Oh Bad Boy, My Bad Boy

Chapter 1: Meet 'n' Greet

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Summary: AU, BadBoy!Blaine transfer to Kurt's school from Dalton. Kurt hadn't notice that he was full on staring at the "Greek god". Okay sue him he had already given this hot guy a nickname, wouldn't you do the same?

Author's Note: Hey Guys, This is just an edited version of the first chapter by Miss Lianne (Lianneeatworld[dot]tumblr[dot]com).

It was like any other day for Kurt Hummel. His alarm went off at its usual time with a startle. Making breakfast alongside Carol, he felt almost as if his life was boring. It was the same routine day in and day out. He watched as Finn scoffed the food down his throat, nibbled a bit on his pancake, and ran upstairs to get ready for school. After much consideration, he decided that a pair of skinny jeans and a Marc Jacobs grey button down with his Alexander McQueen jacket would be the perfect outfit. Checking his hair in the mirror one last time, he straightened his jacked and stepped outside of his room.

"Come on, Kurt. I need to go; Rachel wants to go over some songs for Glee club before school starts!" Finn yelled from the bottom of the stairs. He didn't seem very enthusiastic about Rachel controlling his mornings, but I guess as long as he's 'getting some', as Puck likes to say, Finn didn't seem to mind too much.

"Alright, I'm coming!" Kurt yelled back before walking back into his room, grabbing his bag off the bed and walking down the stairs. He pulled his keys out of his pocket while opening the door, stepping out into the bright and early morning with Finn tailing behind him.

"You know, you take so much time to get ready. I really don't see the point," Finn stated as he opened the passenger's door of the SUV.

"Well Finn, if you invested more time into your appearance you might understand." Kurt commented back, almost coldly, as he started the car. Finn opened his mouth, about to question Kurt, "And before you ask, yes it is your day for the radio," Kurt turned to him, rolling his eyes, "But because of that sly comment you made, I'm thinking about skipping your day." Kurt snapped at Finn.

"Shit, okay. Note to self; do not talk to Kurt about fashion," Finn said with a small smile. Kurt wasn't going to lie to himself, Finn was a good brother. He watched out for Kurt and Kurt knew that snapping at him was unneeded, but he was a little on the edge about attending school in the first place – School meant bullies, which meant Kurt getting injured emotionally or physically; sometimes both.

"Good," Kurt responded, smiling at Finn as he put the car into reverse and sped down the road. Finn played with the radio for the first 10 minutes of the drive but found a radio station quickly after. The rest of the ride went by rapidly. Kurt parked in his same old spot in the car park.

"Thanks Kurt, see you around," Finn gave me the farewell nod as he ran off to meet up with Rachel. He is so whipped,Kurt giggled inwardly.

The sound of a motorcycle driving into the school's parking lot interrupted his thought. Looking up, he watched it as it slowed down and parked a couple of spaces away from Kurt. With a gasp, Kurt took in the driver of the bike.

The black and white converse shoes, which were partially hidden beneath black skinny jeans that hug to the rider's thighs in just the right way and a brown leather jacket that cover the top half of the rider. As the rider dismounted the bike, and took off his helmet. Kurt instantly shivered in awe. Seeing his face for the first time was like a gust of cool wind on a hot summer's day.

Holy crap, that face could cause someone to get into an accident if they got too distracted. Hell, Kurt thought to himself, I definitely would if I saw that in the lane next to me.

Kurt studied his face, which went perfectly along with his body, as if he was a God or something. Which Kurt would never mention aloud to anyone. Nope. Never.

Kurt hadn't even noticed that he was full on staring at the "Greek God" before the very boy – no, man- turned to him. Okay, sue Kurt. He had already given this hot guy a nickname; but come on, wouldn't you do the same? Anyways, this "Greek God" was practically staring into his soul with those hazel eyes of his, boring into Kurt's face. Kurt dropped his eyes and looked towards the school with a blush. He quickly shut the door to his car, and opened the back door to get his bag out of the trunk.

"Hey babe,Hhh" A silky voice was made known, which made Kurt jump with fright. He turned around to see the Greek God leaning against his car still with his eyes directly focused on Kurt's rear end. Kurt turned bright red as he closed the door with a little too much force, snapping the man in front of him out of his daze, "You've got quite the backside," He said with a suggestive wink. That burned something in Kurt. I've been harassed by way too many people to let this new jack ass try to pull that shit on me.

"My eyes are up here," Kurt snapped, slamming the trunk shut, "Don't try that with me, new kid." He pulled the strap of his back onto his shoulder and stalked off.

"Those skin tight jeans are doing quite the job of show casing it." He seemed to be walking behind Kurt, yelling after him, "By the way who's the designer so I can send them a thank you note?" Kurt stopped instantaneously and turned on his heels, glaring at the Greek God. He walked up to him until they were nose to nose.

"You are quite the gentlemen," Kurt said, sarcasm dripping from his voice. He was just getting started.

"Yeah actually, I am," He stated, a cocky smirk upon his features, "but you can call me Anderson, Blaine Anderson," Blaine paused, licking his lips with a promiscuous glint in his eyes, "See you around, babe," he said deep and flirtatiously, lightly smacking Kurt's rear end (which got a small squeak for a response) before he stalked off in the other direction.

Fuming, Kurt yelled after Blaine, "It's Kurt Hummel, thank you very much!"

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