Throwaway notes on chapter titles and links to their original contexts, if anyone cares.
Some of the info may seem terribly obvious, but I think there's at least one reader out
there who's familiar with Buffy but not RK, and various idioms etc. may be unfamiliar to
people whose native language isn't English. Biblical refs are to the King James version
and uncredited plays are by Shakespeare. If an author is cited but no title is given, the
quote is part of the title of the work in question.

1: (Matthew 27:7) -- not really all that
appropriate, but I couldn't resist the pun about Hiko's occupation(s).
2: -- most of Kenshin's canon attacks have "dragon"
somewhere in their names, making that his de facto totem animal. Most of the RK
characters have some sort of critter associated with them in canon.
3: the literal translation of the kanji in Kenshin's personal name.
4: Megumi's canon nickname, literally meaning "she-fox".
5: (Robert Frost)
6: (proverb)
7: (_Romeo and Juliet_ V.iii.123)
8: (TS Eliot, "The Waste Land", line 3)
9: (Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Rosalind", line 2)
10: (Robert Herrick, "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time", line 1)
11: -- a party game often associated with flirting.
12: (George Thorogood)
13: (The Song of Solomon 5:2)
14: (_Macbeth_ II.ii. 58)
15: (Ben Jonson, "To Celia")
16: ("Lyke-Wake Dirge", line 3) -- see their
footnote about textual variations.
17: (Tennyson, "Maud", line 924) -- don't panic;
it's the very last line on the page.
18: (Isaiah 14:12)
19: (Harry S. Miller)

"In the Forests of the Night": (William Blake, "The Tiger", line 2) -- Enishi has a canon association with
tigers. "Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" in part two is an idiom for being alert, but
also a rather bad pun based on Kaoru's similar association with an animal called a
tanuki, which is often translated as "raccoon" even though it isn't. Not that the puns for
the individual chapter titles are much better.

1: -- the late
Rosemary Clooney didn't write the lyrics, but she sang the best-known rendition.
2: -- probably best known from the rap number by 2
Live Crew, but originally sampled from Stanley Kubrick's movie _Full Metal Jacket_.
3 and 4: Pretty much self-explanatory. Please don't hurt me.

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