Protect the one you love

"Ever since that day, nothing much has changed. But then again, so much had already been lost. But nothing will stop me from fulfilling the promise I made to myself. I swore on my soul that nothing will ever hurt her, and I intend to follow through with my entire being."

There is an island located at the middle of the sea, where a small girl lives alone. There are a few palm trees and a pristine, white beach that encompasses the small land. A homely beach house rests in the middle of the island, with a path that ends with a mailbox on the beach. A majestically beautiful hide-away that betrays the dark rumors that surround the island's sole inhabitant. A little girl lives there, all by herself. Possessed by phantoms, some say; ghosts are her only friends. She is possessed by the ghost of a deceased warrior, one who died in battle but will not accept death. And so the fearful avoid the island, and thus the island was thus called:

The "Phantom Isle."

Marona. A bright, cheerful little girl at the age of 13, yet she is feared as the "Possessed One." Orphaned by her parents at the age of 7, she grew up alone, dependant on only herself, yet she continued to hold onto her cheery disposition as the years went by. As her appointed guardian, there is nothing else that I wish for her but happiness. She would always find something to keep herself busy, whether it be cooking, cleaning, sowing clothes for herself, or simply running about the island. Any parent would be proud to have such a reliable and mature child, yet I am constantly reminded about the needs of a growing girl.

She is without a single friend that accepts her for who she is, except for me. But there is only so much I can do. I can help with the chores and taste her cooking, but I can't be the mother who kisses her 'Good Night' or the father that provides everything for his 'princess'. I am but myself, a fighter who promised to protect the daughter of his closest friends. I fight because I have to, and to protect Marona from harm. To take up the mantle of one's own parent's job must be difficult for a child so young. But I have no doubt Marona will become a great Chroma like Haze and Jasmine once were.

Time pasted by quickly, and so much as happened in such a short amount of time. As a Chroma, Marona has dedicated herself to her job. Though the pay is usually cheap, and the clients are less then pleasant; Marona always keeps her steady smile and accepts what she's given as a reward. Jobs are already hard to come by, and being cheated out of a proper reward is starting to grind down on my nerves. I can only hope that Marona will start to be a little more assertive in the future, and start standing-up for herself more.

There is always danger when we're hired for a job. Given our reputation, only the mad, insane, or desperate (not mention cheap) end up sending us bottle mail with job requests in them. As unfair as they are, jobs are always welcome rather then the hate-mail and death threats. There's always one or two messages like those arrive every week, and I do what I can to hide them from Marona. I couldn't stand to see her cry over something as trivial as someone else's hate.

I made a promise to never let any harm come to Marona. She's too precious to me, and I could never forgive myself if anything were to happen to her. That is why I repeat my promise before every fight, before everyday, before every moment. I will defiantly protect you, Marona. I swear!

"You will go no further! For her sake, I will not fail!"