How have you all been doing on my long break from ?

Hopefully well.

I'm just here to say farewell. I know, tears are coming, aren't they? It's been a fun ride, but it's coming to an end.


I will still be on WattPad and I have signed up for archiveofourown. I MIGHT POST STORIES ON THESE WEBSITES.

Soooo, if you wanna read them come on over and say hi, will ya?! I love all of you tons and tons.

I might come back here every once in a while, but I've said that quite a bit, haven't I?

I'm just not that into these stories anymore. When I start things, I never really tend to finish them so yeah... Maybe you guys will come visit me over on those two websites I mentioned earlier? If you do, tell me that you came from here! Just curious to see how many people will actually do it. (I wish I could use emojis on here... the struggle... sorry sometimes I think I'm funny)

Signing off,