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~~First FanFiction~~


I don't know why it happened, I didn't want it to happen, well maybe I did on some unknown level but not for the reasons that one would think. I never wanted to end up here. This was what love sick fangirls wanted, not me. I didn't want the attention of anyone here. Sure I had thought about it, being a fangirl on some level myself. But I had never actually wanted it to happen. I had dependency problems and being away from my family was going to cause me some severe mental issues. I really wanted to go home and I hadn't been here for more than an hour.

I had nothing to my name, no money, no supplies, nothing at all. I was going to die. I was sure of it. I was over weight and had no skills at wilderness survival. Okay so I wasn't fat but I sure as hell wasn't skinny or athletic either. I was… plump at best, but that was beside the point. Well, actually no, it was the point. I would die!

Okay, I needed to breath, simply let the air in and out and calm myself to a more intelligent state of mind. Then I would see about my situation and how to get out of it. I sat there for ten minutes trying to calm myself and control my breathing as best I could. It didn't do much to help except make me realize I was thinking about breathing and thus making my breathing pattern strange. I ran my tongue across my teeth, the little metal ball in my tongue causing an odd feeling. My fingers dug into the grass blades, pulling out little handfuls at a time until I was just pulling up dirt and roots. My hands covered in the soil.

I tried to force myself to focus and think, but nothing came to mind. The only way that I knew where I was, was the fact that I was just outside the large gate of Konoha. Several shinobi had come out and asked if I was okay or if I needed help. I had told them that I was fine and they had left me alone. I guess I didn't appear as a threat to them. That upset me a bit as I was always avoided at home because I was very good a looking intimidating. I let the thought slide as I focused on my situation as a whole… again. Still, I was lost with no idea what to do. I dug my hands into the ground around me in frustration. I could feel the dirt under my lime green painted nails. It didn't bother me as much as it normally would have.

I looked back at the guard ninja at the gate of the village; he was just sitting in his chair, leaned back without a care in the world. I wondered if he would let me walk in. I knew he was actually very aware of his surroundings; he had to be if he was the only guard on duty. He had stopped every person that had tried to enter the village, however few there were, and each person had given him a small scroll before they were allowed into the village. It confused me but again I let the thought slide in hopes of getting my mind to focus on more important things, like how I was going to survive. My brain really didn't want to stay on that thought train though as it again began to drift to unimportant things like the weather or the butterfly that had been sitting on the same flower for over five minutes. How the sun was still in the middle of the sky and how the guard looking like he was asleep now.

I closed my eyes and put every last fiber of my being into getting out of this situation, being away from the Konoha gate. With that thought I was jerked in every direction at once. I snapped my eyes open to see small wisps of black smoke trailing around me, I was still sitting but I was no longer by the Konoha gate, or at least no longer on the out side of it.

I was now sitting on a rather large building just inside the village walls. My hands were scratching at the stone building top, my eyes were wide and my jaw slack. That was not possible, not possible at all. My mind flooded with thoughts and possible things I could use this new found power for. I could only think of pointless pranks and idle things like stealing bread or little bits of money to survive on. I even had a stray thought about robbing a bank but the thought was squished by my more good natured side. I was naturally a nice person, or I liked to think so, even with my intimidation factor.

I saw a blur of pink hair running past the building I was sitting on and gave a growl of irritation. I did not like Sakura. I don't know why but maybe it was because she was a bitch, like a lot of other people think. I don't know, nor do I care. I just did not want to be in the same area as her. I am normally pretty good at not caring about people but in almost every fictional thing that I read or watched I found one or a small few characters that I hated for some ungodly reason that is unknown even to me.

I thought very hard about being outside of the village; there was the sudden jerking feeling before I was half laying, half sitting on a random tree branch several paces from the path that led to the Konoha gate. I saw where I had been sitting previously, with the two little patches of dirt where I had pulled all the grass from. I began to slide off the branch before I latched my arms around it, cursing myself for never getting very good at getting down from trees.

I was tired I realized with sudden unexplained enthusiasm. Very tired actually, I pulled myself more erect on the branch, making sure that I was firm and perfectly seated as not to fall from the tree. I let my eyes close and let my body relax. I would think of a way home when I woke up later I decided lazily.

No! My eyes snapped open; I didn't have time to rest. I wobbled on the branch briefly before regaining balance. Maybe I could use my new found ability. I thought as hard as I could about my house. About my brother and father but the jerking sensation never occurred. I sighed in exhaustion. I felt myself falling, from the tree I guess, but I couldn't make my eyes open from their securely closed position. I felt my body slam into the ground back first. The wind flew out of my lungs but my eyes still wouldn't open. I let myself fall to sleeping oblivion. The sleep was calming to my mind and I relaxed into the dreamless oblivion.

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