'Welcome Back Students'

"Someones a bit excited to be back to school" Looking at the door I saw a young man with some sort of mohawk come through the door, laughing as he passed me. Deciding on not giving the boy any attention I continued to sit forward hands folded in front, staring ahead. The class started to get fuller, more full than my old school and my old school was large in size of students. From the looks of it though, McKinley was a little bit ahead of Brooklyn Heights.

Jumping in my seat as the bell went off, I looked around for the teacher to start the lesson but there was none.

"Looks like we're free to go" The same boy from earlier practically knocked right into me, winking at me before going to the door.

"Mr. Puckerman" A voice came from the back of the classroom, turning around I saw a young male teacher close the back door to the classroom. "Welcome back, how about you take a seat so we can get to class"

"Mr. Shuester what's up!" He was clearly the delinquent of the class, slapping a hand or two as he went back to his seat. The class and I sat quietly as the teacher set his briefcase on the desk, taking his sunglasses off and looking at us.

"Hello, class" The teacher smoothed down his vest, smiling at us "Wow another year, welcome to Spanish two. I'm impressed that most of my students from last year are back, it's nice to see all your faces again. For those who took Mrs. Delmar's class, welcome I am Mr. Shuester or you can call me Mr. Shue."

Opening his briefcase, Mr. Shuester pulled out some paperwork. "Well, look here"

Smiling, the teacher looked around the room "We have a new student joining us here today. Is there a Miss. Rachel Berry here?"

Smiling, I jumped out of my seat going up to the young man. "Hello, I'm Rachel Berry"

"Well it's very nice to meet you" He shook the hand I held out for him "Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?"

Letting go of the mans hand, I rotated to look at the class. Clearing my throat a little, I waved at my fellow classmates smiling brightly. "Hello, I'm Rachel Berry and I've transferred from the beautiful state New York. I am so excited to be here and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you"

Nobody said anything as I waited for at least some sort of reaction out of them.

"Is that a unicorn on her shirt?" One girl asked, looking around I saw her sitting next to the boy who had tried to skip class.

"Actually no" I smiled correcting the latino "It's actually horse"

"Like that makes it any better" A few students laughed to what she said but Mr. Shuester put a hand on my shoulder and pointed to the desk

"Why don't you have a seat and we'll get started with going over the rules and some of the things we will be learning this semester"

Returning to my seat, I crossed my leg over one another. Had they not liked my horse on my shirt, or maybe I have something on my face. Grabbing the mirror from my purse I check my face. Nope nothing, it must have what the girl said. But didn't they like animals? I mean there's nothing with showing off what you like, right?

The bell rang signaling that first period was over, collecting my things I sat there waiting until everyone left so I could figure out what room my next class was in. That was until two hands slammed on my desk and the same girl from earlier was staring down at me.

"Look hobbit, I don't care where you came from or who you are" She started "But you should understand one thing and one thing only. You don't talk back to me or correct me for any reason. Got it?"

Collecting my books and pressing them to my chest I straighten out my skirt "I don't understand what I could have done to make you this angry at me, but I apologize"

"Oh shut up" The girl rolled her eyes at me "Just remember what I said"

"But I didn't even get your name" I called out as she waved me off, walking out of the classroom. "Well than..."

Walking out into the hallways I start to walk, remembering where the guidance councillor had directed me just a few hours ago. Granted, the halls were much smaller and more crowded it was easier to get lost but with my fantastic memory I managed to find my next class. Taking a lesson from the last period, I decided to sit more towards the middle making sure I could still see the board. Ecstatic to people already sitting in their seats, I turned to face them.

"Hello I'm Rachel" I introduced, holding out my hand. The boy looked at my hand before taking it in his hand


"It's very nice to meet you Kurt" Taking his hand out of mine I looked at the girl sitting next to him "And you are?"


"It's a pleasure to meet you as well" I shook her hand "So what grade are you guys in?"

"We're both seniors" Kurt spoke to me

"How awesome" I replied happily "I'm a senior as well"

"So your obviously new here, where are you from?"

"New York, Manhattan to be specific"

"Wait!" The boys eyes lit up "So your like from the heart of the New York, the middle of the world New York"

"Yes" Nodding, giggling at the boys excited eyes

"Oh you've done it now" Mercedes laughed "That boys obsession with New York is insane"

"Well it's defiantly the place to be if you want to make it into any business or even just to visit" I agreed with the passion of what was behind Kurt's love of the city.

"What do you miss the most?" Kurt asked leaning his head on the palm on his hand, waiting for me to answer

"Defiantly Broadway, it's my dream to be on stage in front of an audience singing out my rendition of Barbara's break out role of Fanny Brice. She's my idol you know, Barabra, my goal in life is to live a life similar to hers. I mean I grew up right down the street from where her childhood home was. My friends and I back home used to go there practically worship the grounds in which she played as a child." Just as I was about to go on about my dedication to the idol in my life, I was practically toppled on

"I am so sorry" Looking up I see a very, very tall boy staring down at me pulling his backpack over his shoulder and than pointing to the purse on the floor "I was trying to avoid interrupting you by stepping over your bag but... uh that didn't work too good"

"It's okay" I smiled pulling my purse up onto my lap

"Thanks" The boy said going down the aisle to grab the last seat but someone snagged it leaving him the desk behind me. Turning my attention to Kurt and Mercedes I was going to finish telling them by speech but I was interrupted again, this time by the teacher. Smiling at Mercedes and Kurt before paying attention to the teacher and what she was saying. Education was very important, especially if I planned on going back to New York on a scholarship. Yet another class was dismissed and I found myself in the same position except this time I looked up to a pair of warm blue eyes.

"Come on Miss. Broadway" Mercedes waved her hand for me to get up, me walking in the middle of them "So what lunch do you have"

"I have lunch right now, I'm sure of it" I slipped out the paper with my schedule, handing it over to them to make sure that I was reading it correctly.

"You do" Mercedes handed me back the paper "Which means you have lunch with me, Kurt and a few other people"

"Fantastic" I beamed, clapping my hands together but than realized that I wasn't necessarily invited to eat with them "Well I mean, I didn't mean to invite myself"

Kurt laughed looping his arm through mine "You are an interesting character Rachel"

"Is that a good thing?" I asked

Mercedes laughed pushing me a little "Let's go, you've got people to meet"

"How about I meet you guys there, I've got to get my lunch out of my locker"

"You know where the lunch room is right?" Kurt asked

"Well..." I stopped "Actually no, Ms. Pillsbury didn't inform me where that is"

"I'm going to get in line, it's tater tot day and they run out quickly. You don't mind do you?"

"I'll take her to her locker and than we'll be there. Save us a seat" Kurt instructed as Mercedes nodded going down the hallway. "What's your locker number?"

"Five hundred and seventy-six" Proud of myself for remembering the number after it only being such a few short hours of me using it.

"All the way on the other side" Kurt trudged down the hallway with me until we reached my locker, opening mine he pointed down the hallway "My locker is only about ten lockers down"

"Awesome, so I'll be seeing you in the morning" I put my books away getting my lunch and shutting the metal door shut. Turning around, Kurt gasped pulling my arm back. Trying to grasp what was happening, the next thing I knew I was covered in a very cold...slush?

"What the hell" Kurt yelled letting go of my arm

"Welcome back" Karosky smirked, high fiving Azimio, throwing the cup at their feet pointing to me "Welcome to McKinley new chick"

"I hate them" Kurt mumbled wiping the slush from his eyes

"They can't do that!" I exclaimed looking down at the red slush dripping down onto the floor "My shirt is ruined"

"The girls bathroom is over there, the only thing to do is wash it out" Kurt spoke softly going into the boys room. Grabbing my fallen lunch bag, I grabbed it making my own way into a bathroom. Setting everything on top of the dryer, I lifted my shirt off leaving me in just my tank top. Using the hand soap I rubbed the two sides together trying to get the slush out as much as I could, nothing working.

The toilet flushing, startled me as a girl came out dressed in the same uniform as the girl who laughed at me earlier. She looked at me through the mirror as she washed her hands. Looking at her, I stared back down at my shirt when she caught me. Pulling paper towels from the dispenser, she threw them away staring at me washing my shirt.

"Are you the new girl?" She asked, her voice soft

"How can you tell?" I laughed holding up the shirt before going back to scrubbing it

"Not everyone gets the privilege of being slushied on the first day of school"

"Should I feel special?" I questioned

"Leave it" She said taking the shirt out my hand throwing it in the trash and holding the exit door open for me "Come on"

It didn't take me long before deciding to follow her. Going down the hallway, we stopped in front of a locker. Turning the combination, the girl opened it and pulled out a folded dress. "I keep it in here for after school when I go somewhere, but I have an extra one and you need it more than me right now"

Unfolding the dress, it was really cute. A pink dress with navy polka dots over it, looking at the girl she smiled.

"It's not the best, but it's something." She shrugged closing her locker

"Thank you" I folded the dress back up "I'm Rachel"

"Quinn" She smiled "I'm going to go to lunch now, I'll see you around"

I nodded, as she went down the hallway. Going back into the bathroom I changed back into the dress folding my skirt and tank top, grabbing my lunch and waiting outside for Kurt to come out.

"Where did you get the dress from?" Kurt came out of the bathroom, the red stain still on his shirt but a little less noticeable

"Oh" I smiled looking down at my new outfit "I was in the bathroom and a lovely girl named Quinn..."

"Quinn?" Kurt stopped me "As in Quinn Fabray?"

"I guess" I shrugged "I'm not to sure of her last name, just that her name was Quinn. She was blonde and seemed to have on a cheerleaders uniform"

"Quinn Fabray" Kurt nodded "Be careful of her, she can be known to throw people under buses"

"Well I can assure you that I do not befriend mean people. I only surround myself with people who will boost my confidence and make me happy"

"Right" Kurt said "How about me go to lunch now"

"Sounds like a plan, I am starving"

"That dress does look better on you though"

"I know" I played with the end of the material "I might have to find some more like this one"

"I volunteer going with you" Kurt gripped my arm "I am a fantastic person to go shopping with. Mercedes and I can take you next week. My step mom and dad will be out of the house so we can have a sleep over too. Oh this is going to be so much fun"

McKinley may be the place for me.