Chapter One: Meeting the Parents

Aria POV

"Baby, turn the damn thing off." Ezra grumbled from behind me at the alarm clock that wouldn't seem to stop ringing.

"We should get up." I sighed.

"At 5:23 in the morning? On a Saturday? Do I have 'I'm all awake and chipper at the crack of dawn everyday' written on some part of my body?" He asked, flipping me around so I could see his bare torso.

"I get it! Do you have to be so grumpy about it? How about a simple 'Aria, babe, it's a Saturday and I want to sleep in'? You're acting like I'm making you go buy tampons for me or something." I huffed angrily and resumed my former position.

"I'm sorry. I'll try to be less grumpy. Plus, I've bought tampons for you before. It's actually really easy. Go to the feminine isle, quietly pick up 2 boxes, and walk out. Pick up a chocolate bar and try to ignore the gay cashier trying to get his number down on the back of your receipt." I laughed.

"See, now you're not mad anymore!" Ezra cheered, kissing my shoulder.

"Nope. Now I'm tired," I said. We both fell asleep again.

A lot has changed since high school. I am 19 years old and go to Stamford. Ezra and I moved to California after I graduated and we both came clean to my parents when we moved in together. Let's just say, I haven't talked to my father in 2 years and my mother calls me once a week to check up on me.

Ezra got a teaching job at a nearby local college and taught English there while I went to school and worked part-time as a waitress. Despite our hectic schedules, we managed to take time out for each other.

My friends and I were still close. We've gotten closer since A stopped tormenting us. Spencer had just had her first baby with Toby Cavanaugh. Her name was Nina Marie Cavanaugh. Emily was in a happy relationship with Samara. Hanna and Caleb were married.

My life was perfect. Ezra tried so hard to make me happy but in the end, the fact that made me happy was that at 27 years and our 3 years together, he would never leave me.

We both woke up at a knock on the front door.

Ezra and I both got out of bed and went to go answer the door.

There were 2 men and 1 woman at the door who Ezra seemed to recognize.

"Mom? Dad? David? What are you all doing here?" He asked, completely shocked. The woman- his mother- walked up to him and lightly slapped him.

"I see you after 2 years and that's what you have to say to me? And who is this young, disheveled lady?" She asked, looking me up and down.

"I'm Aria Montgomery."

At the same time Ezra said, "She's my girlfriend."

The look on her face changed to a more narrowed, "Get the hell away from my son" look.

"Aria, this is my mom, LeAnne, my dad, Richard, and my stepdad, David."