How Long?

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Rose Weasley is nothing but stubborn considering the color of her hair. So, naturally when Ron told her at the age of eleven, upon seeing the blond haired, gray- eyed boy, to beat him at every turn, she simply brushed off his command as a mere suggestion (that she did not take to).

Scorpius Malfoy, if anything like his father, is arrogant. So, naturally when his father told him to make sure he beat Rose at every mark, he rolled his eyes. After all, he is not a house elf his father can force to do his bidding.

They both didn't realize at the age of eleven what fate would concoct in the elimination of the generational feud between a Malfoy and a Weasley.

"...that is why you need to add the salamander scales before the dra...Scorpius! I can see the faces you are pulling regardless of how big the book that is open in front of me is."

"Rose, its Saturday. I don't care why I got that question wrong and why you got it right. All I know is that it's the weekend and I have quidditch practice. You big know it all."

"You're such a prat, Malfoy"

"But that is why you love me, Rosie." Scorpious replied with a grin, not a smirk. Rose is "Malfoy's" best friend after all.

"Stop calling me that Scorpie."

Scorpius rolled his eyes at the retort. Didn't she know he found that name endearing?

"Good one Weasley, you're insults crush me, they really do."

"No, but our quidditch team does, Captain." Scorpius groaned. Gryffindor won every bloody year. Damn Potters and Weasleys that all happen to make up at least half of that blasted house. Scorpius loathed admitting that, well damn, that family can sure play quidditch.

"Not this year Rose, Slytherin will PREVAIL!" Scorpius responded in a tone that could give King Arthur a run for his money. "We'll show you. You just bloody wait. Potter will..."

"Okay, I get it Scorp, calm down."

Rose and Scorpius began walking down the hall once again, heading towards the lake before Scorpius had to make his way over to the pitch for quidditch practice.

"Scorpius!" an all to familiar voice replied.

A slow smile appeared in Scorpious face along with a sense of dread that appeared in Rose's being. They both stopped and turned back slowly to see Ashley Parkinson, Scorpius' girlfriend. They waited for her to catch up as she jogged toward them. Her jet black locks bouncing behind her as her long olive legs graced the floor in elegant sweeps in her attempt to catch up to the two of them.

Ashley finally stood in front of them smiling. When faced up front with Ashley Parkinson, one would notice the gentle point of her aristocratic nose and the way her straight, pearly white teeth would shine like it was puking out sunshine. One would also notice the perfect arch of eyebrows that glided over cobalt blue eyes that resembled beaches only seen in magazine ads. Ashley Parkinson was perfect: Pure blood heiress, tanned and beautiful, and a personality that matched her looks. Rose couldn't even complain because Ashley was just so nice it made her retch. Did I forget to mention she played quidditch too. We'll I'll be damned Rose thought begrudgingly.

"Hey," Ashley replied, somewhat out of breath. Rose nodded in reply while Malfoy bent down to give his girlfriend a short peck on the lips. They weren't paying attention to Rose anyway, why bother with descent pleasantries.

"Do you mind if I join you two? I have nothing to do before practice and I saw you two walking down the hall. I thought we could just both make our way over towards the pitch," Ashley reasoned.

Scorpius looked at Rose with a slightly hesitant stare requesting permission. "Sure," Rose replied bluntly.

Both Scorpius and Ashley smiled even wider, showing off two pairs of brilliant smiles. They are perfect for each other Rose admitted sourly. The trio made their way towards the lake, Scorpius and Ashley holding hands and Rose feeling like the third wheel. She hated hanging out with them when they were altogether.

Ashley took Scorpius away. He was her best friend long before he became her boyfriend. She wasn't jealous he was with her. She was jealous he wasn't making time for Rose. Ashley would interrupt them whenever they were alone. It wasn't fair. Rose missed him. Rose didn't harbor a secret crush on her best friend. She harbored a secret resentment against their relationship. Rose Weasley hated being second best.

He's my best friend not hers Rose reasoned inwardly.


He should be spending time with me.


He should be studying in the library with me every Friday instead of inside a cupboard, like we used to.


He should be sharing secrets with me instead of her...

"Rose watch ou..."


Pain. Head- splitting, mind-blowing, skull- crashing pain was all Rose Weasley felt after walking head first into one of the pillars supporting Hogwart's massive structure. Rose could feel blood dripping down her skull and can almost feel her forehead begin to swell.

"Bloody hell." Rose sighed as she felt her forehead. She withdrew her hand immediately and cringed with pain.

"Are you okay, Rosie?"

Rose froze. She could feel her face flare up and spread all over her body. She forgot he was there. Shit! She forgot SHE was there. How humiliating!

" 'M fine." She grumbled as Scorpius roared with laughter after realizing there was nothing to worry about. Ashley looked at him pointedly and he began to sober up.

"Are you sure Rose?" Ashley asked with sympathy.

"I'm bloody fine alright!" Ashley winced at the outburst while Scorpius sighed.

With that she got back up and turned around with a reply, "I'm going to the hospital wing Scorp. I'll see you later."

All she heard was "Don't let her outburst bother you, she was just embarrassed," Scorpius said soothingly towards Ashley, "She is a red head after all." he joked as Ashley giggled.

The next day Scorpius and Rose were sitting in double potions when Scorpius spoke up.

"How's the globe?"

Rose grumbled. Not now.

"Shut up Malfoy! Don't start."

"Oh come on Rose, if you can't laugh about it."

"Shut up Malfoy." Rose replied tiredly. It was still highly embarrassing. Everyone asked her about the patch placed on her forehead. After a while she began to get tired of explaining the incident. Knowing she can always trust on Scorpius to make her feel better, he began to explain the incident with an air of amusement and best of all, he never got tired of explaining, the prat!

Least to say, she never heard the end of it from her family...or Scorp for that matter.

He nudged her. Once. Twice. "What do you want?" Rose snapped without looking up, ready for another joke at her expense. A girl can only take so much.

She felt him squeeze her arm and it instantly heated up the patch of skin it came into contact with. She immediately averted her gaze from her parchment to his alabaster colored hand that was resting on her arm that was so different from her pale skin, adorned with freckles. It was like it didn't belong there. Rose was confused by the reaction. She never felt warm when Scorpius touched her. She looked up instantly while shaking off the feeling. She was met with Scorpius eyes drawn down in concern and his mouth thinning into a line of worry.

"Seriously, are you okay?" with that sentence alone Rose knew she wasn't mad anymore. How could she be? He was her best friend and vice versa. How can she when he was so concerned over a little bump on her forehead.

She smiled. "I'm fine, Scorp, really."

He returned it warmly. His smile was beautiful and when directed right at her, Rose felt all her worries melt away. "Good, cause this is too good to forget."

Rose shook her head knowing he was never going to let it go for the rest of their lives, and maybe to also erase the feelings of her stomach fluttering. Maybe I have a cold she thought. It'll explain the warmth from earlier and the flutter. The bell rang signaling the end of class.

Rose gathered her things, "Scorp, I'm going to the infirmary...I think I have cold." She added when she saw his brows dip.

"Oh, okay. You okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll just see you in Charms later."

"Okay," Scorpius replied behind him. He already made his way towards the door and took Ashley's hand as soon as Rose quelled his inquiry.

Rose's stomach lurched upon the sight. I must really be sick she thought as she headed towards the hospital wing.

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