'...simply follow the owl. Good luck.'

The enchanting piano that had accompanied the short announcement is drowned by a loud squeal, and Chris glances sideways to see Darren stuffing his fists in his mouth.

'I am under the impression that this announcement excites you,' he remarks drily.

Darren is staring at the screen for a couple of seconds before he looks at Chris. 'Are you kidding me? This is incredible! I bet I'm in Gryffindor.' Darren gets up from the couch and starts pacing the room. Chris closes down the laptop they'd been sitting in front of. He turns around on the couch and watches Darren walk up and down the hotel room, his hands all over the place. 'And you'll probably end up in Slytherin, or Ravenclaw 'cause you're so smart, and we'll get more information and be able to meet more fans internationally and -'

Darren stopped talking, but only because his mouth was suddenly occupied with another activity - while he had been raving about Pottermore, Chris had gotten up, walked over to him and pressed his lips against Darren's.

'Well, that, too,' Darren mumbles when Chris pulls back, smirking. He quickly recovers and grabs Chris by the shoulders. 'But think about it! It'll be so incredible!' He drops his arms and gazes into Chris' eyes, as if he suddenly realizes something so important he has to say it without delay. 'Gosh, I love J K Rowling. Don't you love her? I think she's amazing.'

'You look like a puppy,' Chris states, guiding Darren back to the couch. He sits him down and gets them a Diet Coke, only vaguely aware of Darren's ramblings as he enters the kitchen. When he gets back, Darren is leaning over the arm rest, eagerly awaiting Chris' return. 'A needy puppy,' Chris chuckles.

Darren takes a sip of his Diet Coke and sighs as he lets himself sink into the soft couch cushions. Chris realizes Darren is staring at him expectantly.

'Come on, admit it, it's cool,' Darren coaxes when Chris doesn't budge. He pulls Chris down to his level, putting his head on Chris' shoulder. 'You have to admit that I was right. It's so cool, it's like the coolest thing in the history of cool.'

Chris sits back up and looks over his shoulder at this curly-haired guy sprawled on the couch. Then, he sighs and puts down his Diet Coke. He shrugs, rolls his eyes and decides to give in. 'Fine. You were right. It's cool.'

Darren sits up and snuggles into Chris, looking up at him from Chris' shoulder. 'It's very cool.'

'It's very cool,' Chris repeats. Darren jumps up in delight.

'Ha! I told you so! You totally owe me ten bucks!' The little dance of joy that follows this statement cracks Chris up, even though he'd been trying so hard not to show his delight over both Rowling's announcement and Darren's reaction to the news. 'There you go, smiling and everything,' Darren says, plopping down next to Chris again. 'Now, you could always buy me dinner and be done with it.'

Chris leans in and kisses Darren softly. 'Fine,' he murmurs into Darren's mouth. 'But on one condition.'

Darren retreats and looks at him. 'Which is?'

'You serenade me with Going Back To Hogwarts after dinner. Including all the bits of dialogue!' he adds when Darren starts protesting. 'You have to admit that it fits.'

Darren sighs in desperation, looking at Chris, who is practically clapping his hands with the prospect of a private performance of that song. 'Fine.'

'That's right,' Chris says, leaning in to kiss Darren again. 'And I promise I'll help you when you forget the lyrics.' Kiss. 'Which you will. Kiss. 'All the time.' Kiss.

'No need to rub it in,' Darren murmurs.

'Underneath these stairs I hear the sneers and feel the glares of my cousin,' Chris starts singing softly, smiling when Darren joins in. 'My uncle and my aunt...'