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Chapter 1-The Possessed Soul-Last Chance for a Lost Cause?

Darkness was falling. In the abandoned, ruined streets of Chicago, something was lurking in the shadows.


For five years, the streets had been empty. No people walked the streets, no dogs crapped on the sidewalk and no birds filled the air with the sound of their evening song. But now, something was walking these streets again. In a world where no living creature, whether human or animal, would dare to walk the streets for fear of being possessed. Yet there was something there.

"Hungry... So hungry..."

"Jesus Christ, Black Star! Shut the hell up! We heard you the first time!"

A young girl, no more than fifteen years old, stepped out of the shadows and onto the sidewalk. She was of average height, with dark hair barely brushing the top of her shoulders, and startling green eyes which blazed brightly, almost like cat's eyes. She was dressed in a red shirt, jeans and a tatty pair of trainers. And she looked annoyed.

"Well done, idiot. If he was around here, he sure as hell isn't going to be now. Didn't you have enough to eat earlier?"

"I wasn't going to poison my system with that abomination you called casserole!"

A man stepped out now, he was no taller than the girl, but obviously much older, about thirty eight. He had turquoise hair and small black eyes. He had a tattoo of star on his shoulder, which was visible with the sleeveless top he was wearing, despite the cool air.

"Care to say that again?"

"Well, let's be honest, you're a bit shit at cooking, aren't you? You couldn't manage to tip baked beans into a bowl if the instructions were on the bottom of the tin. God, if only you could –"

The man didn't get any further. The girl had smacked him around the head with the flat of a chain scythe, the chain of which appeared to be the end of a thick strand of her hair.

That's because Keshi is a demon weapon, a human with the ability to appear as a weapon. Or a weapon with the ability to appear as a human. Who knows?

And the guy she'd just coshed was Black Star, who was, for better or worse, one of her two meisters. The other was Crona, a nervous sword meister with pink hair and an anxious, almost terrified look permanently etched to his face. He appeared from the shadows now himself, followed by the group's guide, Stein, a man of about fifty with the ability to read souls. He used his ability to track down weapons transformed into kishins by a soul manipulating machine, known as SoulJAM, to prepare Keshi, the only weapon unaffected by the machine, to destroy SoulJAM.

He looked up at the sky. The light was beginning to fade. They had to find this weapon, and quickly.

"... If my cooking is so bad, why don't you try cooking for once? Oh yeah, I forgot, because you know jack SHIT about cooking, that's why!"

"Oh, and you do?"

"More than you! At least I'm not stupid enough to put a tin in the microwave! You almost blew the microwave up!"

Stein sighed. "Can you leave your squabble until later? Please?"

Keshi snorted in disgust. "He started it."

"I don't give a shit. Are you going to get this weapon, or not?"

Keshi sighed, looking at the purple sky. The sun was disappearing and the moon had already began to appear, his fixed grin showing the world his teeth, which before the night was out, Keshi knew, would have rivers of blood oozing out between the gaps.

"Sure thing. Who shall I partner?"

"Doesn't matter. You choose."

Black Star picked himself up off the ground and grinned.

"It's obviously going to be me, isn't it? I mean, I'm the world famous Black Star,


Keshi gritted her teeth in irritation.

"Just look at this arsehole. Good grief, there's no wonder my mother never became a Death Scythe, with this prat as her partner."

"... Why would she want to partner Crona when she can partner me? I'm going to be a-"

"He's too bloody full of himself. He doesn't shut up about how awesome he is. I honestly can't stand him. I think I'll bring him down a peg or two, and serve him right. Daft prick."

"...You'll be the falling –"

"Then I choose Crona."

Silence. Then...


Keshi looked at Black Star in exasperation.

"Look at you. How on earth do I expect to catch this possessed weapon if you're acting as my meister? Good grief, talk about full of yourself."

Keshi turned her back on Black Star, who had started to go a funny shade of purple. Stein was looking extremely amused. He took a long drag on his cigarette, and let out a huge puff of smoke. He then turned to Crona.

"Is that okay with you?"

Crona looked at Stein in terror. "Er, yeah, I mean, I guess so, I mean..."

Stein clapped a hand to his shoulder. "Good stuff. Now, Keshi, the weapon is..."

He paused briefly, concentrating on finding the weapon's soul. Then he grinned and turned to Keshi again.

"...Five blocks north of here. You think you can get him?"

Keshi smirked. "Yeah, no problem. You ready, Crona?"

"Er, I suppose... Can you transform into a sword, please?"

Keshi shrugged. "Sure."

In a flash, where Keshi had once stood, a magnificent looking Japanese sword, with intricate pattern on the hilt, cut through the air and landed, handle first, into Crona's outstretched hand. He looked the sword in horror.

"But this is a Japanese sword! I don't know how to deal with this!"

"Don't worry, Crona, it's not that much different to any other sword you've used before. Just calm down." Keshi soothed Crona, her voice sounding slightly metallic coming from the sword.

"B-b-b-but..." The man's teeth chattered in sheer terror. He was used to using Ragnarok, the sword which his mother, the witch Medusa, had partnered him with. But it was far too dangerous for Crona to use him.

Keshi sighed. "This is getting us nowhere. We need to get this sorted, before it gets too dark to see anything. Perhaps I should partner Black Star."

"N-n-no," Crona's voice shook. "I need to do this. I-I-I need to get used to using you sometime, right?"

Although no-one could see her, Keshi was grinning from ear to ear. She knew if she mentioned partnering Black Star instead, Crona would come around.

"Right, you ready now?" She asked.


"Good. We'll see you two later then," addressing Stein, who was standing by patiently.

Stein nodded. "You bet. I'll just go and deflate Black Star, before he explodes. Good luck!"

"Thanks!" Keshi and Crona chimed.

As Stein went over to Black Star, who was rambling on about "the old days, when Tsubaki would never contradict me like SHE does", Crona, who was holding Keshi firmly in both hands, melted into the shadows of the alleyway.

They walked in silence for a while, Crona keeping his eyes peeled for the rogue weapon. Keshi was lost in her own world, and didn't hear what Crona had said to her at first.

"I'm sorry, Crona?"

"Did Dr. Stein tell you anything about this weapon we're looking for?"

"Yeah. This time it's pretty bad. You know what happens when weapons are usually possessed, right?"

Crona nodded. "They usually just injure their meisters enough to escape to join the witches. It's rare that they kill them."

"You're right. But this one did kill his meister, and his meister's family as well."

Crona froze in his tracks. "What? Why?"

Keshi sighed sadly. "Who knows? The manipulation machine affects weapons in different ways, doesn't it? I don't suppose we'll know much about the machine until we get the chance to destroy it."


They walked in silence again for a while, when Crona took a deep breath, and asked something he had wanted to ask someone, anyone, for such a long time.



"Don't you ever worry that one day, we'll be forced to destroy one of our friends?"

Keshi's heart skipped a beat. She had been terrified, for the past five years, that this question would be asked. The reason she was so scared was because of the answer she would have to give. Yes, and we would have no choice but to destroy whoever it was had lost their soul to the manipulation machine. But before she had a chance to answer, a shape appeared at the end of the alleyway, which made Crona freeze in his tracks.

They could see a man at the end of the alleyway, his silhouette made inky black from the light of the moon behind him. As he stepped back slightly, the moonlight illuminated his face, and both Crona and Keshi knew this was the man they were looking for. His pupils were so wide, his irises were almost non-existent, and his face had a vacant look to it, as if he had been brainwashed. A line of saliva hung from his gaping mouth, dripping over the edge of his chin.

Keshi took a deep breath, a faint smile flickering at the corners of her mouth. Crona gripped the handle of the sword, his face grim with determination.

"This is it, Crona," Keshi said grimly to her meister.

"Yes. This is it." There was a hint of fear in Crona's voice, but he had a job to do, no matter how much he hated it.

"He's not human anymore, Crona," Keshi reminded him. "He's a kishin now. Whoever he used to be is long gone. The least we can do is put him out of his misery."


With that, Crona ran towards the man at the end of the alleyway, swinging Keshi around as he did so. As he neared him, Crona swung the sword down towards the kishin weapon's head, and...

The sound of a high, metallic ring filled the air. The kishin had transformed his arm into a spear at the last moment, and had caught the blade of the sword on the tip of the spear. The line of saliva swung from his mouth, as he gave a rough, hoarse laugh.

"Shit!" Keshi exclaimed as Crona leaped back, the tip of the spear swinging inches from his face.

"This isn't going to be as easy as we thought," Crona huffed, as he landed lightly just inches away from the kishin, who was walking slowly forward, swinging his spear of an arm blindly in front of him.

"I know," Keshi hissed in annoyance.

Crona stepped back as the kishin came closer, still swinging his spear arm wildly. "Do you think we should give it a try? It hasn't worked in practice, but..."

Keshi knew what he meant. "It could be our only chance."

She exhaled deeply, making her mind as blank as possible.

"Are you ready?"

Crona smiled grimly. "As I'll ever be," he replied.


A bright blue light surrounded the meister and his weapon. The kishin stopped in his tracks, his face a mixture of confusion and horror.


The light concentrated brightly on Keshi. The sword began to grow, as Crona and Keshi matched their soul wavelengths, showing the enormous power of the only demon weapon alive that was not affected by SoulJAM, the most powerful soul manipulation machine created.

The battle was then effortless for the pair. In his shock, the kishin did little to stop them, and by the time he realised what was going on, Crona was already swinging the blade of the sword down towards him.

"How is that possible!" He roared. "No weapon should be able to-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence, and soon, the bright light faded away to reveal a bloody heap at Crona's feet, a blood red orb floating a few inches above it. The kishin's soul.

Crona breathed a sigh of relief. "We did it, Keshi!"

Crona got no reply from his partner.


Keshi entire body screamed with pain, making her wheeze and gasp. She had already transformed back into her human form, and was lying on the floor. The pain was excruciating, and her vision was slowly going out of focus, going black. Crona leaned over her, shouting in her face, but she couldn't hear a word he said over the sound of her own pounding heartbeat in her ears. Just before she passed out, she glanced at the moon. There were rivulets of blood oozing from his mouth. Then, everything went black.

"What is this pain? It's like my soul is tearing itself apart..."