Story so Far: AU. Veronica is not part of the Fab 4. Logan and Lilly are on an off period when Logan starts dating Veronica. What starts out as fun becomes serious after Logan tells Veronica he loves her. Before Christmas Lilly tells Logan she is ready to commit to just him and he is torn. When he tells Veronica he is unsure, she never wants to see him again. A conversation with his mother helps Logan realize it is really Veronica he wants and needs. Unfortunately she is set on getting over him. As only Logan can, he shows Veronica that he is ready to move past Lilly and they start to date again. The new semester starts with the LoVe couple going strong and Lilly is surprisingly dating Weevil. The plan to stop Aaron's abuse of Lynn and Logan starts.

Veronica waits patiently outside the main office. Thankfully one of her track team running mates is an office aide who agreed to secretly send a pass to Lilly Kane in seventh period. Veronica knows she can trust this girl to keep this upcoming meeting to herself. Looking up, Veronica sees the billionaire's daughter walking towards the office with her pass in her hand. Getting up Veronica walks down the hall towards Lilly and stops in front of her.

"Well if it isn't Logan's flavor of the month," the 09er starts.

Waving her comment off, Veronica quietly explains, "I had a friend call you to the office. I need to talk to you about something."

Lilly's face hardens and she sneers, "Thanks for getting me out of class but I don't have to talk to you." Giving Veronica a sarcastic wave she says, "See ya." She regally turns and starts walking away.

Sighing a little at the older girl's continued adversity, Veronica raises her voice a little and says to the older girl's departing figure, "I am concerned about Meg." As she hoped, Lilly's love for Meg overrides her dislike of talking to her adversary and the beautiful senior stops her exit and turns back.

Veronica waves towards the north hallway and says, "Mrs. Cartwright's classroom is empty right now." When Lilly pauses, Veronica points out, "Meg needs your help. Otherwise I wouldn't seek you out." The petite blonde walks towards the classroom not waiting to see if Lilly follows. She hopes she will but she can't really predict what the volatile female leader of the 09ers will do.

Walking into the classroom Veronica goes over and stands by the teacher's desk. Turning she sees that Lilly has indeed followed her in. After Lilly shuts the door she turns to Veronica and threatens, "This better really be about Meg."

When Veronica hesitates, Lilly's face gets angry. Veronica finally starts, "This is between us," she waves her hand between them and then finishes, "OK?"

Annoyed, Lilly demands impatiently, "Get to the point. What about Meg?"

Frowning back Veronica returns, "Look Meg told me in confidence and I need to know you will keep her secret."

"Fine," the 09er agrees and then puts her hand to her heart dramatically and vows is a breathless, girly voice, "I double cross my heart and hope to die if I tell." Waving her hand towards Veronica dropping the girly act she snaps, "What is it?"

Unconsciously Veronica steps a little closer. She explains that she guessed that Meg has had sex with Leo. She has a tiny smirk on her face as she adds, "She was glowing."

Lilly smiles and comments suggestively, "Ohhh, the pink virgin gave it up to her handsome, sexy policeman boyfriend."

Deciding she should get to the point while they are still talking civilly Veronica continues, "The thing is Meg is not on birth control. You know how strict her parents are." She sees immediately that Lilly does know about Meg's ultra religious parents. Waving her hand in the air, Veronica lowers her voice and explains, "I was thinking of taking her to the local clinic. She needs better protection."

Lilly looks at Veronica in question. She clearly doesn't know what Logan's girlfriend wants from her.

Veronica gets to the point, "I would go with her but I am concerned that paparazzi will see us and take my picture."

Sarcastically Lilly drawls, "I think everyone knows you aren't a virgin Ver-RON-a-ca."

Obviously exasperated, the tiny blonde tells her, "I am not worried about my reputation. I am worried that the headlines will reflect negatively on Logan." She pauses and adds a little tentatively, "And upset his father." At that moment Veronica gets the confirmation that Lilly Kane does know that Logan's father beats him. The older girl's eyes flash and she leans back against the desk behind her.

Hesitating a few seconds, Veronica finally takes a deep breath and admits her voice very quiet, "It didn't go well for Logan when the pictures of me in that body suit for Health class were published." Lilly looks down but Veronica sees that she can guess how Logan got punished for those pictures and articles. Veronica takes a deep breath pushing down her anger at the taller blonde to deal with later. She lets the breath out slowly and gets to her point, "Would you be able to take Meg to your doctor or something and make sure she is protected?"

"Yeah," she nods, "I'll take care of it."

Relieved that Meg can get an appointment with Lilly's doctor, Veronica leans back against the nearest desk and says, "Good, thanks."

Surprised that Veronica would be grateful, the spoiled 09er has to give it to Veronica. She obviously didn't want to talk to her but sucked it up because she cares about Meg. Softening a little Lilly tosses her hair behind her shoulder and says, "I will always take care of Meg."

Veronica meets her gaze and answers, "I know."

The taller blonde stands and walks to the door, opens it and leaves. Veronica stays leaning against the desk. She can't believe that Lilly and probably Duncan know that Logan gets whipped and they did nothing. Their father is a very powerful man. He could have done something. Maybe Logan could have been protected. Meg admitted to Veronica that she knows about Logan's home situation but she confided that her parents would not have done anything to stop Aaron: they believe parents have the right to control their children. Meg said that Logan insisted she not to tell anyone.

A thought enters Veronica's consciousness; she wonders if Mr. and Mrs. Kane do know about Logan's abuse but chose to do nothing. She can't fathom that but she is still blown away by Logan's assertion that throughout the years, many adults ranging from teachers to hospital workers to housekeepers did know and didn't do anything. The tiny blonde has not forgotten the name of the doctor that knew of Logan's abuse without reporting Aaron to the authorities. She is going to make him pay. She just has to make sure that her plan doesn't involve Logan; he has been hurt enough by this insect with a PHD license.

Young and idealistic, Veronica really wanted to do something. Her grandfather assured her that he would handle what needed to be done and then wisely gave her some ideas on how she could help Logan. He encouraged her to support Logan and Lynn explaining how emotional support is just as important as what he planned to do. Emotional support didn't sound as important but Veronica set her mind to do just that. One night shortly after they got back together, Veronica had crawled on top of Logan. He was lying on his stomach with his head resting on his folded arms, very relaxed after their passionate activities. She sat on his thighs and had leaned down and gently kissed all the scars on his back. At first Logan had tensed but eventually when she didn't ask any questions, he accepted her affection recognizing it as genuine. She hoped he understood that it was her way of accepting his scars as part of him and trying to replace the negative memories of his scars with better memories of her gentle, loving touch.

It made her so angry that Logan just soaked up the gentle touches she gave him; it was obvious that he had never had loving affection in his life. It made her angry at Lynn and now Lilly. Lilly knew about Logan's home life and still made him feel worthless in their relationship. Realistically Aaron is to blame for abusing Logan physically and verbally but so many other people contributed to his pain and deep need for acceptance and affection.

The next day

Walking into school Logan is looking for Meg. He was not able to talk to her alone yesterday after Veronica made her comment about why Meg might be glowing. Last night Meg was with Lilly and both of them blew Logan's calls off. Meg texted Logan she was busy with Lilly and his ex-girlfriend texted Logan that she has it handled and he can quit being overprotective.

Although he knows that Lilly will be there for Meg and Meg also can talk to Veronica, Logan can't help but feel protective of his sweet, sometimes innocent friend. He finds Meg walking towards her locker and catches up with her putting his arm around her directing her to an open classroom. He quickly shuts the door and turns to Meg. He sees that she is looking at him in surprise and question. Sighing he asks, "Is everything OK Meg?"

Partly disconcerted and partly touched, her gaze softens and she says, "Yes Logan, everything is OK." Assuming that Veronica has already talked to Logan she says, "Lilly took me to her doctor after school yesterday."

Immediately alarmed the tall 09er says, "A doctor? Are you hurt?"

Meg simultaneously realizes that Logan doesn't know why she had to see the doctor and that he is now very upset. Putting her hand on his arm to reassure him, she says, "I'm fine Logan." Taking a deep breath she tells him how Veronica guessed that she and Leo made love and how Veronica questioned whether she was on birth control. Short circuiting Logan's concern about her choice to have sex, Meg quietly confesses, "I have already been grilled by Veronica and Lilly. Leo didn't take advantage of me. I love him. I initiated it." She blushes and adds, "He was good to me."

Logan although still not happy about the situation is relieved that the experience was good for Meg and happy that Veronica and Lilly were looking after Meg. He relaxes back against a desk and asks, "Why did you go to Lilly's doctor?"

Biting her lip Meg tells Logan that apparently Veronica asked Lilly to take her to her doctor. She says, "You know, since my parents wouldn't agree for me to be on birth control." Unsure how to approach the subject she quietly and carefully explains how Veronica was worried about taking her to the free clinic in case her picture got taken and she and Logan were in the tabloids again.

Logan immediately catches on that his girlfriend is concerned for him. His heart swells that she doesn't want to do anything to give his father an excuse to whip him but she didn't want to leave her friend hanging. Nodding his understanding at what she is saying, he clarifies, "So Veronica talked to Lilly."

Smiling at his concern she reassures him, "Lilly said Veronica had her called out of Math and asked her to help me." Before Logan can say anything, Meg meets his worried gaze and explains, "Lilly said it was a civil conversation and she actually kind of admired Veronica for caring about me." She adds, "I talked to Veronica last night. You don't have anything to worry about." Meg steps up and hugs Logan and thanks him for being concerned about her. She says, "I am so lucky to have such caring friends."

Logan immediately hugs her back and says, "You can always come to me."

"I know Logan," she says resting her head on his chest for a moment listening to his heart beat. Leaning back she looks at him and adds, "You can always come to me too."

He smiles at her and agrees, "I know."

After his conversation with Meg, Logan walks down the hall looking for his amazing girlfriend. He can't believe that she talked to Lilly on Meg's behalf. Logan can imagine how difficult that conversation was. He sees her walking away from her locker towards her first class and for the second time that morning, he chases down a beautiful blonde girl. This time he wraps his arms around the girl in question and lifts her up smiling when she squeals in surprise. Exuberantly he carries her to the side of the hall, sets her down and turns her in his arms. Letting go of her arms, Logan cups her face in both his hands and leans down to kiss her.

Veronica immediately relaxed recognizing her boyfriend's touch and smell. However his kiss was so unexpectedly passionate that she forgot to hold onto her messenger bag and it slipped from her arm to the floor when her knees weakened and she sagged into his body. The students watching have varying reactions to seeing Logan pick up Veronica. The guys just laugh at the tiny blonde's surprised yell but the girls sigh with envy at the kiss. Most can't imagine how it would feel to be kissed and touched like that by any guy; much less by Logan Echolls.

When Logan breaks their kiss Veronica's eyes are closed and she is leaning into him. He lets go of her face and wraps his arms around her holding her closely. When she opens her eyes to look up at his handsome face, she looks a little dazed. Logan smirks a little pleased at her reaction to his kiss. He explains, "I just talked to Meg and she tells me that you got Lilly to take her to see her doctor."

Nodding Veronica finally finds her voice saying, "She doesn't need to be pregnant before she graduates from high school."

He gently reaches up and with his index finger caresses her cheek. Softly he says, "You are a good friend."

His tiny blonde girlfriend looks up at him in adoration. Reaching up she puts her hand behind his head and gently pulls his face closer to hers. Leaning up she whispers her breath teasing his ear, "You are an amazing kisser. I could stay in your arms all day."

Touched at her praise he teases, "I would be on board with that." He leans in, gently kisses her and then pulls away. Reaching down he picks up her messenger bag and holds it out to her.

Smiling happily at him Veronica shoulders her bag and takes Logan's hand when he offers it. Looking up at him she flirts, "Do you like my new shirt?"

The handsome teen looks down at her and sees her royal blue shirt has a large L and G on it in white. They are interlocked with a large circle around it. Wondering what LG stands for, he looks inquiringly at her.

Her expression changes slightly to playful as she tells him, "It actually means 'Life's Good' but to me it means, 'Logan's Girl'."

His eyes widen and he takes a sharp breath in. Lilly never wanted to be known as anyone's girl and he didn't want any of his interim girls to be known as his girl. The voice deep inside tells him that he is too damaged for her and she can do so much better. Selfishly he stays with her, hanging onto her as long as he can trying to believe that he is good for her too.

The scarred young man knows that his perfect, wonderful girlfriend wouldn't understand how different dating her is for him. Her everyday loving, caring manner is a wonder. He has come to completely understand why her father is so protective of her and why her friends are so loyal to her. He now gets why Josh and Victor went after her and then stayed with her. He will bet his hidden money that both of them would have tried to make a long distance relationship work with Veronica. He feels like he loves her more every day. He has so much to look forward to every day now because Veronica Mars is his girlfriend. Even more stunning to him is how obviously happy she is to be with him. She doesn't give him any reason to be jealous. She handles any guys who don't respect their relationship. And now today she is wearing a shirt to show him she is happy to be his girl. He leans down and gently kisses her temple and answers her, "I love the shirt." He adds in a lecherous tone, "I like what is under the shirt as well."

She laughs and leans into him as they walk together.

A few of the 09er guys walk by and notice the interaction between their leader and Veronica Mars. Although they tease Logan that he is the latest bad boy that has fallen under Veronica Mar's spell, they also like her a lot. She doesn't play a lot of mind games like a lot of girls do; what you see is what you get with Veronica. The best thing for them is how happy she makes Logan and how she is all about Logan. They were all at a club to celebrate Casey's birthday when a guy noticed Veronica and hit on her. She firmly rebuffed him and when he grabbed her, she took hold of his hand and twisted it forcing him to let go of her. Then she walked over to Luke, John and Derek who were nearest to her for safety. Logan was way across the dance floor and by the time he got there, the altercation was over. Luke escorting Veronica back to Logan had asked her about the arm twist she gave the guy and she easily told him her father made her take self-defense classes. When she spotted Logan her face lit up with a smile. She sweetly thanked Luke for helping her and raised her arms to her boyfriend for a hug and kiss.

For Logan that particular incident was when it really sunk home what dating Veronica meant. At that moment he understood what it was like to date someone who understood and accepted him. Seeing the guy grab Veronica had upset Logan but Veronica had deflated the situation and then had accepted his need to show possession of her to the other guys in the room. She had whispered soothingly in his ear, "There might be a time that I need defending from a guy who won't take no for an answer but that is not tonight. The guy took the hint and I will be very careful to avoid him." Meeting his gaze she adds her voice slightly teasing and mostly sultry, "I am quite shook up though and need your help to forget that unpleasant experience."

Amused despite the situation, Logan had pulled her even closer and leaned down to give her the kiss she asked for. His attention taken by her, he missed the looks from his 09er friends as they were expecting a more jealous reaction and perhaps retaliation against the idiot who touched her. The evening wasn't spoiled and full of the usual Logan/Lilly drama. In fact that was Veronica….although drama found her, she didn't seem to be looking for it. She was good for Logan.

Logan leaves Veronica at her first period class with a kiss and a wave and heads off to his class. Just another ordinary day. Veronica works tonight. He will work on the school paper, visit Marie and meet his girlfriend later. She is bringing him and his mother home a new pie from The Hut. Lilly would not understand his desire to be normal; he can imagine her disdain at the idea. The truth is he always envied Duncan and Meg's relationship even when he used to join Lilly in teasing them about how boring they were. The consistency is not something he has ever had and truthfully not something he even knew he missed. But now that he has the ordinary, consistent relationship with Veronica, he is truly contented. He is rarely in the tabloids and if he is, it is a more positive article.

Logan passes Lilly in the hallway and smiles at her. He is pleased when she gives him a little smile back. Their relationship is not close but the anger seems to have dissipated now on both their parts. He has been watching her relationship with the biker gang leader with interest. He thinks she really does care about him but she seems bent on sabotaging this relationship as well. There is something special about Lilly Kane because Weevil breaks it off with Lilly when he finds out she has not been faithful but then he later takes her back. Logan is a little surprised but very happy to find out that he doesn't feel any upset or jealousy when he sees Lilly with Weevil or actually any other guy for that matter. He never thought it was possible but he is now out of the clutches of one Lillian Kane and he couldn't be happier about it.

Valentine's Dance

Logan looks in the mirror with a critical eye. He checks ensuring that he looks good for his date with Veronica tonight. In his pocket is the necklace he bought for her. He hopes she likes it. He also ordered a dozen roses and a wrist corsage for Veronica. He is looking forward to the dance. Both he and Veronica love to dance but frankly this has been a tough week. On Tuesday, Marie's blood work showed she is not responding to the chemotherapy. The doctors admitted her to the hospital after her doctor's appointment and she was given blood to help build up her hemoglobin. Truthfully Marie looks like a ghost; she is so pale and there are dark circles under her eyes. Her skin is a grayish color. It is clear that she is a very ill young girl. Veronica and Logan were both upset by the news and visited Marie in the hospital once they were allowed. Derek and Cindy are both staying with her. The young couple stayed with Marie and gave Cindy a break to go home and rest for a few hours. Logan called his mother and she came to see Marie immediately. On the way home, the three of them were all saddened to see how sick Marie has gotten. The nurse star struck had explained that the doctor had talked to Derek and Cindy about taking Marie home and getting a hospice nurse to help look after her. They could see the sympathy on her face when she updated them on Marie's condition. The awful fact is they might have to face that Marie's time is growing short.

Both Veronica and Logan had not planned on going to the school dance. It seemed so pointless; so shallow. Marie was sent home from the hospital today and they had dropped over together to visit the family right after school.

Cindy had insisted that they go and have fun and come back and visit Marie the next day. She sadly told them that Marie was very tired and would rest. Meeting both their gazes she said, "Marie would want you to go. Take pictures to show her tomorrow."

Standing at his car outside Derek and Cindy's house, Veronica finally said, "You know I have a really cute new dress I have been dying to wear."

Logan smiles a little at her. He can see she is really upset about Marie but is trying to carry on.

She sees his lack of enthusiasm for the dance and explains, "Cindy told me that day she and Marie dressed up as Queen and Princess that I should try and enjoy this time in my life when I don't have a lot of responsibilities." Meeting his gaze she adds, "I could tell that she is feels overwhelmed at times with dealing with Marie and her cancer."

Logan nods he is listening and he does understand what Cindy means. It is just hard to enjoy yourself when in the back of your mind you have this deep worry that Marie is going to die. Everything else seems frivolous and silly. Pulling her close to hold her he says, "That is actually good advice, it's just…." He leaves the sentence unfinished.

"I know," his loving girlfriend agrees. He knows she is feeling some of the same things as him.

There is a long pause while they both hold each other getting reassurance and support. Finally Logan says, "Living with my father has taught me that I should enjoy the good things while they are there."

The tiny blonde pulls back a little and looks up at her boyfriend. She says, "It is a good lesson. The firefighters and the deputies know that bad things can happen quickly so you have to take advantage of the good times."

Their gazes hold and Logan decries, "OK, let's do this. I am always up for seeing you dressed up and dancing."

Forcing a smile she agrees, "I like seeing you in dress clothes as well."

Teasing a little he points out, "I like getting you out of the dress better though.'

Giggling a little she gently punches his arm in censure. He catches her fist and says, "What? I'm a horny teenager." He adds when she looks exasperated, "And you are hot."

He opens her door and pulls her hand to encourage her to get in. He says, "Before Marie got sick I booked dinner at The Towers for seven o'clock."

She looks over at him as she climbs in and says, "That sounds wonderful."

In London

Aaron Echolls arrives at his hotel after filming for the day is over. The movie is going well and Aaron feels confident that it is going to be another hit. Everything he touches turns to box office gold. He just has to make sure that his fans and the press are focused on his star power not his personal life. As he expected, the second DVD arrived. It did include information on Logan's abuse but it also had a section at the start outlining his past and current affairs. It is thorough and the voice over is clear that his days of being thought of as a good family man could be over. His reputation should the information on the DVDs get out will be as a womanizer and an abuser. The second DVD again ended with fake tabloid headlines, radio broadcasts and famous television entertainment reporters talking about the horrible way Aaron treated Lynn and Logan. Whoever used his past interviews to make this potential interview was skilled.

Aaron cannot believe what the demand is. There is no way it is happening. He will not allow some nameless person to dictate his life. Aaron dials the man he hired to find out who is behind the DVDs. He needs to know who is setting him up; whoever it is is going to be very sorry they took him on.

Leon Russell answers immediately. He knows his client is not going to like the answers or lack of answers he has for him. Leon had been busy checking out people who have grudges against Aaron Echolls. It is a very long list. There are a lot of powerful men whose wives and/or family members have slept with Aaron Echolls. They are a few who have filed paternity suits against him.

When Leon saw the second DVD, he was less sure whoever did this was someone with a grudge against Aaron Echolls. If someone really wanted to hurt his client, he or she would release the information to the public and ruin his image and derail his career instead of insisting that Aaron Echolls divorce his wife and not ask for custody of their son Logan. No it would seem that someone wanted to break up Aaron's family. Perhaps that is the point; perhaps forcing Aaron to accept a divorce is the punishment. By Aaron's negative reaction to the demand, perhaps the person who is doing this knows how much it would upset his client.

As instructed, Leon has also put a lot of manpower, time and effort into finding out who made the DVD. He soon realized that it was a dead end. Now a days it is not that difficult to find someone who can make this type of DVD although this one is of excellent quality. He has been unable to even get a whiff of who might be involved.

So he has focused on who could find out the depth of information present on the two DVDs. That list is not small either. Anyone working in or for any branch of law enforcement could find out the information. However as far as Leon can determine there have been no warrants issued for the information. He had concluded that the gathering of the information was not done through legal methods. Modern hospitals are computerized but of course, they were not when Aaron was abused. No whoever is gathering this information has a lot of resources. That narrows it down considerably but Leon has not been able to trace any one source of the information at the various health care facilities. They are owned by different companies, use different computer systems, different companies to store the information and it was different health care workers involved each time. He has been able to track how a lot of the information was obtained but not who obtained it. There are no pictures or even common descriptions of who obtained the information. The information obtained electronically has no trail of where the information went. This is a very professional job.

Following the money Leon has looked to who is going to benefit financially from the demand. The demand to keep the DVDs quiet is for Aaron to file for divorce from Lynn. He is to give her a seventy five million dollar settlement along with the house in Neptune, the apartment in LA, the apartment in Paris, her jewelry, her clothes, her art collection, her cars and 25 % of his movie residuals. He is also to let Logan go and live with his mother once they split up and he is not to request visitation. Logan is to be given a very generous monthly settlement until he turns 25 years old and then he is to get his grandfather's inheritance.

That considerably narrowed down the culprits. First, Leon checked out Lynn Echolls. She has not had any appointments or made any calls to anyone out of the ordinary. He checked all the normal private investigators in LA and Neptune. None of them has talked to Lynn or any of her close friends. He had no luck checking out her family and contacts either. None of them appears to be involved. He had a little better luck checking out Keith and Veronica Mars. Keith Mars Sr. is a police captain in Seattle. However he has not been checking out Aaron Echolls in any way. He has some contacts and close friends who could certainly pull off getting the information yet Leon can find no indication he has done so. He probably also has the resources to make the DVDs but he doesn't appear to have done so. Leon can't find any communication between Keith Sr., Keith Jr., and Veronica that is out of the ordinary. Keith Sr. talks to Veronica on the phone at least once a week. Leon listened to their last conversation and there was nothing out of the ordinary in it. He also listened to the last conversation between Keith Sr. and Jr. and it was also non descript. Although he did learn that Keith Mars is still not happy that his daughter is dating Logan Echolls. Their phone calls for the past few months have followed the same pattern. There is no indication that any of the Mars are in any way responsible for the DVDs or obtaining the information on the DVDs.

Keith Sr. and Keith Jr. both have friends in other fields of law enforcement. He painstakingly checked out their contacts and came up blank. No one from any law enforcement field seems to be making a case against Aaron Echolls. Leon is not sure if that is good or bad news. It is good that Aaron Echolls won't be immediately facing charges but if the second DVD gets out, some trigger happy DA may decide to press charges. It's unlikely they will stick being as it is Aaron Echolls who is involved but the hospital records and pictures would paint a very bad picture. On the other hand it is really bad news that whoever is going after Aaron Echolls has kept his or her reasons quiet. If that DVD gets out, the sexiest man of the year will not be making any more films. His career will essentially be over. Plus if either Lynn or Logan Echolls speaks out, it will be very bad for Aaron. He doesn't seem worried about that though and Leon cynically thinks it is because he holds the purse strings.

Keith Jr. is a Sheriff that would not hesitate to arrest Aaron Echolls if he had a reason to. He is a pretty good man by all accounts. Leon doesn't think that Keith Jr. or Veronica are involved. He also can't find any contact between Lynn Echolls and Sheriff Mars. If she did try and get his help, he would have arrested Aaron so Leon is inclined to think that the Mars family is not involved.

Leon is frustrated. He cannot find out who put the DVDs together, who got the information and the only people to benefit from the demand are Lynn and Logan Echolls. Neither of them has the resources to pull this off and neither has done anything different in the last few months to make Leon suspicious that they are planning something this detailed.

Right now he has no information as to who is setting Aaron Echolls up. The final question is going to be does he want the scandal of his own history of abuse, his infidelity to his wife and his son's frequent hospitalizations or does he want to allow Lynn Echolls to divorce him.

Aaron throws his glass across the hotel room watching as it smashing satisfyingly against the cream colored wall. What his idiot investigator doesn't know is that there was a prepaid cell phone included in the last package. Aaron is to call it before the deadline of one week if he doesn't want the information released to the press. He will find out what this person really wants and he will deal with him. There is no way he is going to have his reputation ruined and there is no way that he is going to divorce Lynn. She is not going to get any of his money. He worked hard for it. She and his weak son just spend it. Confidently Aaron picks up the cell phone and dials. He will handle this himself.

Back in Neptune

Logan holds Veronica close as they dance. Dinner had turned out very well. The food and atmosphere were excellent. Veronica loved the necklace he bought her. It actually made him love her more that she obviously didn't know the type of metal it was or the type of diamond. She knew it was expensive but had no idea how much he paid. Lilly and the other 09er girls are a lot more discerning than Veronica about jewelry. Veronica just appreciated that he had it made for her.

She surprised him by framing two pictures for him. One was of Veronica and his mother sitting together on the couch. It was obviously posed. They were both wearing black simple dresses. He remembers they went to a local theater performance together. Veronica must have set her camera to take the picture before they left. The second picture was of Logan and Veronica standing together after surfing. They were both wearing wet suits. Veronica's hair was in adorable pigtails and they were both holding their boards and laughing together. Although they weren't touching, they were standing closely. It wasn't a posed picture as such but their relationship is clear. Logan absolutely loved both pictures. One of his girls and one of him and his surfer girl. They were both framed in masculine leather frames.

Looking up at Logan Veronica pulls her hand from around his neck and gently fingers her necklace. She meets his gaze and says, "I love my necklace."

"Good," he smiles and adds sincerely, "I love my pictures."

Her gaze is a little coy when she says, "I bought myself a present as well."

Puzzled he asks, "What did you buy yourself?"

Now smirking she leans closer and whispers, "I am wearing it under my dress."

Immediately catching on, he says, "Well it sounds like it might be a gift we both could enjoy."

Faking puzzlement she says, "Do you really think so?"

Nodding solemnly he says, "I really do."

"Well," she frowns adorably, "I don't want to be selfish." Putting her arm back around his neck she leans into her sexy man and cutely offers, "I guess I could lend it to you to wear if you want."

Truly amused at her manner his focus remains on her. He quickly counter offers, "How about I look at it on you and see if I am interested in borrowing it."

Channeling her inner blonde cheerleader she offers helpfully, "I could model it for you."

"An excellent idea," he enthuses, "There is a big mirror in my bedroom we would use to show it from all angles."

Meeting his gaze she smiles slowly conceding he is a match for her in the wit department. She tries another tact, "You know we both came here to have fun, dance and spend time with our friends."

Logan nods wondering a little where she was going with this.

Pouting up at him she asks, "Do you think we have spent enough time tonight with our friends?"

"I do," he answers immediately eliciting a happy smile from his girlfriend. He looks around at their friends. Luke and Erica are dancing. Cassidy and Mac are sitting with some of Cassidy's film study friends. He sees Duncan has now selected a sophomore whose name has escaped Logan's memory to sit with. Leo had come to the dance for a while but he and Meg have now left. Lilly had not come to the dance at all and Logan hoped that she wasn't getting into too much trouble. Dick and John both came with new girlfriends leaving Madison and Pam out in the cold. "I really do," he concludes. For once, Logan was not part of the drama. He was there with his girlfriend partaking of the high school tradition.

Pretending to think hard, she points out, "Well we have two choices now. You can dance me over to the door and we can sneak out or I could slap your face, run out and you could chase me."

Laughing at her he says, "I will dance you to the door my sweet."

Shrugging she says, "OK, but the other way would be quicker."

Leaning in he nuzzles her temple and down her cheek as he dances her towards the exit. He whispers, "I really like being the couple out of the limelight."

Veronica questions, "You aren't bored yet?"

Seeing that she is a little concerned about how quiet their relationship is, he reassures her, "Ronnie, our relationship is the best thing in my life. I wake up happy each morning knowing that I am the lucky guy who gets to date Veronica Mars."

Deeply touched she leans up and gently bites his earlobe, "In a few short minutes I am going to show you how much I like being Logan's Girl."

"Fuck it," he says reaching down picking her up bridal style. She laughs as he carries her out of the gymnasium.