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18 year old Rikuo sighed as he stood on a branch of one of the Sakura trees in the vast Keikain estate garden. The moon shone brighter this night and served as his light. He was wearing his usual blue yukata and his haori. The wind played with his hair. He looked at the mansion where the ceremony was being held. The lights insider were bright and their were families from respectable origins inside.

He frowned slightly as his gaze remained stuck on the mansion.

'So much for being fearless, why in the world am I out here when she's in there?' he mentally asked himself.



"You don't have to give me a reply immediately Yura." His voice sounded confident. (But in reality he was hurt that she didn't reply immediately, he hoped that she couldn't see it in his eyes)

Yura was still in a state of shock at what had just transpired. Someone confessing to you when you had just woken up after three days was something that she wasn't expecting. (Of course he knew that, it was just, he became impatient, and he felt like it.)

"Yep, you don't have to reply immediately… I can wait for your confession." Rikuo said in a snobby tone that Yura had to glare at him. (In truth, he was sweating and his hands had gone cold. He hoped his voice didn't sound like it was breaking. He didn't want to look so uncool.)

End of Flashback

He covered his eyes with one hand and leaned further into the tree.

'Damn it, I shouldn't have said that back then. How long has it been? Two? No, three years. She might have forgotten by should have, she never did call me this past years.'

"So, whose the lucky person your getting engaged with Yura-sama!" squeeled a voice from inside the mansion.

This made Rikuo return back to reality. He immediately looked back at the mansion below. His mouth slightly open in shock and confusion at what he heard.

"That's right, Yura-sama is already in that age and she's already become a head. It's tradition that she gets engaged immediately!" another loud voice exclaimed.

"Who is it? I'm sure that the lucky guy will come from a respectable family!" another voice.

Rikuo stayed in his sitting position, unable to move.

'W-what! Engage!' his mind froze as his eyes widened.

"Ah, could it be Tamazuki-sama? Or will it be Kiyotsugu-sama!" an older woman had asked.

"Yura-sama, which one will be your future husband!" an old voice said.

"Why not my nephew, Yura-sama? He's almost the same age as you, say hello to her Inugami-kun!"

"Eh, um, fine. Congratulations Yura-sama." Inugami said in his deep voice, but his eyes were elsewhere as he looked to see Tamazuki smirking at him.

Rikuo felt his blood boil. This was so not his day. His eyes sharpened. He was seeing green, no, red.

'No… no way am I letting any of those guys take Yura from me! She's mine!' his mind exclaimed.

Rikuo jumped of the tree and dashed towards the entrance of the place.

A few minutes ago...

Ever since the ceremony ended, Yura had been looking left and right for the person she cared for most. She was overwhelmed with worry that he didn't come that day.

'Rikuo, did he not come?' her mind raced with questions. Tears almost formed at the corner of her eyes.

'He's supposed to be here, no, he must be here!' she shook her head.

"Yura-kun!" she raised her head to see a group of familiar people walking towards her.

"Rihan-sama! Wakana-sama! Oji-san! Everyone!" her face lit up at the sight of the Nura clan members, everyone almost present.

Rihan hurriedly walked to her and hugged the now the older girl whose hair had grown longer and slightly grew taller. Yura gladly hugged him back. After he let her go, Wakana was the one who hugged her tightly next. Everyone then either gave her a hug or patted her head.

"You've done well Yura-kun! I'm impressed." Nurarihyon said as he gave her a grin.

"Yura-sama, we've missed you a lot!" Kejoro exclaimed. Tsurara agreed by nodding her head vigorously.

Yura's eyes softened. Sure they didn't get along well at first, but, of course, through the course of time, things changed.

"Everyone, thank you for coming today… I… I also missed everyone, Kejoro-san's cooking, Tsurara-chan's wake up calls, Kubinashi-san's advices, everyone… I'm really glad you all came!" she said sincerely.

Everyone looked touched at what she had just said. Some gave her toothy grins while others coughed dryly and tried to stop their blushes to become more evident. Yura then looked at Rihan who gave her a questioning look.

"Um, is Rikuo, I mean did he-" Yura stopped talking as Rihan patted her head and gave her a gentle smile.

"He's outside sulking, why don't you go see him? I told him to come in with us, but he refused, really that stubborn son of mine." Rihan said in a comforting tone. Everyone sweat dropped. (Just like you Rihan-sama)

"Things really changed when you left Yura-sama. Rikuo-sama seems to have become more quiet and serious." Tsurara worriedly said.

"Yes, but I'm sure that now, you can lighten him up!" Mezumaru said cheekily. Gozomaru nodded in agreement.

"And, that reminds me, since you've become head, you need to find a fiancé soon, huh? But, its not like you should find for one when you've already found him." Nurarihyon said smiling teasingly. Everyone looked surprised. "It's the Keikain tradition." Nurarihyon stated.

Yura turned bright red. "B-but, i don't know if he still feels the same way, I mean, I've kept him waiting for so long, I-"

Gyuuki stepped forward. "Yura-sama, now is not the time to back out. It's time for you to go and say what you couldn't say back then, or lest you lose this chance." He said in an authoritative tone. Everyone looked at him in awe. It was the first time Gyuuki had properly talked to her.

"I'll have to agree with him. What are you waiting for Yura." They turned to see Ryuuji with Mamiru.

"Right! Go for it Yura-kun!" Wakana said. "So you don't regret it!" she added softly and smiled at her gently. Yura smiled back and nodded her head.

"Thanks everyone!" she said as she quickly turned to leave only to meet another obstacle.


Yura tried to talk her way out of the conversation. The ladies who were much older than her were speaking to fast.

"Why not my nephew, Yura-sama? He's almost the same age as you, say hello to her Inugami-kun!" the woman pulled a young man beside her.

"Eh, um, fine. Congratulations Yura-sama." Inugami said in a deep tone, but his eyes were elsewhere as he looked to see Tamazuki smirking at him.

Yura smiled politely.

"Um, actuallyl, I need to leave, you see-" Yura didn't get to continue as the door to the room burst open loudly.

"Ah, isn't that the third head of the Nura-clan!" a girl suddenly exclaimed.

Yura snapped her head to the direction of the door. Indeed, there stood Nura Rikuo slightly panting. He then stood straight and folded his arms. His eyes then met hers. She froze, Rikuo seemed to be in a bad mood for some reason. He then looked at the person beside her. His glare hardened tenfold!

"It is! He looks so handsome!" another female squealed. (Of course he does! ~ Tsurara and Kejoro screamed.)

"Eh, but why is he wearing such a scary face?" Wakana asked as she tilted her head slightly to the left.

Nurarihyon and Rihan shared knowing looks as they smirked at the third head. (He must have heard those ladies loud conversations)

"Look! He's headed towards Yura-sama!" a voice in the crowd exclaimed. There were a lot of murmurs from the onlookers.

Yura looked confused as Rikuo walked closer towards her. Who was he looking at?

Rikuo then came to a halt as he was one feet away from her. His gaze not leaving Inugami who looked confused. He then reached out his arms and placed them around Yura. Gasps where heard around them. Yura's face brightened pink.

"Rikuo?" she half whispered. His hold on her tightened. The blush on her face didn't fade.

"Don't you dare get near my Yura. There is no way I'm letting her marry anyone else but me! Yura is mine!" he barked out loud. Inugami's looked dumbfounded. Yura turned ten times redder. Inugami then shrugged his shoulders and turned to walk away.

"Go on Nura. She's yours if you say so. I didn't plan on marrying her anyway." He muttered as he looked at Tamazuki who was smiling at him. He then stalked off.

Rikuo then faced Yura. His eyes serious but held a gentler gaze. He gently let go of her. He let out a deep sigh. Somehow the floor looked interesting to him right then.

"You've created such a ruckus Nura. I'm sure you want to say something, so make it quick before I change my mind."

Rikuo glared at Ryuuji who glared back, he then turned to Yura who still looked confused but the blush had now slowly died. "Yura…" he closed his eyes. His tone was very serious and Yura looked worried. 'Did something bad happen?'

"Yura, I know that I said that I'd wait for your confession, no matter how long it takes, but… I just cant wait, I guess I'm getting impatient, and even if I know you may not feel the same way towards me, I just cant bare to have someone else become your partner! I don't want to give you to someone else! I only want you to marry me! Stay with me, beside me, have a family with me… I want us to stay together, because I-" Rikuo froze as he looked at her. Yura's eyes widened as he saw Rikuo's sincere eyes.

"I love you, Keikain Yura." He said as he beamed proudly although his fists were shaking. Yura took a step closer to him and put her arms around his head. Rikuo's eyes widened. He put his arms around her as well. Yura then looked up to him. Her eyes never leaving his.

"Rikuo, although sometimes you're a jerk-" she started. Rikuo gave her a proud smirk. She stopped the urge to kick him for that.

"I love you. I love you, Nura Rikuo. I never thought that I would say something like this, but I'd be willing to be your wife." Yura finished as she blushed cutely. She tried to avoid his gaze. Rikuo became silent. Yura looked up worriedly. When she did, she received a surprise from her beloved.

Rikuo's lips were on hers, his eyes closed. She then slowly closed her eyes. They stayed that way until Rikuo gently broke them apart. He had a victorious grin on his face. The crowd then cheered. Yura blushed then she tried to pull away as she felt the gaze of everyone in the room on them. "Rikuo, you jerk, everyone saw!" she yelled. Rikuo's grin didn't vanish. "Heh, of course they saw it." he hugged her

"Ara, looks like my grand daughter has to marry Rikuo-kun!" Hidemoto said in a cheerful tone. Nurarihyon looked at him with a smirk. "I guess so, after pulling that act in front of this crowd, they are officially recognized as a couple." He said as the two laughed.

"NUURAAA! How dare you do something so indecent in front of the guests!" Ryuuji yelled as his eyes sharpened dangerously and a vein was popping out of his head. (Sure he was happy that his baby sister has found her happiness, but seeing what Rikuo had done, oh, Rikuo was in it big time!)

Rikuo and a blushing Yura looked at Ryuuji who was sprouting words such as 'I'll kill you!' and 'Get away from my sister!'. Mamiru was holding him back on his left side and Tsurara held him on his right arm. Rikuo smirked at him which made more veins appear on Ryuuji's forehead.

"Keikain-sama, please calm down!" Tsurara said as the older man was starting to overpower her hold on him.

"Please relax Ryuuji, its nothing to be angry about." Mamiru said in his calm tone. "Congratulations, you two." he said as he looked at Yura.

"Ryuuji-onii-chan… Mamiru-onii-chan..." Yura said in a questioning tone. Rikuo then lifted her up bridal style.

"Eh! Rikuo, what are you doing!" she exclaimed as she held on Rikuo in fear of falling off. Rikuo sent her a sly grin.

"Well, we haven't seen each other for a long time Yura, its natural I want to spend some 'alone' time with you, away from the view of this people, not that I'm ashamed, but you know what I mean. Your mine officially as of today anyways. And always will." Rikuo said as he quickly ran out of the hall.

"NURAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Ryuuji yelled as he finally overpowered the two and chased after the ever eluding third heir, followed by a panicked Tsurara and an indifferent Mamiru.

"That's my boy!" Rihan said as he gave a hearty laugh. He pulled Wakana closer to him and she snuggled up to her husband. "I cant believe it, our Rikuo-kun is all grown up." she muttered.

Then everyone in the hall continued to do other things and decided to ignore the shouts from outside the building. The cries of Ryuuji, Tsurara and Yura.



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