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Irina Spalko stood lonesomely on the deciduous terrain outside of her private quarters. Arms folded, leaning against the tent pole that propped open the canvas entrance. Half her face illuminated with a warm glow and the rest cast in a dark shadow. The golden sun was only just rising in it's serenity after all. Such a beautiful sight. The world really was a enchanting place. So why was it ruined with militant bastards such as Antonin Dovchenko? Or Josef Stalin? Not only had they raped innocent women. They had killed people. A lot of them. Including those Americans. And all Irina had done about that matter was point a sword to her child's throat when she cried. Even though she did not mean it, even though she had been granted with the gift of forgiveness. That guilt would always remain in her heart. She peered through the tent flaps. Her iced-Sapphire eyes scanning the room and slowly falling upon her daughter, still asleep. Completely exhausted from the combat training she underwent the day previously. She had thought about waking her but was only 6am. Let the child rest, she deserves it. She loved this girl so much. More than life itself. Everyday since the mission had begun, she thought to herself: What would happen if Talisha were to die?..what if she got shot accidentally? What if she got hit by a car? What if?..Irina would never forgive herself if she let her daughter die. She shook those thoughts from her head. She really needed to start being more optimistic. Talisha was a strong fighter. Just like herself. In fact, yesterday during combat she even threatened, rather blood thirstily to cut off Dovchenko's balls in his sleep when he had gotten in the way of her rapier. He pulled back in terror and scattered. That thought made Irina chuckle. A part of her kind of wanted the child to cut off his balls in his sleep. He certainly deserved it anyway. At least her daughter was no longer frightened of him.

"What's so funny mama?" Talisha murmured groggily, arising from her peaceful slumber. Curious at the fact that her mother seemed to be laughing. Irina snapped out of her reverie at the sound of her daughter's voice. She was slightly startled but the realized that Talisha had been awake for a while now and was watching on as she stood there after a random outburst of chuckling. She knew her laughing was an unusual sight. To Talisha anyway. In all honesty it was about as uncommon as Dovchenko suddenly standing on a table in the mess hall, ripping off his shirt, throwing his hat to the crowd and exclaiming that he was homosexual and had a secret male to male love for General Stalin. Oh god if only..So she clamped her lips together and hushed herself before opening her mouth to speak again.

"Nothing that concerns you, my dear."She lied smiling to herself. Still unable to get the dark humored thoughts from her mind. This feeling was still very new to her. She was still generally the coldest woman that any of the agents had ever seen but something was changing. She was becoming..Friendlier? If that is the right word. She was laughing more, smiling more. Even making jokes that she would never have done previously. Ever since that night she had outed Dovchenko for his cruel deeds she had felt closer to her daughter. Like an uncontrollable force had reeled her in. Irina had felt more emotionally attached than ever to Talisha since she discovered all the pain she had to endure. Perhaps becoming more kindly was her way of patching up all the suffering, Reminding her baby girl that someone was there for her. That Someone did care. That someone did love her with all of their heart. That she would never have to go through that pain again. Not while her mother was around. No, never again.

"Whatever it was, ill ignore it just this once" Talisha smirked, swinging her legs over the bedside and slipping a pair of slippers on her dainty feet. She stretched her arms out and yawned tiresomely as she rose to her feet . Combing her thin digits through her matted hair. She winced in pain as she stretched once more and groaned in heavy annoyance. "God I'm still hurting like hell! That idiot socked me RIGHT in the ribs! I swear if that Dovchenko comes near me again when practising i-i-i'll-"She stopped mid yawn and looked at her mother who had been blissfully watching her the whole that look only a mother could give their child. Fighting back another chuckle at her daughter's dramatic start to the day. "What?"

"Good morning to you too."Was all She replied with.

"What time is it?"Asked Talisha, walking towards the partially cracked mirror in the corner of the canopy. A poor excuse for one but it would have to do. Staring at the reflection before her she hesitantly lifted her nightdress. Oh god how she hated the bruises that covered every inch of her body. Black, ugly bruises, mostly against her chest and abdomen. They were a mark that HE had left behind. All she wanted was to forget everything about him. Clear him from her mind, once and for all. Then perhaps the healing process could begin, and she could be happy again. She could act happy, yes. But she never really had felt truly happy for a long, long time. Especially after the last few days. Talisha grabbed her uniform before it was too much for her to bear looking at, and began to dress. Covering them would have to do for now.

"Must be late if I woke up naturally."She joked cautiously and she finished buttoning up her gymnasterka. Testing to see just how kind this 'new' Irina was.

"Actually it's barely seven in the morning."

"Really? wow! must be a record!" Talisha smirked. pulling on her breeches before slipping her feet into a pair of black boots, similar to that of her mothers. Irina's eyes opened widely in utter astonishment at the sight before her. That little girl who she once read stories to at night, was no longer a child. She knew that. ..But she could never quite believe it until that very moment. It was rather frightening how a simple outfit change could make such an imparting effect. What was once a sixteen year old girl, all innocent and dewey eyed, had turned into a woman. A warrior. A soldier ready to fight. She looked so much like her mother yet they both denied it frequently. After all, they saw the other as being too beautiful to look just like them. Once finished dressing Talisha sat on her cot and looked up inquisitively at her mother, who was now gently combing her hair in the very same mirror. Curiously she asked: "Any news? You know. On Marion? It's been like, a week since we have spoken." She hated asking of the matter but it needed to be mentioned, no matter how painful it was on her emotions. She was a KGB agent. Not a pathetic little school girl.

Ignoring her casual, Americanised choice of vocabulary that she must have picked up as they interacted with captives, the older woman spoke out coolly, arms folded and her gaze remaining cool and casual. She had been dreading having this be brought up. It had been days since she had asked Talisha to show Ms Williams how to escape. The child hadn't been too clear on how It went. All she had said was 'She trusted me, and now I have betrayed her. I hope you are happy.' It almost broke her heart to hear her daughter talk like that. Even days later it still played on her mind. Drawing in a small breath, she spoke out. "Not-"Irina began but was cut short by a soldier cavorting into the tent. Both woman recognized him as Agent Kurt. One of the younger and more feeble minded agents in the KGB. Not much older than Talisha actually. Both of them had practiced combat together many times before. Normally in his free time he would be such a care free young lad, like his comrades. Dancing and singing songs around the camp fire. But when it came to work, that had to go. It's rather scary actually. How different a person can be whilst working. Right that very second though, he looked panic stricken and fear could be seen in his eyes. Even sweat was glistening on his forehead. Irina approached him and hardened her stare. Speaking furiously with venom oozing through her teeth. She knew it upset her child to see her act this way towards other men but.. It had to be done. "And what may I ask are you doing here?"

"Please Colonel Doctor, we have an escaped prisoner. That Williams woman..she's gone."

"That will be all" Irina stated, raising her arm to dismiss him. Feigning the look and feel of anger until the agent had left the canopy. Sighing in exasperation she threw the comb she had been holding to the floor and knelt before Talisha. The poor girl looked so guilty..Irina pulled her daughter close and inwardly smiled proudly at her succession. Who wouldn't be proud after all? Talking to a rather stubborn prisoner with the tendency to lash out was one thing. But the fact that she had managed to convince her into an attempted escape was another. Talisha was the daughter of the sworn enemy to Mrs Williams, which obviously meant that getting her to listen must have been tricky. But she had somehow managed it. And what seemed to be a seemingly difficult task had been accomplished. Even if it took a few days for it to happen. Irina didn't foresee though, that Talisha would have genuinely befriended the woman. It must have taken great strength to betray ones own friend. And for that, She respected her daughter more. She couldn't help but feel her pain though. "I know it was hard darling, but it was for the best."

Talisha pulled away and look dismally at her mother and simply breathed: "That's what you think.." before standing to her feet and walking towards the tent flaps. Leaving her mother kneeling guiltily on the floor. "Now if you do excuse me, I am going to get breakfast."

Irina didn't bother to call after her when she strutted out of the tent. She knew the better option was to leave her be. She would get over it. In time. Hopefully..Irina made a mental note to herself to think before asking her daughter to do things for her next time. All she wanted was to get closer to her daughter and she found herself ruining it again because of her damn coldness and lack of care for innocent casualties. Irina had realized long ago that she needed to change, and it had to be soon. Her daughter's happiness relied on it.