Chapter 16


OK girl, get ahold of yourself. I have to be crazy, here I am in the middle of a crisis and I am arguing with myself. Bad Bella wants to let her Mate throw her over his shoulder and run off to fuck her brains out. Good Bella wants to tell him that she has to stay and do her duty at this stupid Ball. Good Bella wants to do as she always promised her Father she would, and tell her Mate that there would be no Fucking until they are married. Fuck my life. I don't like Bad Bella or Good Bella.


I could feel the confusion coming off her, but I had no idea what she was confused about? She was giving off lust one moment, then trepidation the next. She had me on a roller coaster and I had no idea how to react.

"Well Major, Are you gonna kiss me or not?" she said out of nowhere.

I know my fucking eyebrows are up in my hairline and I am projecting shock by the shitloads now. The Major is shouting at me 'Hell ya, son get ya some' and who am I to deny him?

So I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her ass, and lifted her into the air, so I wouldn't have to bend over for our lips to meet. The whole time, I kept my eyes on hers. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw her sink her teeth into her full lower lip. I wasn't about to have that so bent my head and sucked on her lower lip, pulling it out from her teeth. Now that I had her full attention, I kissed her softly. Just tasting her was driving me crazy, and the amount of desire she was feeling had me in heaven. I licked her lip gently and she opened her lips to me. I plunged my tongue deep in her mouth and her flavor exploded on my tastebuds. She tasted like peaches and strawberries, I couldn't get enough. Her small hands began to push me away and I let her. She was panting and I could feel her breasts heave against my chest. I was hard and ready to claim my Mate.

"Whoa there, Cowboy. I have still have to breath. Half human remember?" she said with a smile.

"Sorry Darlin, I got a little carried away and didn't realize that you still have to breath." Now I felt like shit cause I'd almost asphixiated my Mate.

I must have been projecting cause she felt my shame and framed my face with both her hands to make me look at her. "Hey, none of that! We have known eachother barely 15 minutes. We still have alot to learn about eachother Cowboy. Now either put me down so I can stand on my own two feet, or if you have to hold me; then sit down somewhere so that I am on your lap. Cause being held up in the air by my ass is causing the mother of all panty malfunctions, if you get my drift."

I chuckled softly and looked for somewhere to sit. If she was giving me the option to hold her on my lap, there was no way I wasn't taking it. I found a marble bench over by a fountain in the back of the garden and sat us down. She wiggled around on my lap for a minute and caused quite a bit of friction making me moan softly. She giggled at me? Did she do that shit on purpose? I checked her emotions and there was a mischievousness in there.

"Darlin, I will get you back for that." I growled at her. There was a spike of lust and then I could smell her arousal. She hid her cheeks as I could see the blush rising up in them and feel her embarrassment.

"Sorry, but I really do have to be serious now Cowboy." she said.

"Why do you keep calling me Cowboy?" I asked.

She chuckled "The boots and the accent. Besides I have always had a thing for Cowboys and Farmers. I love country music too. Pappi said that I spend too much time with Peter and I need to listen to Opera more. But that is neither here nor there...Major we have a problem."

I was so happy to hear that she liked me the way I was: boots, accent, Cowboy, Farmboy, Country Music lover; that it took me a minute to comprehend her final words. "Problem?"

"Yep, now don't get all het out of shape." she giggled "I just love that expression, I got it from Peter. Anyways. Here is the deal..." she was biting her lip again and I could feel how nervous she was, so I sent her a little confidence, so she could say what she needed to. "Thanks." She felt the help I had sent to her and continued. "This here shindig," chuckle "is for me. I can't just say "Wow thanks for coming but I just found my Mate so I will see you later." I have a duty to do, and part of that duty means being the guest of honor and making nice with all the Vampires etc... that came here to look for weakness. Don't get me wrong, a part of me wants you to throw me over your shoulder and tell the nosy asses to go fuck themselves; but I know that is not a good idea." She wrinkled her nose at the thought.

"Major"she said.

I interrupted "Darlin my name is Jasper."

She looked startled "Oh, Peter always calls you Major or 'The Major'. I just thought that is what everyone calls you."

"This is kinda hard to explain but you know how there are times that the Vampire is in charge, and other times when we are more human?" she nodded. "Well because of how I was brought into this life, the Vampire in me is very strong, ruthless, and determined. It is almost like I am another person. That is why when the Vampire in me is in charge, people call me Major. My Vampire likes the respect. However, to you my Mate, I am Jasper."

She reached up and caressed my cheek and I could feel a purr deep in my chest. "How will I know when I am dealing with Jasper or when I am dealing with the Major?"

"Not always, but most of the time, the Major's eyes are black." I replied. I checked her emotions and she didn't feel scared or disgusted by me.

She looked deep in my eyes "Jasper, we still have to deal with the problem?"

I chuckled, she was already calling me on shit. "You were explaining circumstances but you hadn't told me of a problem as yet?" I snarked.

"Well, if didn't try to distract me, I would get to it. So...the problem is that I am needed to play 'Guest of Honor' and your instincts are going to go haywire if a male of any type gets close to me. Am I correct?"

I couldn't suppress the small growl that even the thought of a male near my Mate caused me. "Yes." I conceded.

"What can I do to make it easier for you?" she asked seriously.

I thought about her playing nice with everyone in there, and it seriously caused me to feel violent. I pushed the Major back, knowing that I needed to be calm about this. "Darlin, I don't know. I am a seriously dangerous individual. Add to that, the Mating drives and instincts, and I think that it is a recipe for disaster."

She smiled at me gently "I understand Jasper. How about this, when we go back in: I will stay by your side all night. You can keep ahold of me the whole time. I won't dance with anyone but you. If they ask, I will just tell them that I am newly mated and that I am saving all my dances for you. When I am introduced to someone, it is customary that they bow or curtsy, take my hand and kiss it; but tonight I will simply bow my head in return as they bow or curtsy to me. Will that help, do you think if we do things like that, that we can get through the rest of this stupid party?"

I thought about it, and everything that she offered sounded do-able. There were a couple of things that I had thought of that could help as well. "Darlin, I think that will work, but there are a couple more things that you can do to help."

"Whatever you need Jasper" she said emphatically.

I smiled and told myself to calm down, we could explore that later. "Darlin, I will hold you to that." She blushed and I chuckled. "When we are in there, I will feel all their emotions. If someone is feeling lust towards you, I may lose it, so it would be better if maybe Emmett and Peter stick by us, just in case. Also, if someone is paying too much attention to you, you could maybe think about something calm and peaceful, so I could absorb your emotions."She was nodding that all these are fine, but I was coming up on the dealbreaker. "Isabella, you know what usually happens when someone finds their Mate?"

"Yes, Jasper" now she was blushing furiously and refusing to make eye contact.

"Why don't you tell me what you know, and so we both are clear on our expectations?" Now I was feeling a shitload of embarrassment from her, tinged with a little bit of lust. Hmmm?

She turned so her face was tucked under my chin and she was talking into my chest, I wanted to laugh but decided she might get offended. "Jasper, I don't know why you are making me say this but fine. The two people see eachother and their souls recognize the other half. Usually their Beast comes out and they become glued together. Sometimes they can't even wait to be alone to claim eachother, then usually the Male becomes very possessive. He will barricade them in a room or take her off somewhere private and they are not seen for a long time. During that time, he takes care of her every need, showing that he can provide and protect her."

"Honey, that sounds like it came out of a textbook." I couldn't help laughing. I could feel that she was a little hurt by my laughter so I stopped. "Isabella, I'm not laughing at you, but at how stiff and cold that sounded. While most of it is technically true. They left some details out."

I could feel her shock and dismay, so I hurried to explain "When I saw you tonight, my Beast did come out, The Major recognized you as our Mate right away. There was nothing and no one that could have kept me from your side. As for the claiming eachother, well I'm not gonna lie Sugar, I want to claim you very badly and if you were a full Vampire, you would be the same. As it is, your ability to calm your instincts is helping me to control my own. I am trying very hard to remember that you are half human. My Beast would never do anything to endanger our Mate, so he is allowing me to keep control. Part of the claiming, Isabella, is the marking. There are two ways we mark our Mates, biting them and scenting them. I can't bite you as you are not a full Vampire, without causing you unneeded pain, I don't even know what my venom would do to you." I felt like an ass for even thinking about it.

She finally looked up at me and tried to reassure me "Jasper, I have been bitten before. I train with the Guard so that I can protect myself. A bite causes some pain and tends to linger, but no more pain than most wounds cause slow to heal humans. Carlisle thinks it is because venom wasn't injected, it was only the venom that coats the teeth that was in the bites. He thinks that because my blood is a mixture of venom and human blood that my blood just absorbs the small amounts. For that reason, he thinks that in order to change me into a full Vampire, I would have to be injected with massive amounts. Even then, he isn't sure it would work. No one has ever been born Vampire before me, that we know of yet. If you want to mark me now, if that would make it easier for you tonight, you can."

The thought of someone else's teeth near my Mate, made me want to tear someone apart, but I listened to all she had to say. Knowing that I could mark my Mate and it wouldn't cause her any permanent problems, made it very hard to control my instincts again. The Major was telling me to Mark her now, show everyone that she is ours. I decided to hold off on that for a bit and continue my explanation. "Isabella, now that has been explained, I will definately be marking you tonight. I also want to scent you." I felt a spike of lust and a burst of fear from her. "Isabella, why does the thought of me scenting you make you afraid?"

She was back to hiding in my chest again, feeling embarrassed and nervous "Um uh, doesn't scenting usually involve" she gulped "the female naked and being licked by the male?" She was so embarrassed and scared.

I figured if I wanted to find out what her problem was with it, I should make her do all the talking so I just answered "yep" and popped the 'p'.

Now her voice was trembling and I gave her some calm to help her speak "Jasper, I've never. I mean, I am. Fuck my life." She then buried her face in my Tux jacket and mumbled "I'm a virgin. My Father always preached no sex before marriage and I didn't want to disappoint him, so I may have played like I have some experience but I don't cause I was waiting for my Mate. And you can't scent me cause then I'd be naked and I'm not ready for that. Oh shit but you're my Mate and you're gonna want that, but I have never even been to second base yet. Please just kill me now." she groaned, drowning in her total humiliation.

I was dumbfounded by her emotions, that it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what the hell she was rambling about, then it hit me. She's a virgin. No one but me will ever touch my Mate, will ever be inside my Mate, will ever know her that way; MINE! The possessive neanderthal in me was doing a touchdown dance. Fuck yeah! Then my brain came back online and other things entered my lust addled head: no sex before marriage, not disappoint Father, not ready to be seen naked, never been to second base... At this point, Neanderthal me and Gentleman me were dueling it out. My Isabella is innocent, screamed the Gentleman in me. We cannot be a Neanderthal, we need to show her that we value what she has sacrificed all these years to save for us. Her innocence is a treasure beyond price and we need to treat her so she knows we appreciate it. Neanderthal me was telling Gentleman me to stuff it, he needed to claim his Mate now.

Thankfully the Gentleman won out in the end. "Principessa Isabella Maria Volturi, you honor me with your trust and honesty, I will not let you down. If you want to wait until we are married, we will wait. However, I have to warn you, you won't be getting a long engagement. My instincts and Beast will be driving me up the wall just to give you that long. There is no need for your embarrassment, little one, you can tell me anything. For now, a compromise? I will only scent what is not covered by your clothing, and I will wait to give you my Mark to wear for eternity on a later date?" I leant down so that I could see her beautiful face, and she couldn't hide it from me, as she processed my words.

I felt acceptance, grattitude, and a small burst of love coming from her. I wanted to revell in the that little bit of love that I felt from my Mate, but I knew it would take me a while to scent her to my satisfaction.