Story so Far: AU. Veronica is not part of the Fab 4. Logan and Lilly are on an off period when Logan starts dating Veronica. What starts out as fun becomes serious after Logan tells Veronica he loves her. Before Christmas Lilly tells Logan she is ready to commit to just him and he is torn. When he tells Veronica he is unsure, she never wants to see him again. A conversation with his mother helps Logan realize it is really Veronica he wants and needs. Unfortunately she is set on getting over him. As only Logan can, he shows Veronica that he is ready to move past Lilly and they start to date again. The new semester starts with the LoVe couple going strong and Lilly is surprisingly dating Weevil.

Somewhere in London

Aaron sits in his comfortable leather chair in his million dollar trailer provided for him for this movie. He glares disdainfully over at his publicist who looks really uncomfortable. The popular actor knows he is an important, if not the most important client for Brian and his firm. Armed with the security of his position, he takes a slow drag of his expensive cigar and slowly blows out the smoke before he speaks. Finally he bites out, "Brian, what was so important that you had to fly here and I had to see you today?" His tone is clear that he is in control and does not appreciate the idea that his publicist thought he could dictate terms to him.

The middle-aged man runs his manicured hand through his thick dark hair that is artfully graying at the temples. His manner is slightly agitated and he looks around the trailer before he asks quietly, "Are we alone?"

A little impatient Aaron nods and answers, "Right now."

The agent knows that while his client is away from the States he often has a few women who come and see him on set and at his hotel. Relieved he puts his briefcase on the table and unlocks it. He starts, "I received this DVD in a plain unmarked envelope Monday morning.'

His hands shaking a little he pulls out the DVD in question and continues, "The man who handed it me only said, 'You have been served,' and then walked off. I have never seen him before." He pauses and then explains that he turned on his computer and watched it. While he is talking he opens his lap top and turns it on. When the lap top has booted up and is ready he loads the DVD.

Finally seeing that Aaron is growing frustrated he says, "You need to see it now." Turning the screen so his client can see, Brian Carr presses play.

Back in Neptune

Logan is a happy young man. His father was only in Neptune a few days when he got called on set early. He left the next morning for London. The best thing is he will not be home for months. In fact, barring an emergency, Aaron Echolls cannot come home for months. He is contractually obligated to stay in London until the shoot is over. He is, and Logan looked this up, over five thousand six hundred miles away. By the time he gets back to the United States, Logan will be seven blessed months closer to his dream date of leaving his father for good. After his eighteenth birthday, Logan will never have to see that bastard in person again. He won't have to talk to hi or listen to him spew his venom. He certainly won't have to get a belt and kneel in front of that sick, sorry human being. No more taking his whippings. In fact, if he avoids watching entertainment shows, reading any tabloids or going to any crap pile action movies, Logan won't even have to see him again.

Thank God his mother set up his trust fund when he was born. He will gain access to it on his eighteenth birthday. Originally he was headed to Mexico on that day. He can live a long time on ten million dollars there; enjoying the hot sun and rocking waves. Now he is going to go to college with Veronica. Although he doesn't really relish going to school for another four years, he has come to see that he should take some business and money management courses. He may never get a job but he doesn't want to be like his sister and mismanage his inheritance; running through the money in a few short years. He will never put himself in the position of having to ask his father for money; he can never give him back any power over him. Deeply worried about getting away and getting out of his father's control, Logan has planned how to get financial freedom which will lead to true physical freedom. The spoiled 09er has been given a large allowance since he was a teenager; it is important that the son of the famous Aaron Echolls looks and acts the part. He has been able to buy what he wants and get out money when he needs it. His father's accountants haven't so much as blinked at his cash withdrawals over the last few years. Logan doesn't use cash often. He normally pays with his credit card and tucks the cash away. Each time he withdraws money from the ATM, he secretly smiles because it is money he his going to use for his life away from Mr. Aaron 'No One Knows How Sick I Am' Echolls. Like the squirrel who hides nuts for the long cold winter, Logan has tucked away his money for that glorious day he is free. Funny enough it was Jake Kane who helped Logan get a safe deposit box. Logan had mentioned wanting to have somewhere to put valuables that no one but him could get access to. Although Jake did not believe that Logan had any real valuables, he had arranged for him to have a large box at the bank where Kane Enterprises has its accounts even though he is a minor. As his gift to Logan, he arranged to pay for the box until Logan turned eighteen. It was a weird gift for a thirteen year old to Jake's way of thinking but it made Logan happy so he, in turn, was happy to do it. And presto, just like that, Logan had a safe place to hide his valuables and his money. He had a start to his freedom.

His mother is staying in Neptune a month longer and then she is going to London as well. Although Logan loves his mother, it is hard to watch her drink and take her pills to get through each day. The surprising thing for Logan is how Veronica makes time to visit a few minutes with his mother every day. Sometimes it is on the telephone but most often his wonderful, caring, thoughtful, loving girlfriend is a master at making time for the important people in her life. She visits with his mother while he loads up their surfing equipment, before their tennis lessons, before their dates or she just suggests they drop in and visit her if she is home. In addition, at least twice a week they have supper with his mother. Logan can totally understand why his mother likes talking to Veronica and it is really good to see his two favorite girls get along so well. Veronica also takes his mother over to visit with Cynthia and Marie. His mother comes home happy from those visits. Veronica tells Logan that Cindy and Lynn have really hit it off. She confided in Logan that she is worried about Cindy and it is really good for her to have someone to talk to and to take her mind off her worries.

If that wasn't enough, Logan is thrilled at his relationship with Veronica. They have been back together a month now. Veronica is as busy as ever and this semester Logan is finding that he is busier with homework in his advanced classes, working on the newspaper and picking stocks in FBLA. He has also made arrangements to enter the creative writing contest in the poem and short story categories; without using his name of course.

Logan wanders over and sits next to his mother on the bench by the tennis courts at his mansion. He and Veronica are taking private tennis lessons twice a week and now the tennis pro from the country club is trying to coach Veronica on her serve. Lynn has decided to join them and it has been really fun having her there. Logan is a pretty decent player having had lessons from a young age. Veronica is new to the game and needs a lot of work on her form. Lynn is a skilled player going to the Country Club a couple of times a week to play.

Logan reaches down and gets his water taking a long drink as he watches Veronica practice throwing the ball in the air and stretching to reach it with her racquet as she is directed.

Lynn seeing where his attention is leans in and comments, "She is getting better."

Nodding his agreement, Logan agrees, "She is very athletic." He turns a little to look at his mother.

She looks fondly at the son whom she adores and questions, "Things seem to be going well between you and Veronica?"

A smile immediately lights up her beloved son's face and he agrees, "She's great!"

She leans in a little and shares, "I like her Logan."

"I like her too," he laughs.

The one time soap star looks appraisingly at her son and contemplates, "I think you might feel something more for her than mere fondness."

The young man looks at his mother and admits easily, "I love her."

Lynn is really pleased that her son is in a more stable, fulfilling relationship. Logan was always upset and getting in trouble when he dated Lilly Kane. He is calmer, more directed and seems happier now he is dating the Sheriff's daughter. Smiling she asks, "Have you told her yet?"

Immediately he shakes his head and states, "No, I just want to enjoy what we have now Mom." Meeting her gaze he explains, "I am trying to get my life straightened around." When he sees that she is interested he tells her that he is getting better grades and working towards making his application more appealing for the college admission boards. He stops for a few seconds while he thinks and then carries on, "I want to have direction in my life. I want to be stronger for me and for her."

Lynn is very touched that her son is so in love with the tiny blonde that he is trying to improve himself.

Logan reaches over and gently puts his hand over hers on the bench. He shares, "When we got back together I told her I would try to make her happy." He explains her philosophy of how you have to make yourself happy before you could truly share your life with someone. He admits, "I can really see her point. I have been getting good grades, surfing, working on the school paper and I have been writing." He thinks for a few seconds as he looks over at this girlfriend when the instructor gives her a positive clap. He looks back at his mother and continues, "I feel better about myself and I think I am a better person." He adds sincerely, "In turn, it makes me a better partner for Veronica."

Quietly Lynn tells him, "I am so proud of you Logan."

"Thanks," he tells her happy he is having a good talk with his mother.

They are interrupted by Veronica bouncing up and stopping in front of Logan. She looks at Lynn first and teases in an upper crust accent, "William says he is ready to work on your returns."

Lynn grimaces charmingly and bends down to pick up her racquet. She stands gracefully and walks over to where the impatient tennis pro is waiting.

Veronica laughs at Lynn's reaction and looks over at her boyfriend. He is looking up at her flushed face and messy hair. Although he is thinking about how hot she looks now, he merely compliments her, "You are getting better each lesson."

"Well," she comments, "I don't think I will be vying for a spot on the tennis team any time soon but I am having fun.'

Amused he suggests, "I hear that wearing a short tennis skirt can improve your game."

Smiling she returns, "Only if I am playing against a male opponent."

"Or the judges are male," he teases back.

Veronica sits down beside Logan and bends down to get her water. She uncaps the bottle and takes a long drink. Logan watches her. When she looks over at him she smiles and leans in to whisper, "William acts like he is doing us a big favor coaching us. Are you sure he is being paid?"

Logan smiles and leans the rest of the way in to kiss her. Regally he tells her, "He doesn't just teach anybody."

Amused Veronica leans up and gives her boyfriend a more intense kiss. When the kiss is done he whines, "I don't know what you are complaining about. He is way more demanding of me. You and mom give him the hair toss and the pouty face when he yells."

Grinning she points out, "You are just mad that he is immune to your charms."

Wrapping his arm around her he pulls her closer and says, "As long as you aren't."

Logan is pleasantly surprised with how much time he and Veronica are able to spend together. Veronica talked to her track coach and bargained for morning practice. She is running long distance even though the coach wanted her to be part of the relay team. The long distance team runs in the morning before school. That leaves her free to surf and have tennis lessons with Logan a few times per week after school. Logan helps with the newspaper on the days Veronica works at the Hut.

Logan is truly touched that she has made a concerted effort to spend more time with him. He in turn has made an effort to make things easier on her. He has Mrs. Navarro make supper for her a few times per week and their driver leaves it at the Sheriff's office for Keith to take home. If Keith is working late, he has something good to eat and Logan orders take out for Veronica when she gets home from work. Logan walks Back Up after he leaves newspaper club so she doesn't have to worry about her rambunctious pet while she is at work. Between dates with Logan, supper at the Echolls' and Mrs. Navarro sending dinners over, Veronica finds she rarely has to cook anymore. She has less grocery shopping to do as well. She is very grateful for Logan's thoughtfulness and for the free time to relax or study.

The young man has taken to visiting Marie, Cindy and Derek when he has free time. He has grown very fond of them all. Marie's latest blood work is no better but it isn't worse either so she isn't going to get another round of chemotherapy for at least another couple of weeks. He and Veronica aren't sure whether it is a relief or bad news but they are still both hoping for her to go back into remission. Logan likes to spoil Marie and Cindy. He sends them treats from their favorite restaurants, candy shop or ice cream store. They enjoy his visits when he is there with Veronica or without her. He is a very charming and entertaining guy.

On one of his visits he discovered that Marie likes to write. Now when he is over visiting he reads some of his stories or poems to her or they read some of her stories. Both of them have written since they were young and Marie is one of the few people who Logan has let hear his stories. The interesting thing is she has kept a diary since she was diagnosed with cancer. He feels privileged that she has allowed him to read it. She has a simple, straightforward way of getting her ideas across. The spoiled teen was deeply touched reading her thoughts, worries, wishes and her concerns about the people she loves. It came to him that if he was affected by her words, most people would be as well.

Equally as impressive, it turns out that Marie likes to draw as well. She showed Logan a couple of her drawing books from when she was little. Logan loves her dramatic way with color and proportion. Marie perks up when Logan is over visiting. Besides being very funny and attentive, he is a fellow writer and he is truly interested in her art. The last time his mother was over, she asked to see the pictures telling Marie that Logan told her about how vibrant and full of life they are. Marie was thrilled that the famous actress wanted to see them. Marie soon found that Lynn loves art and was genuinely happy to look at her pictures.

Logan talked to Casey about publishing her diary with her pictures. Interested, the publisher in training went over with Logan and read some of the diary and looked at her pictures. He immediately talked to Derek and Cindy about publishing her book. They were shocked but interested. Casey spent time reassuring Cindy that he would have her work with an editor. She merely had to gather Marie's pictures and make a time to show them to the editor. He also agreed to get someone to transcribe her diary. He offered them a contract where the proceeds would go to Marie's foundation. He went over the process of publishing with them and explained how since her story is only beginning it wouldn't be as much work to catch up to where they are and just continue sending her entries into her editor.

Logan, excited about the project, told Veronica that he is sure that it would be an important book for people who are diagnosed with cancer especially children and for others to read as well. He talked about how Casey is enthused about the idea and says he has a young editor who would be perfect for working with Cindy. Veronica listening to her boyfriend's idea and drive for the project felt a little choked at how loving and caring he can be. It is clear that he loves Marie, Cindy and Derek and it is touching how much he opens up when he is loved back. Marie adores Logan and they have bonded over their mutual love for writing. Even more astonishing is how much Lynn loves Marie's pictures. The wealthy actress has an extensive art collection and spends time talking to Marie about art when she visits. Marie gave her a drawing and Lynn was thrilled. She immediately had it framed and put it up in her den.

In addition Veronica and Marie's photography project did win a ribbon at the State Tournament. At present it has over two million views and rising every day. Local news stations across the country are doing stories on Bullying and many school districts are discussing having anti bullying components added to their curriculums. Veronica tells Logan that it was his comment that inspired her to make the video in the first place. He is touched that she would give him any credit when it was obviously her photography talent that inspired the whole thing. The pictures and song work perfectly together. It is an emotional but uplifting message.

Logan watches his mother work on her cross court returns for a few minutes. She has really good form. He turns his attention back to his girlfriend and asks, "Are you going to see Marie tonight?"

She nods and tells him, "We will probably finish our latest book tonight." She takes another drink of water and looks over at Lynn who is doing cross court returns. William is really giving Lynn a workout. Smirking a little, she looks over at Logan and asks, "What are you going to do?"

He easily tells her that he has some writing to do and he is going to get some more articles for his history paper.

Impressed she smiles teasingly, "Who are you and what have you done with Jackass Logan?"

"He is gone. This Logan is ready to move on," he tells her earnestly.

"Well," she says as she leans in to kiss him, "I really like this Logan."

Reassured he leans over to join in the kiss. They are interrupted when William calls Logan over to volley with his mother. Veronica giggles and asks, "Can we pick this up later?"

"Hell yes," is his answer as he lets go of her to pick up his racquet. He looks down at her when he stands and comments, "I will be by later to walk Back Up with you."

Her eyes darken a little and she answers, "Looking forward to it."

Back in London

Aaron watching the DVD feels the hair on the back of his neck rise. He can't believe this! Who found out? Who sent this? What do they want? This is his worst nightmare come true. He stands up agitated and shouts, "Who sent you this? Who made it?"

His agent is even more upset seeing how badly Aaron is taking the information. He answers, "I don't know. I don't even know what company delivered it."

Aaron paces a little and then in anger swipes the lap top off the table. His face darkens as he vows, "I am going to destroy whoever sent me this."

Brian Carr swallows and then rushes his answer, "How can we find out who sent it?"

Visibly upset Aaron looks at Brian and answers, "I know someone who can find out."

Nodding Brian tells him, "I'll help anyway I can."

Pacing a little as he thinks Aaron finally stops and says, "What do you think they want?"

Shrugging Brian says, "I would imagine money."

Frowning Aaron says, "This information can't be worth much. All it says is my old man was an abusive asshole." He looks out the window briefly and then says, "I didn't really think that information was out there. Hospitals didn't keep good records back then."

Assessing the damage Brian says, "It really won't hurt your reputation to be abused as a child. It will make all you accomplished even more impressive."

Although he looks angry on the outside, inside Aaron Echolls feels shaky. He does not want this information getting out; he absolutely will not allow himself to look weak to all his fans. Whoever made this took time, effort and a lot of skill. The ending was the most upsetting. There was patched footage from past news reports on him by famous entertainment reporters but they are adapted to be covering this story. There is television and newspaper stories with the focus on him and how his father physically abused him. This DVD is giving him a really clear idea of what the media are going to say. It is not good. Everyone will be talking about it. In all his future interviews he is going to be asked about being abused. He iwill be asked to give details about his abuse and his injuries. The reporters will question his feelings towards his father. Instead of getting his due as a rich, handsome, successful, famous movie star, he will be thought of as a victim. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Tentatively Brian asks with his hands making quotation marks, "What do they think they mean by 'You are going to like disc 2?'"

The sexiest man of the year glowers. He has a very good idea about what could be on disc 2. That information CANNOT get out; it would ruin his image as a good father, a devoted family man. Whoever sent this is telling him that they know his past. He is guessing that the next disc will talk about his present. If it follows the same pattern as this disc, it will show all of Logan's hospitalizations and then have news reports about how he is continuing the pattern of abuse in the Echolls' lineage. There won't be enough proof that he did it; Lynn and Logan won't talk and Trina will definitely defend him but the public perception will be that it was him. Aaron knows that the DA will never file charges against him and he won't spend any time in jail over disciplining his ungrateful, weak, spoiled son but the negative publicity would be truly harmful to his career and his public image would never recover. No whoever is doing this is just showing him how much they know and then they will ask for money. If it was anything else they would have just released the information to the press.

He thinks about it for a few minutes. His first thought was that Lynn or Logan did this but neither of them knows capable of pulling this in-depth expose off. Lynn would just file for divorce if she wanted money from him and he is never going to let her do that. Logan is too weak to plan and execute anything so elaborate.

Logan is dating the Sheriff's daughter. She would definitely tell her father if she knew and he is a man who cannot be bought. He would have to be ruined or threatened. No if it was Veronica or Sheriff Mars, charges would have been brought. This is someone else entirely. But who?

He looks at his publicist and says, "I'll handle it. If they send you another DVD, don't watch it, just express it over to me."

Brian Carr nods that he understands his instructions. He really doesn't want to know what Aaron Echolls is planning to do.

In Seattle

Ian calls the pre paid cell phone and waits for it to be answered. After a few rings Keith picks up and says briskly, "Universal Printing, how can I help you?"

Snorting Ian tells him, "Mars and Universe; too obvious."

Laughing Keith agrees, "Probably true."

Sobering Ian says quietly, "Disc 1 arrived today."

"Good," the Sheriff sighs. He asks, "Do you have an ETA for part 2?"

Easily the older man tells him, "Next week."

Keith says, "I am ready."

"Talk to you then," is the answer.

Neptune High ...

Logan walks into school the next morning. Veronica takes her own vehicle so she can run track before first period. He heads over towards her locker excited to see her even though he saw her last night when he went over to help her walk Back Up.

Veronica is looking in her locker. Her hair is slightly damp and it is flipped out. She looks cute. When Logan arrives beside her he says loudly, "There is my Sugarpuss."

She looks over at him incredulously and he has to laugh at her expression. The students standing around her locker smile at Logan's teasing. They are getting used to seeing him happy and know that Veronica has to put up with a lot from him.

Hugging her, he nuzzles her neck and whispers, "Good Morning. You smell good."

Obviously enjoying his affection she allows the neck caress and then turns to wraps her arms around his neck and properly greet him. Although Logan loves to tease her, the students around her locker see that she doesn't seem to mind; she looks happy to see him as well.

As they walk towards Logan's locker, they see Madison and Kim walking towards them. Madison makes a comment about how she doesn't run track because she doesn't want to look like Veronica the rest of the school day.

Logan stiffens a little but Veronica only smiles. She dramatically puts a hand over her heart and says loudly, "Madison and Kim. You poor things! I heard about your boyfriends breaking up with you." She adds sadly, "Now you are both alone and just before Valentine's Day."

Both girls look upset at Veronica's comments and Logan makes no attempt to hide his smile. He wraps his arm around Veronica's tiny waist and says, "That is why I love you. You are the sweetest thing!"

Leaning into her boyfriend she lifts her face for his kiss, the two 09er girls left behind and forgotten. He is happy to give her the kiss she is looking for. He forgets sometimes that she doesn't really need his protection; she can handle herself. That encounter was pretty funny.

Down the hall they see Meg walking towards them. They both smile at her. She looks happy. Veronica sees a difference in Meg. She whispers to Logan, "Meg looks very satisfied this morning."

Logan's eyes whip to her and he obviously bristles. He says, "Leo is too old for her. He better not have taken advantage of her."

Veronica starts to giggle and she teases, "Protective Logan is so attractive!"

Meg not privy to their conversation walks up and says, "Good morning."

Logan frowns a little at the possible reason for her tone but Veronica gives her a big smile back. Pulling away from Logan, Veronica steps forward and links her arm through Meg's and says, "I'll walk you to class."

Meg a little puzzled at Logan's unhappy manner looks at Veronica and agrees, "Great."

Logan immediately realizes that he is being left out. He frowns but continues dutifully on his way to his locker. He will grill Veronica or Meg later.

Veronica looks knowingly at Meg and teases quietly, "Some officer of the law Leo is, you are still jail bait."

The taller blonde's eyes widen as she takes in that her friend has guessed at the change in hers and Leo's relationship.

Still she tries, "I don't know what you mean."

"Please tell me that he made it good for you," Veronica worries a little when Meg doesn't admit to what is obvious.

Whispering Meg tells her friend, "How did you know?"

Veronica smiles easily, "You are glowing." They walk a few more steps and then Veronica asks, "Leo is quite experienced. Was he good to you?"

"Very good," Meg admits, he cheeks pink.

Veronica is actually happy for her friend. Leo is a really good guy. Although he is handsome and the girls chase him, he is one of those guys who have a lot of respect for women. She talked to him at the Christmas party and he is serious about Meg. Of course his family loves her and Veronica was really pleased to hear that Leo was all protective of Meg wanting to help her get her sisters away from her parents once she turns eighteen. The smaller blonde says, "Meg as long as it was your decision, that is good."

Meg nods and admits to her close friend, "I was ready."

Veronica smiles relieved and teases the obviously embarrassed girl, "I am happy that you and Leo are doing so well. However I think Logan is going to be upset and protective."

Grimacing a little at having to deal with a questioning Logan, Meg ventures, "Hopefully he won't notice."

Laughing at Meg's attitude, Veronica informs her, "He already knows."

When Meg looks a little panicked, Veronica giggles and points out, "He would have been OK with you having sex with Duncan. Besides he has no room to talk with his past record."

Meg looks a little relieved as she agrees, "You're right." Surprising Veronica Meg says a little spitefully, "I'm glad it was Leo though. I really doubt Duncan would have made it so perfect."

Smiling Veronica agrees, "That is probably true." A few seconds later the tiny blonde's smile disappears as a thought occurs to her. She pulls Meg to a private area of the classroom they entered. She leans in and whispers "Are you protected?"

Meg looks a little flustered and confesses quietly, "I can't ask my parents about seeing a doctor."

Veronica ensures that they cannot be overhead and then makes arrangements to talk to Meg alone later. She says, "Just condoms is not enough. We will have to fix this."

Before lunch Logan walks into Journalism. He is pleased that Veronica could not transfer into Photography like she wanted; although he does want her to have whatever she wants. The thing is she likes Journalism but she doesn't really want to spend extra time attending school functions and getting the pictures. Logan used his considerable charm to get Veronica assigned as the photographer to whatever story he was assigned to write. Since he writes a weekly article for the paper and has joined Newspaper Club, he has not been given very many school functions to cover. What functions he did get assigned, Veronica was there with him so he loved that. Veronica was so pleased that she didn't have to attend a lot of school functions and she liked that when she had to go she was able to go with Logan. To make up for not taking a lot of pictures for the school paper, Veronica sat in class and listened to the initial lecture and then she went and took pictures of students and faculty for the year book. It was another win/win situation for her. She got a guaranteed high grade, minimal after school work and extra time with Logan.

Logan looks around and sees that Veronica is waiting for him at their table. He smiles and walks over to sit with her. He loves how her face lights up with a smile especially for him. He loves how she gives him her full attention for a few seconds to see how he is doing. He loves how she is so smart and so quick-witted. Most of all he loves how although she can be manipulative, she doesn't play games with their relationship. She is clear that he is important to her and their relationship is a priority. The value she places on him and their relationship is truly wonderful for the young man who deep inside feels that he is not worthy of love; after all, if your parents and the girl you dated for almost four years don't care about your needs and feelings then obviously there is something wrong with you. Slowly though he is learning to trust that he is lovable, that he is worthy of love. If someone as wonderful as Veronica can care about him; can think he is important, then maybe, he can be.

He sits down beside her and leans in for a quick kiss. To his surprise, Veronica puts her hand up and holds his head close to hers. She gently nuzzles his nose with hers and then continues to kiss to his ear where she whispers, "Why do there have to be so many people around?"

Amused he stays close and answers, "I only see you."

Pleased, she rewards him with another quick kiss. Looking him in the eye she pouts cutely, "I don't feel like I have had quality Logan time lately. Can we do something about that tonight?"

"Absolutely," he immediately returns, "What did you have in mind?"

Slowly smiling, she lowers her voice and whispers, "Me, you…. A soak in your Jacuzzi and then we'll see what comes up after that."

His eyes darken as he meets her gaze and agrees, "That sounds perfect. I will get Mrs. Navarro to leave us supper."

"It's a date," she pronounces.

Just then Mrs. Dent shuts the door and walks to her desk to begin the lesson. Logan leans back in this chair with a smile on his face. Alone time with his girlfriend tonight; he is really looking forward to giving her some one on one attention. He is going to make her feel so loved tonight.

Unbeknownst to Logan, Veronica is having the same thoughts. Lynn left for LA to visit her agent and spend a few nights with one of her friends so they will be alone in the mansion after Mrs. Navarro goes home. Veronica really does want some time alone with her sexy, loving boyfriend tonight. She is going to show him that he is the man for her and that she definitely wants him and only him.

In Seattle

Ian sits next to his long time friend in the rowdy bar. They have been meeting here once a week for the last thirty years. A lot of cops come here and they have gotten used to seeing Ian there knowing that he is family to their chief. The game is on the TV, a few guys are playing pool or darts and generally police officers are relaxing, unwinding from the stressors of their shifts.

Keith Sr. during a break in the conversation leans over and says very quietly, "Junior tells me that Veronica and Logan are still dating."

Correctly reading his friend's tone Ian comments, "He's not really happy about this one either, is he?"

Smirking Keith Sr. intones, "Well no one is good enough for his precious, perfect daughter."

"To be fair this one has a lot of issues," Ian points out.

Nodding his agreement the police chief adds, "She loves him though. She was really worried about him even though she was hurt at their breakup." Shrugging he adds, "They have another year of high school and probably college to get through first; they are still very young."

Ian says meaningfully, "My friend says Disc 2 is ready to go whenever we want."

Looking around to make sure they won't be overheard, Keith Sr. shares, "His mother is going to London soon. It has to be a few weeks before she arrives."

Sighing Ian agrees, "Let's just get this done."

After a brief nod in agreement, Keith Sr. raises his glass to his friend and toasts, "Here's to plans that go well and young love."

Ian raises his glass and touches it to his best friend's. "Your lips to God's ears."

Their attention is taken by loud cheering over by the television. Finally the home team has scored to take the lead.