It's time to do Sophie of The Quads! Wasn't easy to think of.

Sophie slept undisturbed in her bed one night as the Nightmare King burst through her ceiling, still dressed as Drunkman. "Swiveling swords, Beer Boy! This girl's sound asleep!"

"Pouncing plumbers, Drunkman! We should scare her somehow!"

"One step ahead of you! No magic person can resist my Nightmare Vision!"

"Can I kiss her in her sleep to wake her up?"

"Of course you can…when the author abandons 10/11.0!" With that, the King laughed as he gave Sophie a nightmare.

Inside her nightmare, Sophie awoke to the morning sun, yawning as she got out of bed. She then went into the bathroom to wash her eyes out with water, then screamed when all that came out was blood. She then dashed into the kitchen, where she found her brother and sisters, and shouted, "Why does my bathroom sink have blood?"

"Oh yeah, about that…" Buddy began. "Apparently, the Ocean Spirit's all pissed at something or something, so he placed a curse on this town, so that all the water becomes blood."

"WHAT?" Sophie screamed, running over to turn on the kitchen sink, only for more blood to come out. She ran to get a glass of water from the fridge, but there were only glasses of blood. She immediately ran outside to blow up one of the fire hydrants with her firepowers, but more blood shot out. "ISN'T THERE ANY WATER?"

Just then, she heard a loud clap of thunder and looked up to see storm clouds gathering.

"Oh, thank God!" As she held out her tongue to catch raindrops in her mouth, she ended up catching raining drops of blood. "NOOOOOOOO!"

Sophie finally awoke in her room, gasping for air. "Phew! It was only a nightmare!"

"Another nightmare delivered, thanks to Drunkman-"


"HUH?" Sophie exclaimed.

"Thank you for your generous services, young maiden!"

"Uh…you're welcome?"

"Hey, you're really pretty! Wanna go out some time?" 'Beer Boy' asked.


"No worries! We have other kids to scare! UP UP! AND AWAY!" With that, they/he took off, leaving Sophie speechless.

Just then, Morgan burst in and said, "Sophie! Are you okay? I heard a crashing sound."

"Morgan, it was awful! Some drunken spirit burst in here and hit on me!"

"Aw…I know what'll make you feel better! BUDDY! SOPHIE NEEDS A HEAD MASSAGE! NOW!"


"Because I'M the master and YOU'RE the pet! Now, HURRY UP!"

Buddy sighed. "Coming."

Well, there we go. I'm running out of nightmare ideas, so yeah. Also, EEVEE, I CAN'T DO BLOSSOM BECAUSE IT'S TOO LATE FOR HER TO EXIST IN MY UNIVERSE! Later.