A/N: By the way, the folk tale in this story is loosely based on a tale from Chinese mythology. Just…a different take on the folk tale.

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Moonlight, Peaches, and Cake

A cake, made from the servant to the goddess of the moon.

Viper had been told that tale every time the trees bloomed with flowers in the spring from her mother as a young snake.

The story was that a bunny on the moon was using a hammer to whack parts of the moon into little mochi* cakes for the moon queen, called moon cakes in her honor, when the bunny accidentally dropped the moon cakes onto the earth, and the queen punished the bunny by limiting her grand jumping on the moon to mere hops. The bunny then searched the earth for the moon cakes, but to no avail. So she substituted a peach for the flavor of the moon, and presented the new cake as a gift, to which the lunar queen greatly enjoyed, proclaiming that moon cakes were to be a symbol of diligence and romance due to the addition of the peach.

So here she was lying up against Master Oogway's peach tree under the moonlight. She often wondered if his spirit still resided in that tree overlooking the village. She remembered that he also told her that story about moon cakes, along with tons of other stories as weird as Po's stories. Well… Maybe not as weird as Po's stories…

Speaking of Po…

"Gasp… Gasp… Why… Couldn't Oogway… Have planted his tree… On a mole hill?"

Viper stared at the panting panda with a basket full of moon cakes on his back, trying to hold back a laugh. "I know Shifu said to bring these moon cakes up here, but why do I have to be the one to carry them all?"

Viper shook her head and waved her tail to him. "Not all of us can carry things…"

Po groaned, dropping the basket of moon cakes against the peach tree and sat down next to Viper. "Sorry… But why did Shifu want us to carry these up here? –Especially at night, under a full moon, could be sleeping right now…"

Viper raised an eye. "Don't you remember? Oogway used to put a moon cake under this peach tree every harvest moon as a gift to the moon goddess."

Po gave her a befuddled stare. "Moon what?"

Viper's jaw dropped. "You've never heard the story about moon cakes?"

Po frowned. "No… Not really Viper." He looked up for a second before an idea sprung into his head.

"Why don't you?"

Viper tilted her head. "Why don't I…what?"

Po smiled warmly at her. "Why don't you tell me a story for a change?"

Viper blinked and tried to recall the mythical tale. "Okay. Just…let me try to remember it all. It'll only take a moment." Viper closed her eyes, recalling the details of the age-old story.

Po meanwhile had opened up the basket of moon cakes, sniffing their still warm and delicious aroma, his mouth salivating from the flavor…

Viper opened her eyes back up, not wanting to risk him eating all the cakes and having to make a return (to an angry Shifu no less) trip here. "Sorry Po, but you have to put at least one cake under the tree as an offering to the goddess. Do it for Oogway's memory, okay?"

Po took out a single moon cake and placed it on the other side of Viper adjacent to the tree where he would not try to accidentally eat it.

Viper gave a quick happy nod to the panda as she called to mind the entirety of the story.

"So… Did you remember?"

Viper smiled. "Yes I did. You can eat the other moon cakes, the rest are for you anyway." She grinned as she saw the panda beam with delight, and immediately tasted the moon cakes one by one.

Po munched on the food, talking with his mouth full. "Thanks… Viper! These… are… delicious…"

Viper shook her head, laughing at his silliness. He was such a fun guy to be around with…

Maybe she could hang out with him more, she thought. Although… She got flustered when she remembered the last time they hung out, with the ribbon accident and all…

"Okay Po, listen up." The panda lied next to her, still gobbling down the cakes, but at a moderate pace now to listen to her enchanting story. Viper told him the entire story, the panda occasionally stopping his binge to listen to the gripping parts of the story.

As Viper told the tale, she couldn't help but feel her scales warm up as Po paid so much attention to what she said. Not that she was ignored by her friends, but despite being a master, she felt that her opinion seemed to be ignored by those who didn't behold her as a master and more a friend. Even the other furious five members would occasionally ignore her, and Shifu was too busy meditating for talk. Although…Po would listen to her whenever she talked (Then again he was usually stuffing his face at the time, but he could listen and eat easily) to him, bringing some odd warm feeling inside her.

She wrapped up the story, "…and even now, peach-filled moon cakes are still considered a symbol of romance and diligence." She turned to look at the full moon with the beautiful pink leaves of the tree partially blocking the sight of the moon in a breath taking way that made Viper sigh in the splendor she was seeing.

Po finished up what was left in the basket, reaching his hand around in disappointment as he realized there were no more delicious treats. He frowned, until he turned his head to notice a single moon cake left in his hand.

A single scrumptious, delectable, succulent, luscious-

Po blinked as he saw Viper staring at the moon under the peach tree, the moonlight shining on all of her scales in an enrapturing and stunning way that made him blush a little under his fur…

He tried to ignore the warm feeling rushing to his face and blurted out a random question. "So uh, how old was Master Oogway?" Viper was taken out of her bliss and sharply turned to face Po with a gentle smile.

Viper put her tail tip to her "chin", and thought about it. "I'll put it in terms you can understand Po. He was way, way old."

Po nodded, and stared at the moon cake in his paw, and considered that he could…

"Hey… Viper?" She hummed in response. "Would… Ah, would you like the last moon cake?"

Viper's face flushed in embarrassment, but returned to normal grasping the fact Po didn't realize giving a moon cake was a sign of love… (Despite the fact that Po would never just give away food made it all the more hard to convince herself) She cleared her throat. "I'd love to have it Po… Thank you Po."

Viper slithered over to him, and tenderly grabbed the moon cake out of his paw and ate the confection, her mouth savoring its delectable peach flavor. She had tasted a moon cake before, so why this one tasted so heavenly to her boggled her mind…

Viper shivered slightly as a cold breeze came by, her coils forming a circle to keep heat inside her. Po leaned his head, confused by her odd shaking, until remembering snakes like Viper didn't do so hot in the cold. He went over and wrapped his arms around Viper to share his internal warmth with her. Viper instinctively snuggled to him for his internal warmth, but on the outside, her face scales were burning furiously with feeling the awkwardness of the scene.

Po and Viper avoided each other's stare with such an easily mistakable… Well, a hug would've only been said if a child was seeing them in any case.

Viper slowly nuzzled Po's warm fur and her blushing making her scaled body warm back up in the cool night. She took a gamble and looked up at Po's face, whose eyes had been avoiding her gaze, but relented now that her serpentine eyes were staring directly at him.

Viper remembered when she was -somewhat- in his embrace like this back when she had been practicing with her ribbons, and was feeling the same way she had before…

The two looked at each other for a while into each other's eyes before Viper softly rubbed his fur. "I… Thanks…" Po blushed in confusion, but nodded his head.

"No problem Viper…" Po smiled nervously back. "I told you these moon cakes are special." Viper chuckled, but she was thinking the moon cakes were special in a different way than just flavor… Something that the single moon cake Po had left by the tree's side reminded her of the story of rabbit, peaches, and a lunar queen…

A love, made from a pastry to the master and a warrior.

A/N: mochi= rice paste. …If peach trees can't break into pink leaves, I don't care. Fantasy setting so deal with it.

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