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Edogawa Conan has just finished a day of re-learning fractions and is on his way home with the children who called themselves the "Detective Boys".

The detective was barely listening to the children's idle talk until a certain topic came about.

"You guys saw the morning news?" first grader Tsubaraya Mitsuhiko asked the others as they exited the Beika Elementary School's gates.

"Is this about Kaitou KID? And his latest notice?" their classmate, Yoshida Ayumi, asked. "The picture of the pretty jewel was on television! It's called Purple Majesty!"

"Masked jelly?" asked the self-proclaimed leader of the group, a bulky kid named Kojima Genta.

"Majesty," corrected Haibara Ai, who was the last one to join their group. "It's a respectful way of calling the monarchs."

"Did they ask your help again, Conan?" Mitsuhiko asked. "Are you going to have a showdown with KID again?"

It was actually the first time that Conan heard of the notice and since the press haven't mauled them yet, he supposed Nakamouri Ginzo is not planning to ask for his assistance.

"Hey it's unfair that it's just you who gets to chase KID!" Genta said while eyeing Conan suspiciously. "You just want to hog all the victory all for yourself!"

"Iie, it's not that," Conan said. "The police hasn't asked me – what I mean is that I don't even want to impose myself on – "

The phone in his denim jacket's right pocket ringed.

For Shinichi, he thought.

"I need to take this, it's important," Conan told the children then signaled for them to go on walking without him.

He was still near the school and thought it was unwise to answer the call within the earshot of anyone who knew him as Edogawa Conan. He ran to the nearest telephone booth at the corner of the street. He entered it and frowned as soon as he saw the name of the caller.

"Want to personalize your notice and call this time?" the boy detective asked as soon as he picked up.

"Want to answer your calls a bit sooner?" taunted the voice Conan knew very well.

"What do you want, KID? And no, I don't have the Purple Majesty," Conan said.

"Oh, you heard about the notice," the voice from the other line answered. "But I didn't call about that. It's about the interview two weeks ago."

"What about it?" the boy asked.

"Copies are out today and Hakuba Saguru actually had his delivered today to school," said the voice that belonged to Kuroba Kaito. "He's reading the story as we speak."

"You know that wife of yours really love you," Kaito said. "I'm jealous."

"It was a mistake to give you my number, especially since you're just teasing me like this," Conan said.

"I only meant I was really touched by her words," KID said.

Conan blushed and mumbled something that sounds like "why are you telling me this."

"I'm also disappointed that Hakuba had his part edited," KID said. "My version of his interview is way more interesting."

"Stop bullying the poor thing," Conan said.

"You're just on his side because he's also a Holmes fan!"

"I'm on his side because I'm also a detective," Conan replied. "But don't worry about your next heist. Nakamouri-keibu hasn't called me so I don't think they'll need my help."

"I have to admit that's a bit of relief," KID said.

"Watch out for Hattori, though," Conan said. "He seemed vengeful last time we talked."

"Isn't it time for midterms? I heard his mother doesn't allow him to play detective during exams," KID said.

"You're onto him too, huh?" Conan asked.

"As Kuroba Kaito, Hattori Heiji is a friend. However, as KID, he is yet another warrior on the other side of the battleground," the teenager said.

"Don't forget that I'm a fierce and loyal knight in the army from the other side," Conan said.

"I never will," the thief replied.

"I'll see you soon, KID," Conan said.

"I hope so," KID replied.


When Conan arrived at the Mouri Detective Agency, Mouri Ran and her friend Suzuki Sonoko were already reading paragraphs from the article. They were reading out loud and would alternate paragraphs.

"Tadaima," Conan called. He unloaded his backpack onto the couch and sat beside it.

"Okaeri, Conan-kun," the girl greeted. She peeked from above the covers and gave Conan a smile. "Aoko-chan will be here in a while and I prepared some biscuits and tea. You can get some. They're in the dining room. You can get some if you like."

Conan nodded.

"Hey brat, your picture's also in here," Sonoko said. "It's the one where all of us are together."

Conan wasn't really interested.

"Sonoko, I didn't know Aya-san also interviewed you! And Shinichi's okaa-san too!" Ran said.

Conan became very interested.

"I told you that we met at school the day I gave her your number, ne?" Sonoko reminded her. "She said she needed some third party opinion about you and that mystery freak since he can't go himself."

"So the story would have more weight, is that it?" Ran asked.

Sonoko nodded. Conan was now very, very curious about the article.

"Ran-neechan, can I read, too?" he asked the girl in a sing-song tone.

"Actually, we have extra copies," she said.

Ran stood up and walked to the table where Mouri Kogoro usually worked. She took something from the pile of envelopes and handed it to Conan. It was a copy of the magazine.

"Aya-san sent one for Shinichi and another for you," Ran said. "There were instructions that you should give the copy to KID if you should see him."

"Can I open it and read it too?" Conan asked.

"I don't think KID would mind," Ran said, who looked unsure.

Conan took the magazine out of the plastic covering. The cover page had a picture of Hattori Heiji and Hakuba Saguru seated on the fainting couch.

Conan fingered past the pages and arrived at the centerfold. In it was a blown up picture of the eight of them, all looking a bit shaken up but smiling nonetheless. The accompanying article told a story he knew too well.


Men of Mystery

By Himekaidou Aya

Japan is falling in love with magic and mystery, embodied by several high school detectives and a phantom thief. They are stealing the hearts of young girls, one case at a time, and it is certain they won't be returning them anytime soon.

In this expose, we feature something most girls want to know about them – their controversial love lives and just what type of girl they like.

The Missing Detective

Dubbed as the heisei Holmes of Japan, Kudou Shinichi, 17, a sophomore at Teitan High School, has been missing for several months now. Rumor has it that the famous high school detective, the only child of mystery writer Kudou Yusaku and actress Kudou Yukiko, has been killed while investigating a case.

His last recorded case, according to police reports, was a murder at Tropical Land's Mystery Coaster. However, a source who works for the high school and wished to remain anonymous said that Kudou has been sighted at this year's festival, where he also solved a murder that occurred during a class stage play. The metropolitan police force has refused to comment on the matter as of press time.

If the boy has indeed left the world, it would be unfortunate for his childhood friend Mouri Ran, 17, Kanto's karate champion for high school division. Incidentally, she is also the daughter of another famous detective, Sleeping Kogoro. Mouri and Kudou have been friends since they were toddlers and just before the boy disappeared, he confessed his feelings for her.

"I'm not sure if I forced it out of him but he only said it after I cried and told him to deduce what's in my heart," Mouri said.

"He replied by saying that he can't accurately deduce what is in the heart of the woman he likes," the girl added as she tried to hide an obvious blush.

Mouri said that even in their younger days, she has accompanied the detective in several cases, which she said has strengthened their bond. These cases include a murder that happened on a plane trip to visit Kudou's parents in New York and the death of actor Minowa Shouhei that occurred during their middle school skiing trip.

"Even in grade school, when Shinichi's otou-san prepare puzzles or hunt games for him to solve, I usually tag along," Mouri said.

"He usually talks about his deduction idol [Sherlock] Holmes since we were kids and it annoys me but in the end, I learn a lot," Mouri added as she explained how some of the fictional character's investigation techniques were adopted by the boy.

A friend of Kudou and Mouri, Suzuki Sonoko, 17, revealed that even if a lot of female students admire Kudou, the boy hasn't shown or returned any affection.

"It's because he only has eyes for Ran and I'm pretty sure he never had a girlfriend before either," Suzuki said.

The mothers of Kudou and Mouri also attended the same school and even shared a friendly rivalry that developed into friendship as both women started their own families. Yukiko Kudou admitted to having paired the boy and girl even during their younger years.

"They were inseparable since they were little. I would actually approve if Ran-chan is the one who ends up with my Shin-chan," the former actress said.

"Shin-chan is actually a kind of loner since he just wants to read books when he was younger so I'm really glad that Ran-chan brought him out of his shell," she added.

The parents of Kudou don't believe that he has died because they know that their son can handle any case. The same is true for Mouri, who is patiently waiting for the return of her prince of deduction.

"I miss him very much. I wish I can be with him all the time," Mouri said.

Mouri said that she's preparing for Kudou's return and that everything seemed to remind her of him. Once, during the opening party of an Osaka restaurant called K3, Mouri met Kudou's sports idol, the metal wall of Europe, Ray Curtis, and even asked him to sign an autograph for Kudou. When Mouri also visited London, she bought the detective souvenirs and took pictures at the Sherlock Holmes gallery in Baker Street. Such things make her anticipate his return more.

"The longer the wait, then the more fulfilling it is when I see him again," she said.

If Mouri could talk to Kudou, all she wants for him is to return safely.

"Please solve that case soon so we could have fun and hang out with our friends again," Mouri said.

Master of Swords and Mysteries

If Kudou is to the pride of the east, then Hattori Heiji is his equal in the west. This dark-skinned knight from Osaka is already a skilled swordsman at the age of 17, boasting several inter-school kendo championship wins.

"Fighting skills is a plus for the ladies… At least that's what my okaa-san says," Hattori said.

Much like a famous spy-slash-action hero, Hattori admits to being a capable motorcycle driver. His love for speed can be comparable to how fast he solves mysteries and also how fast he gets irritated, said childhood friend Toyama Kazuha, 17.

"He gets so hot-headed sometimes but he's also the type who will break a door or jump the fire to save a victim or even a suspect," Toyama said.

True enough, Toyama recounted several instances when they boy had save her life in spite of his safety. She told the story of a time they were investigating murders on Fukui Island and she fell off a cliff. Hattori caught her hand just in time.

"He was just clinging onto a branch and if he didn't let go, he would have died as well. So I stabbed his hand with this arrow I had with me, but even after that he didn't let go. He said that he never will, even if he dies," Toyama shared.

Another instance was when they were kidnapped by lawyer Ito Misari, who is currently facing charges of tax evasion and attempted murder. The lawyer had abducted the two and forced Hattori to solve a code which contains the passkey to a bank vault which held evidence against her. The boy solved the code and at the same time tricked the lawyer into also sending an SOS to his police and detective friends in Tokyo.

"It was only me that the lawyer was after but since I was with Kazuha that time, she was also kidnapped. I felt it was my fault she got into the mess so it's also my responsibility to get her into safety," the young detective said.

"I always get involve in cases when Heiji's around and most of the time I almost get killed but I always trust Heiji to save me," Toyama replied.

Hattori clarified that most of the time, Toyama interferes with his cases when she should have just let him handle the situation, for her own safety's sake.

"I only wanted to help because I don't like to see Heiji bothered or tired or in danger," the girl said.

True enough, the girl has saved Heiji. One instance was when she brought a rescue team, when he was stuck on an isolated island during a deduction competition among high school students.

The mutual care and concern wouldn't have existed if they hadn't grown up together since their fathers are both working for Osaka's police force. This heir and heiress to the sakura of the Kansai region have also admitted to sharing a lot of memories together, including what they call a "bond of steel".

"We were playing with handcuffs my ojii-san left and then we accidentally locked ourselves together. Our parents didn't remove it right away to teach us a lesson," Hattori said.

"It was a nightmare! We had to go to the toilet together! And we had baths together too!" Toyama shared.

They both kept parts of the metal chain from the cuffs that they included in their omamori, which they bring with them almost everywhere.

Though the two always spend time together, they admit to not having a romantic relationship. Toyama insisted that the detective looks at her as his "little assistant", much like the relationship their fathers share.

"My ideal woman is actually someone just like my mother – beautiful, graceful, intelligent, strong, and very good at cooking!" Hattori confessed.

Hattori also admits to being attracted to girls who have shapely bodies and are confident to strut their stuff in a bikini or lingerie.

"But most of all, I want a girl who kick ass and is also willing to put her life on the line for me," the detective said.

It just so happens that Toyama is a 2-dan at Aikido, shares his passion for food and all things Osaka, and has proven in many occasions that she's willing to risk everything for the boy.

Whether this friendship will blossom into something else is a mystery yet to be solved.

Holmes Casanova

The pride of Britain, Hakuba Saguru, 17, graced our land with his wits, grace and looks. The young detective who studied in London Bridge School has transferred just this year to Ekoda High School. The blonde and blue-eyed sleuth is half-British and half-Japanese but has grown up mostly in Europe, under the care of his okaa-san.

"I transferred here to help my dad who is chief inspector of the Investigation Department. I heard he's having trouble here in Japan, especially because of that arrogant thief!" he said.

Hakuba is pertaining to none other than Phantom Thief 1412, simply known as KID to his fans. The detective, whose trademark is asking the criminals their reason for committing the crime, has claimed that KID is the only mystery he hasn't solved.

"I still go back to Britain often, though, when old Scotland Yard calls for my help," he clarified.

Having spent some time in Japan now, Hakuba said that he has come to appreciate the beauty and hospitality of Japanese women.

"Everywhere I go, the Japanese women have been very accommodating. They have given me chocolates even if it's not Valentines Day, and when I go to school, I always find notes of admiration in my locker," he boasted.

The truth is, since Kudou Shinchi vanished months ago, some of his fan girls have shifted allegiance to Hakuba's.

The boy is not yet in a relationship but has set his eyes on Nakamouri Aoko, 17, also a sophomore at Ekoda High School. The same girl is the daughter of Nakamouri Ginzo, the police officer leading the investigation for KID.

"It's a perfect match. We have a lot in common. Both our fathers are working for the police department and we both share a common enemy. Our hearts beats as one that someday we may be able to defeat him once and for all. It's like we're destined," Hakuba said.

Nakamouri, however, is insistent that the two are just classmates and friends.

"There are a lot of girls who would kill me if I go anywhere near Hakuba-kun. He is really popular with the girls and he is just kind to everyone. I'm not receiving any special attention or anything," she said.

The stories begged to differ. Once, during a live broadcast of KID's heist at the Ekoda Museum, Hakuba was reported to have said that the battle with KID that night had a special meaning.

"I had a wager with a classmate, Kaito, who I think also fancies Nakamouri-san, that if I catch KID that night, I would escort my lady to a concert," he confessed.

Another part of the deal was that if KID was able to successfully steal the statue he intended to, their classmate, Kuroba Kaito, 17, would be the one who will go to the concert with Nakamouri. Hakuba thought ahead and chained the statue to the ground, making it impossible for KID to fly off with the work of art. The wager ended with a draw and Nakamouri was forced to go with her otou-san instead.

"It's such a shame but KID is really a strong opponent but I'm not giving up so easily," Hakuba said.

Hakuba admitted, however, that he is still open to exploring her chances with other girls.

"We're all still very young and the world is too big, full of interesting people who share same passions and ideals. If you're going to ask me if I prefer Japanese women to British women, I can't answer that properly because the culture of the two nations are very different, affecting the upbringing of these two different group of women," the young detective said.

Nakamouri also shared that she noticed that the detective may not be considering a relationship any time soon because he is too focused with his work.

"I have been with him several times during his investigations and the amount of concentration he put into details is tremendous. Even with the time, he is conscious of it by a millisecond!" said the girl.

As a true Sherlock Holmes fan, Hakuba is indeed concerned with details and even relates this aspect of his personality to be something he would be looking for in a partner.

"It is important for me that my future girlfriend shares my interests and my love for detail, because I deem it necessary for compatibility. I don't believe that opposites attract. That only applies to magnets!" he said.

"Similarity is the root of understanding. I would bore you with my long talks of Holmes and I might even scold you every once in a while that you are four minutes and 3.05 seconds late to our date, but if you understand my reason for doing such, then you would take no offense," he explained.

No offense will surely be taken by the girl who will captivate his heart, but as long as it is bound to capturing KID, no girl might stand a chance.

New Generation, Gentleman Thief

He may not be as young as the other detectives featured in this story, and may not be a detective at all, but Phantom Thief 1412 is as young as heart and as quick-witted as any teenage Holmes may be.

Having first appeared in Paris, France eighteen years ago, the police estimate him to be in his forties or early fifties. The thief was active in the international scene for ten years, only to appear again eight years later. His recent heists are mostly around Japan but his fan base is definitely world-wide and world-class.

Among his notable admirers is Princess Anne from the Duchy of Sabrina, who even created a fan page for the thief. In her fan page, the princess wrote an entry about her encounter with the thief.

"He is very gallant and gentlemanly. He didn't hurt me and I actually willingly gave him the Lots of Sunshine in Parisnecklace. I am so glad I was able to meet him, even if it was just for that one time," the princess wrote.

The princess also considered moving to Japan, where KID's recent heists seem to be focused. In a recent blog entry, she already bought a condominium unit in Tokyo.

"I want to own a place to stay in every time I go there to watch KID's heist! I just hope that the next time I visit, my bodyguards won't be as strict. This is so KID won't be afraid to go near me," she said as a response to an e-mail interview.

Theater actress Furuhata Megumi, in her interviews, also confesses to having a crush on KID. She was even reported several times to be saying that she would like to go on a date with him.

"He believed in my acting when no one else did, even myself. I owe my success and my career to KID," she said during an exclusive interview.

The actress met KID during his successful heist on the Green Dream emerald that was showcased on Furuhata's debut appearance on Mars and Rosa. Incidentally, the very same play was what launched Furuhata's career.

Another fan is magician Jody Hopper of the Hopper Magician Troupe, who renewed her career recently. In several shows, she was noted to giving credit to KID, who inspired her to perform magic tricks again.

Little is known about KID's personal life, except for fan theories that he may be the lover of Phantom Lady, Showa Era's Woman of Twenty Faces. They were seen fleeing the Eifel Tower eighteen years ago, when KID first appeared. It is also notable that Phantom Lady has retired after that night in Paris. Also recently, KID has returned several items – Sakamoto Ryoma's cup, scroll and gun – which Phantom Lady stole during her heydays.

In an exclusive interview with Teen Nichiuri, however, KID admitted to not being in any romantic relationship at the moment.

"I consider it a liability for my work," the thief said.

KID was also modest and refused to talk about partners he had and his way of wooing women. He also said that he doesn't have a specific type for a girl.

"I like all girls," he said with a wink.

"All girls are created differently and each one has something special about them. They're like gems and jewels which have different hues and sheens, but all are nonetheless valuable," he continued.

Though he doesn't have a partner nor a partner-in-crime as of the moment, he said that his fans are very important to him.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the girls who are supportive during my heists. They are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration," he said.

Asked whether he would exchange the one he loves for all the jewels in the world, he said that he couldn't answer the question straight.

"I'm afraid it's more complicated than that. I can only choose neither or both. This world is full of mysteries and that things are not always what they seem. People, too," he said.

"But I think that some of them should remain a mystery because opening the lid to Pandora's box may be quite deadly. People have a reason to keep secrets and one of these secrets may even be love, but everyone has their own reasons for keeping them. Who knows? I believe, however, that all things happen for a reason," he continued.

Asked if he would consider a partner one day, the thief did consider the possibility.

"Since it would be difficult to be with someone like me, maybe someone who is okay with worrying a lot. I don't want her to worry but that's something she has to expect when she's with me. I can be quite a handful and I admit I'm the type who won't show his feelings. She may not understand fully the things that I do and oftentimes I may keep secrets from her but she has to trust me that what I only do is for the best," KID said.

So there you have it – three detectives and a phantom thief, vying for the love and support of not just Japan, but of the whole world. As they play tug-of-war with our heartstrings, they surely make our country a more interesting place, filled with magic and mystery.

Until next time!