10 years ago...

"You keep her! I don't want her!"

A six year old Talisha Spalko loomed cautiously in the shadows of the dark hall. Head between the mahogany banister poles. Surveying from the stairway. Praying not to be seen. A man she had not seen or heard of before had come for a visit. He was conversing with her mother, who seemed rather furious. A sharp sound of a slap filled the air. To stifle any scream that she would most likely emit. The girl clasped her hand over her mouth.

"If you did not wish for me to conceive a child, why did you do it to me! Can you answer me that?"

"Impregnating you was the last thing on my mind. If I did know that I was going to father an ugly witch I wouldn't have bothered. The world doesn't need two of you after all!" She prepared to hit him again, but he punched her hard in the stomach. She doubled over coughing. While she was crouched over in pain, he stepped forward, his callused hands made their way to her thighs, rubbing them slowly. Like he had done that night...He grimaced mockingly as she gasped and widened her eyes. The woman could sense what he wanted. His hands moved to her shirt and slowly, he began to unbutton it...No!...never again! Before she could submit to his vile display of what he liked to call 'a good time' She pushed him away and fastened her shirt. All the while, Talisha, confused and scared, watched the scene unfold. It was then she realized the man had a startling resemblance to herself...strange.

"Get out!" She had had enough. The man was so vulgar, and annoying. She did not want to have Talisha see him. He could hurt her if he wanted too. That was not going to happen. Irina would never allow it, never to her own child.

"Let me see her!"

Quick to notice that he was coming closer to her again. She snapped. "OUT!" Talisha could hear the "Shh" noise of mother's rapier being unsheathed. Mostly likely, it was being used against the man's neck. The man's eyes widened with terror. She nodded curtly at his fear stricken expression and removed the rapier from his throat, leaving a small cut.


The door then closed with a thud , he was gone. Remaining with her back to the stairway. Her mother's deep, throaty voiced murmured ever so coolly "Shouldn't you be in bed?"

Startled, Talisha was quick to descend the stairs and scurry to her mother's side. "Mama? Who was that man?"

Irina Spalko calmly locked the front door and set a hand on her daughters shoulder. Guiding her into the sitting room. She was never really a gentle woman. Neither was she a woman to show affection. But this was her daughter, her only exception. Sitting down on the leather couch, being extra cautious as to not sit on Fido, the St Bernard's puppy that Talisha had insisted they keep, Irina held out her arms. Her daughter happily plopped down on her lap and nuzzled into her warmth. Irina played with Talisha's hair and pulled a blanket over the both of them, before holding the child close. It felt good to have somebody to love.

"That was your father.." She had a somewhat distant tone to her voice.

"My father?"

"Yes darling." She lifted her face with two of her fingers and gazed softly into the girl's puppy dog-like eyes. "He is a vile cruel man, I do not wish for you to know him."

"Why?" Talisha was confused. Surely she should know who her father was. Right?

Irina swallowed her pride. "Baby, if I tell you this, you must promise to believe that I will love you no matter what. I'd die for you if I had to." She wanted to put the thought in the back of her thoughts, But she knew that she had to tell her little girl eventually.

"I promise."

"You..I..I didn't plan on conceiving you. I was attacked before you were born." a throat formed in her throat. "It meant that there was I chance I would be impregnated...and I was."

"W-what?" Talisha felt as though she had been hit by a car. She was a mistake?.. Bolting out of her mothers grasp, she eyed her sadly, before looking away. Irina held the girls face in her hands, desperate for her understanding of the situation. But it didn't come. Talisha still forced herself to look away.

"I was so scared when I found out I was expecting. But then you were born and you were the best thing that had ever happened to me."

"I was a mistake.." Tears were now welling up in the child's eyes. This was exactly what Irina had feared.

"No Darling, please try to understand that I love you. I-"

"No..I was a mistake..You never wished for me to be born.." She released herself from her mothers grasp and ran, to her bedroom, collapsed onto the be and vented out all her tears, sobbing loudly...A mistake..Shortly after, Irina came to knock on he child's door. She could hear the crying and despised herself for it. Such a foolish deed to mention it like that.


Talisha did not respond. Sighing, and feeling a great deal of stabbing guilt in her heart, Irina scurried to her own bedroom, and for the first time in many a moon, she wept. Falling asleep not too long after.

10 years later..

Irina Spalko watched on at her daughter peacefully. A small smile threatened to grow across her lips. It was such an odd thing to be so relaxed over. But Talisha had that quality about her -always bringing happiness- Irina had noticed that the child's sleep was being disturbed. Her body was shifting violently. She dreaming about it again. That night when HE came. Gently, she reached out and stroked her cheek util she awoke from her slumber. "Talisha Spalko,are you ill child?

"No mama" The young lady mumbled softly, rising from her peaceful slumber and running her twigged fingers through her now rather tangled hair. Her eyes met with her mothers in an icy cold blue stare. The intimidating bob cut accentuating them perfectly. Her mother. Irina Spalko did not scare her. She never did, things had changed. The KGB had hardened any emotion of affection emitted from her. Now even to her own daughter. Over the years they found themselves drifting away from each other. Irina thought it was school stresses...That was incorrect though. In actual fact it was that same reason that Talisha had cried herself to sleep so many years ago. Her own daughter felt unwanted..a burden in Irina's life. She felt as though keeping her distance would solve any issues that she or her mother would face. It felt so heartbreaking though..but then again, life is never easy.

"Would you kindly pay attention to our mission?" Her cold gaze softened as Talisha smiled at her, batting her eyelids...Such a beautiful child.

"Mhmm.." She began to drift off again. A gentle slap across her face alarmed her. "What was that for?" Her voiced deepened as her accent strengthened. She was now scowling. Not really meaning too. It wasn't even a hard slap. She loved her mother dearly and hated to show an signs of hatred towards her.

"I said pay attention. And do not grimace at me Talisha. I will not have it. Do you understand?"

"Yes mother. I'm sorry.." She looked up apologetically. Irina smiled acceptingly and relaxed in her seat. The passengers seat, located at the front of the car. They were sitting in a militarised vehicle at the rear end of a Soviet military convoy run by Colonel Dr Irina Spalko herself. Through a deserted road in Nevada on an important mission. That mission was a mystery to Talisha. She didn't care to ask the details. Not until now. "Mama?"

"Yes baby?" He accent deepened as she called her 'baby' It was hard for her to show affection these days. It was also unusual for someone of such a high rank to use a word that. Especially -the 'emotionless cow' or 'poisonous bitch' as her colleagues referred to her as- She seemed far to high classed to be using silly pet names for a 16 year old. But it was her way of showing that she did care for her little girl. Weather Talisha saw it or not was a different matter.

"Where are we going?"

Irina hesitated. She didn't think this far. Her daughter had never asked any questions before so she assumed it would be the same now. Taking a breath, she stated all the information she was permitted to give. "To a warehouse, I have been instructed to locate a container of some sort. That is all you need know."

"What's in i-"

"I can't tell you." She wanted to tell her. She wanted to SO bad. But she could not. Stalin would skin her alive should he find out that his fair haired girl had spread strictly confidential information. Irina never talked of her relationship with the man. He was far stronger and more powerful than her and he could easily have Irina faced by a firing squad with a single snap of the fingers. He was also capable of doing things to woman that nobody would ever wish to think of. Stalin was a womanising piece of scum and only Irina would be the one to know that...for now.

"Talisha!" Irina raised her left arm. Hushing her. She certainly did not want to argue with her. She would only say things that she would regret later on.


Again they sat in silence. Irina decided to keep it this way. She had to avoid any more questions. Tal' wouldn't understand what was happening anyhow, she was just a child...actually, no, she was not. She was 16 years old...but anyway, she would find out in time. Besides. They had something else to worry about. Talisha watched on through the window. Intently. As the militarised cab came to a halt. By a guarded barrier. -strictly no entry- Of course. Their enemies were there. -Americans- This cannot be good. Talisha could sense that a horrific event was imminent. She could have not been any more correct, even if she tried. All she could hear were murmurs of one of them informing a very terrifying Antonin Dovchenko that entry was strictly prohibited. Without any reply, Dovchenko had knelt down to tie his shoe lace while the Americans were brutally slaughtered by Colonel Spalko's comrades. The gunshots roared through the air and cracked against the atmosphere like an old bull whip. Just the sheer audacity of the events shattered the young girls courage. Talisha's worst fears were confirmed. The Americans dropped dead to the ground like lumps of lead.

I would like to make a wee shout out to the rather fabulous Adrianna (lolagemeow) Without her help and encouragement I would never be this motivated to write stories. She is the genius mastermind that decided upon the name 'Talisha' and her fan fictions are amazing. It urge you to read and review her fics,trust me, they are so good! thank you. :)