999- Glee Fanfic

Summary: When Kurt has an accident and Logan is the one to find him what will Blaine think and will they try and get along to help save Kurt? All characters belong to CP Coulter and the Glee producers, sadly I do not own glee.

Chapter 1

Kurt had just finished his last compulsory tutoring session with Logan and was about to leave when the latter stopped him.

"Kurt wait…"

"Yes Logan" Kurt encouraged as it looked as though Logan was having second thoughts.

"I was just thinking that it's our last session together and… erm… well I'm going to miss seeing you" Logan shuffled from side to side as if he was nervous.

Kurt had never seen Logan look so anxious he was always so full on and confident, which made Kurt think that there were still things that he was yet to find out about the handsome singer.

"Come on Logan we will still see each other, in warbler practice and…" Kurt was cut off by a pair of lips meeting his.

He had been forced upon before, but that was by a closeted Neanderthal who would end up working for him one day, but this kiss was different it was gentle and soft, unlikely thought Kurt thinking that it would have been more rough at the thought of it being Logan Wright, well known for having quite a temper. Then he realised whilst he had been thinking this that Logan was still kissing him… Logan who had admitted his true feelings for Kurt not two weeks previously… shit Logan was kissing him.

"mmm… no Logan stop.." Kurt managed to push Logan off without really trying, as stated earlier it was really not that forced.

"Shit Kurt I'm so sorry I don't know what I was thinking.. I know what that asshole did at your old school, I shouldn't have tried that… erm" Logan just about spluttered out still in a flushed state from kissing his crush.

"Not to mention that I'm dating Blaine! Logan you have to stop this I'm taken and you know that, and now I have been forced into two kisses in the past year… I'm gonna go back to Windsor and lets just forget this happened ok?" Kurt rattled out in a shocked tone.

"You should tell Blaine.. If he finds out that you kept it from him he might think that you enjoyed it" Logan smirked, he was back to his normal flirting demeanour.

"Yes I will be telling Blaine.. But wait how would he find out anyway?" Kurt asked puzzled

"Oh you know Han has cameras everywhere and the fact that I might want to make him jealous" Logan stated mater-of-factly.

"Right well bye Logan and please don't try that again" Kurt gave a soft smile as he noticed how Logan's smile didn't quite reach his eyes, and he felt bad that he caused him this pain, but he brought it on himself kissing someone like that was out of line especially if you had a bad past history with kissing.

"Bye Kurt see you around" Logan added as he opened his dorm door to let Kurt leave.

Logan shut the door quickly after Kurt left; well he more or less slammed it shut. Logan was disappointed in himself he knew kissing Kurt wasn't a good idea, even if he had just poured his heart out to Logan confessing how much he missed his family and friends back in Lima. He loved it here and there was never a dull moment but he never really got a chance to communicate with his family and friends because of all the crazy he had to put up with in his house, don't get him wrong he loved all the guys in Windsor he just never really got any uninterrupted time to himself. Logan was happy that Kurt admitted this to him, no less than ten minutes ago, instead of his hobbit boyfriend. I mean he may be hot and everything but he really was quite short. His confession just gave him another thing to wind Blaine up with, that and the kiss.

Yes it was stupid of him to kiss Kurt but when he's sitting there with his gorgeous blue-yet-green-at-the-same-time eyes glaring into yours as he tells you how he feels, and his pale yet beautiful skin that is shown, just enough to get your heart racing at the thought of what is underneath that shirt, from when Kurt loosened his tie earlier, he just couldn't not kiss him. He knew he had done wrong and he needed to make it up to Kurt, but that didn't mean that he couldn't rub it in a particular Windsor's face first, or in that case any Windsor's because in that house if one of them found out something the rest would know in a matter of minutes.

Logan was pulled from his daydream when he heard raised voices and then a few loud bumps and a small murmur, it was Logan's job to go see what the commotion was as he was house prefect, but nothing could have prepared him for what he saw next.

He rushed out of his dorm and through the heavy doors that led to the steps descending from Stuart house.

It was Kurt Hummel the beautiful boy who he had just had a brief kiss with, he was laying lifeless at the bottom of the Stuart stairs whilst his best friend Julian was standing frozen at the top of them.