I know I said I would try my best to get a new chapter before Christmas but some family stuff came up so I couldn't but at least it wasn't as long of a gap as it was last time :s anyway I had a review last time and it made me realise that if you haven't read CP Coulter's Dalton then you will have no idea where all these characters came from so I just wanted to say that if you don't understand the characters then you need to read CP's Dalton as it is an amazing fic and I highly recommend reading it as I am hooked hence why I decided to use her characters for my story. I asked her permission before using them so I am not trying to rip her off I hope you enjoy this chapter

As Blaine pulled up to Dalton Kurt's eyes widened at the mass of people gathered outside Windsor. Reed, Ethan, Evan, Dwight, David, Wes and even Han were waiting for him on the steps leading to the aged building.

Blaine stopped the engine and immediately went to help Kurt with his seatbelt but was swatted away by Kurt.

"I'm not an invalid" Kurt said in a soft tone.

"Oh yeah right sorry I just didn't want you to strain yourself" Blaine replied with a slight blush to his cheeks.

It was like those few moments that they shared before they were dating where Blaine just wanted to grab Kurt and kiss him, but he had to restrain as he knew Kurt wasn't ready for a relationship yet, however now it was simply that Kurt had no memory of him or their relationship.

"Blaine I'm fine really the doctors discharged me for a reason honestly I'm fine just a little sore"

Their heart to heart was briefly interrupted by the twins bounding over and pulling Kurt out of the car and pulling him into a gentle hug.

"Alice we're so glad your back we've had no one to shoot at or tell us when we're being too noisy or messy and no one to catch reed when he trips on nothingness" Evan started but Ethan finished.

Kurt beamed at the two and answered "yeah well I won't be up to any nerf gun battles for a while but hopefully I didn't lose the ability to tell you two off when I fell"

"Yeah guys he needs his rest in order to get better" Wes added as they all approached the building.

Han gave Kurt a quick awkward hug and said that he was glad Kurt was all right but needed to get back to his room in order to complete the next level of his new computer game.

"Ok so what was this surprise you were talking about?" Kurt questioned

"Follow us" David answered with a devious grin on his face.

They led Kurt to his and Reed's room and sat him down on his bed.

There was a big TV that had been pushed into the room from Blaine's and a disk on the top.

"Ok so we know you can't remember everything and most importantly can't remember Blaine but we made this video to hopefully trigger some memories" David explained.

"And what if it doesn't work" Kurt asked in a small voice feeling incredibly guilty and looking down at his shoes.

"Then we'll try something else" Reed said coming to sit next to Kurt and placing a reassuring hand on the taller boys shoulder.

"Ok Alice get ready to remember lover boy and have a disgustingly tooth rottingly sweet reunion with your white rabbit" Ethan pronounced.

Blaine and Kurt both turned scarlet and the former placed the DVD into the player.

Kurt took a breath and the movie started to play.

He sat through various messages from his friends and watched as a video from the New York party showed; it was of the twins fight over Kurt's sacred cookies.

Everyone laughed at the way Ethan was standing on the kitchen counter as his brother made a running jump at him which brought them both to floor, when suddenly Dwight just came up snatched the cookie out of the twins needy hands and ate it himself.

The next message was from Blaine:

"Hey Kurt I know you don't remember me, but I am in fact your boyfriend and I... I...I'm just so sorry that I never got to tell you enough before the accident about how much I love you. I know this must sound really scary considering you think you've only known me a few days and well I just hope that there's a time again when I will be able to tell you and have you say it back." Tears were rolling down Blaine's cheeks in the video now and Kurt looked up to find that real life Blaine had left the room. He turned back to the video. "I love you, I'm head over hills, punch you in the gut in love with you Kurt Hummel. And I'm hoping that this will bring you back to me" Blaine's speech finished and there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

The beginning of a familiar song started to fill the speakers and the film flipped to a recording of a very memorable song. Teenage dream why was that so interesting, it was performed by the warblers but Kurt had no memory of it but he felt like he did at the same time. Kurt knew the song but he just couldn't place where this came from, Blaine was singing lead and looked entranced by something, he really really tried to pull out the memory from his head as he listened to the beautiful harmonies and voices blending to make one. As the song ended the room was silent.

"I need to find Blaine" Kurt stated before rushing out the room.

Oooh sorry a cliff hanger I'm not sure if I should make it so that Kurt remembers from this or I have another idea, please let me know if you have any ideas I'd love for someone to help me figure out what's best for this story thanks for reading