing her.

"I had fun too, even if it was cut short… You mind giving me back my ribbon now, Po?"

"Oh, uh, sorry Viper. I guess I messed up your practice." He put down the ribbon and scratched the back of his neck.

She shook her head. "It's ok… You can still watch if you want."

Po's smile came back, as he fisted the air in excitement. "Awesome! You like that ribbon?"

Viper giggled. "Red's one of my favorite colors."

Po sat down as Viper began practicing again, and tilted his head. "What are the others?" He asked as she danced in splendor, a visual sight Po loved seeing, Viper was so awesome when she danced, no wonder why she was a master.

Viper closed her eyes and simply smiled.

Opposite colors was her other favorite. Black and white in fact.

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