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Chapter One: Puzzle Box

Cairo, Egypt

" Sacred Stones," A woman's voice rang out threw the library, "Sculpture and Aesthetics, Socrates, Seth, volume one, volume two and volume three…"

" You know if you keep talking to you're self people are going to think you're mad." A smooth voice drawled making the other one jump in surprise. She looked over where the voice came from to see her older sister, by a year, standing at the doorway. They looked at lot alike, except for the fact Katherine had black straight hair that went down to her waist and pretty hazel eyes, she was taller than Evie standing at 5'6 and her face structure was sharper, her skin was tanner and she was more curvy than Evie.

" Katharine, what on earth are you doing here? Where's Adonis?" she asked. Adonis was her sister's wolf, which she grew up with and he never left her side. Katharine shrugged.

" I came to see if my favorite sibling would like to join me for lunch." She said casually, " as for Adonis he's out side, Evelyn. I know how much last time the curator got annoyed when he's inside of his precious library." She said sarcastically. That's another thing that's different about the two. Evelyn was sweet and kind, were as Katharine was sarcastic and stubborn. Evelyn likes to read Egyptian history books where Katharine likes to play with her swords and throwing knifes. Katharine also knows as much as Evelyn dose when comes to Egypt. Evelyn smiled down at Katharine.

" I'll be right down." She said adjusting her reading glass. " I only have to put back…" she looked down at the book; her brow wrinkled in confusion. " T-Tuthmosis? What are you doing here? T, T, T, T, T ah T," she grunted and put the rest of the books on the self. Katharine groaned, she knew her little sister inside out and she knew it was going to be awhile.

" Well I guess I'll wait for you, what should I do?" she asked her self. Evelyn rolled her eyes.

" Read a book." She said. Katharine looked up at her and cocked her head; she open her mouth looking like she was going to said something but thought better of it. She closed her mouth as she turned on the heel of her boot and walked to the Egyptian history section. Evelyn smiled after her and the looked at the book she held. " I'm going to put you were you belong." She said to the book. She reached over the other side where the T's were and tried to put it back, she stretched and grunted with effort. The ladder was creaking and groaning but she ignored it, and then one more stretch the ladder balanced on two legs; she gasped.

" Katharine." She whispered almost afraid if she spoke any louder the ladder will fall

"Help." She whispered again. She lost her balance and fell on to the book self with a shriek.

Katharine was looking at the Egyptian gods book when she heard a loud bang and a loud shriek. She looked up and cocked her head.

" Evie?" she said, then all of the sudden the book self was falling on top of her, she yelped and gracefully jumped out of the way. She followed the book selves as one by one they fell almost like dominos.

" Oops." She looked at Evelyn who was standing in the middle of the mess.

" ' Oops'? OOPS! You could have be killed, I could have been killed; then it's good bye for the Carnahan sisters!" Katharine screeched quietly. Evelyn looked at her worried.

" Are you alr- " she started but was interrupted by the curator.

" What—How c—I – H-how " he stuttered then looked at the Carnahan's, Evelyn put a hand over her mouth and look down were as Katharine looked directly into the curator's eyes, he cringed as the hazel eyes blazed like the sun " Sons of the Pharaohs! Give me frogs! Flies! Locusts! Anything but you!" he shouted pointing at Evelyn, Katharine growled and took a step forward but Evie held her back, He continued, " Compared to you, the other plagues were a joy!"

" I am so very sorry. It was an accident." Evie said softly. He scoffed.

" My girl, when Rameses destroyed Syria, that was an accident. You…are a catastrophe! Look at my library! * Sigh* Why do I put up with you?" he asked. Katharine who was quiet through most of this spoke up.

" You put up with her because she can read and write ancient Egyptian and she can decipher hieroglyphics and hieratic and, well she is the only person- well except me of course, but why would I do anything for you- within a thousand miles who knows how to properly code and catalog this library, that's why!" she hissed at him. He rolled his eyes

" I put up with her because your father and mother were our finest patrons" he said to her, she cringed at the mention of their parents " Allah rest their souls" he said in a softer tone when he saw how it effected them at the mention of their mother and father, he then looked at Evie " Now I don't care how you do it, I don't care how long it takes. Straighten up this meshiver!" he said in a hard tone. With that he spun of his heel and went back to his office, he's last thoughts were: Carnahan's!

Evie looked at her sister " Thanks Kat, for sticking up for me that is" she said quietly, Kat looked at her and smiled.

" Don't mention it. It was a pleasure… I hate that man " she murmured as they stared around the room. Kat opened her mouth about to say something when a loud thud cut her off. They shared a confused look as they made their way towards the noise. Evie and Kat found their selves in the mummy room, they stayed at the entrance.

" Hello?" Evie called out no one answered, Kat began to walk inside; she pulled out a silver dagger with Egyptian markings on it and the handle had gold swirls on it. Evie gave her a look but followed, not before grabbing a torch.

" Abdul?" she said to a sarcophagus like it was going to answer back, Kat rolled her eyes as her sister continued. " Mohammed? Bob?" she said her voice got higher at the end. Kat snorted at the last name. Bob? There was another thud; Evie gasped as Kat held her dagger tighter. They made their way to the sarcophagus where the thud came from. When they got to it Evie looked inside, all of the sudden a mummy jumped out with a screeched. Evie screamed as Kat threw her dagger hitting it in the middle of its head. A masculine laugh came from the sarcophagus, and their Big brother Jonathan Carnahan sat up.

" Have you no respect for the dead?" Evie said breathless. Jon chuckled as Kat flipped her straight hair over her shoulder, rolling her eyes. Then she pulled out the dagger and pointed it at him with a fierce glare.

" Of course I do! But sometimes I'd rather like to join them." He said playing with the mummy's arm Kat placed the dagger at the base of Jon's throat.

" That can be arranged." She hissed, she could feel him swallow as he pushed the dagger away from his throat with a finger and grinned nervously at her, she smiled innocently back.

" Well, I wish you would do it before you ruin my career the way you've ruined yours. Now get out!" Evie said smacking him on the cheek.

" My dear sweat Baby sisters…(hiccup) I'll have you …know that at this precise moment my career is on a high note." He said getting out

" ' High Note'. Ha!" Kat laughed

" Jonathan, please, I'm really not in the mood for you. I've just made a bit of a mess in the library…and the Bmbridge scholars have rejected my application form again. They say I don't have enough experience in the field." She said sitting down.

" What! Those sons of a b-" Kat started

"Language!" Evie scolded, Kat raised an eyebrow she thought it was strange that her younger sister had to scold her like a child, but she was always the mature one in the family. Kat looked over at Jon and inclined her head towards Evie, nodding Jon walked over to her with Kat by his side they kneeled down beside her and grinned.

" You'll always have us old mum." They said together Evie smiled at them happy to have two of the people she loves the most with her.

" Besides, I have just the thing to cheer you up." He said walking back to the sarcophagus raising the mummy's leg looking for whatever the hell he was looking for.

" Oh no, Jonathan not another worthless trinket" she whined

"You want some cheese to go with that whine?" Kat smirked as Evie Glared at her.

" If I have to take one more piece of junk to the curator to try and…" Evie trailed off as Jon Held it out in front of her. Kat lend in to get a better look; in the middle of Jon's hand was a black puzzle box. " –Sell for you." She finished

" Where did you get this?" Kat Said softly as Evie gave it to her

" In a dig down n Thebes." He said looking at her " My whole life I've never found anything, Kat, please tell me I've found something." He pleaded as Kat looked at the inscriptions on the puzzle box. She place her fingers on the right marks and it suddenly opened with a click

" Jon," Kat whispered as she pulled out a map Jon swallowed.

" Yes?"

"I think you found something." She said and looked at her siblings with a wicked grin.

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