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Adyss vs. Gamabunta + an old fashioned brawl

(Some animals might have been harmed in the writing of this chapter)

The memorial stone, located in training field seven was a highly respected and well cared for object, where ninjas who died in the line of duty were recorded, but due to an idiotic battle between two summons' this was very nearly destroyed.

The vast demonic snake - Adyss reared his head back; and lunging forward with a hideous hiss attacked the Frog Sannin. The surrounding ground and trees were crushed and scattered, from the debris Jiraya emerged seconds later, kicking off the falling trees, whilst weaving multiple seals.

"Don't run Jiraya!" Yelled Naruto from atop his summon's head.

"Stow it brat!" the Sannin yelled back over his shoulder, completing his seal sequence. "Doton: Mud quick sand!" activating his jutsu, narrowly avoiding the vast sweep of Adyss's plated tail. Naruto's summon gave a shriek of surprise as the ground beneath his body gave out, sucking in his serpentine form, swallowing him in dark mud.

"NARUTO-SAMA, I'M BEING PULLED UNDER!" yelled the huge snake as he struggled vainly in the jutsu.

"Earth element Ninjutsu?" muttered Naruto under his breath, sighing in irritation as he looked at the sheer amount of space the earth jutsu covered, he made a single seal and yelled "Kai!" and the summon beneath his feet vanished back to the summon realm, leaving Naruto to fall into the vast mud pit hundreds of feet below. As he fell Naruto made a familiar cross fingered seal "Kage Buushin no Jutsu" two clones appeared beside him. The first clone grabbed the original and the second clone and threw them with a rotating motion towards the canopy of trees at the edge of Jiraya's jutsu.

'That's clever' conceded Jiraya, who had almost cancelled the earth jutsu when Naruto had fallen. But the two Naruto's hadn't quite made it to the trees, and that's when the second clone threw Naruto that extra distance, whilst Naruto completed the seals for a summoning.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" and once again the Giant snake Adyss appeared, crushing a few dozen trees that were unfortunate enough to be in the same time and place. Naruto grabbing a thick tree branch, swung round once and leapt back onto the summon's head. "Welcome back Adyss-dono"

"MUCH APPRECIATED NARUTO-SAMA" the snaked hissed politely in response, before focusing his attention on the puny human who was running back to the open grass area near the memorial stone. "SHALL I GIVE CHASE?"

"Yeah, go get him" Naruto agreed, his slitted eyes glowing bright. Adyss slid forward at breakneck speed, his mouth wide, displaying that cavern of needle-like teeth.

'Naruto is strong, dispelling and re-summoning to counter my Ninjutsu like that' praised Jiraya as he ran. 'But this makes things difficult, now I won't be able to stop that summon unless I use an S-rank jutsu or a sage technique, but then I'll kill Naruto as well' he didn't want the kid to think that a great sage like himself was struggling, but he didn't have much choice but to summon himself.

Escaping the trees, Jiraya made the seals for a summoning, Naruto noticed that and ordered Adyss to a stop. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" there was a sudden burst of smoke that engulfed the surroundings. Naruto carefully listened, his senses reaching out for any chakra presences, Adyss tasted the air nervously; his nostrils quivering as he sensed danger.

"Got ya!" yelled a deep, booming voice as the smoke was cut away, revealing the glinting edge of a tanto knife. Even as Naruto's mind registered the attack, Adyss was already avoiding it, the blade passed inches from its scales.

"You're good for a snake!" boomed the deep voice as the smoke disappeared, revealing an enormous orange frog, equally as large as Adyss, wearing a blue sleeveless Gi with the front open, revealing his round orange and red stomach, in his vast mouth he was a smoking pipe, which he slowly drew on as he watched the snake, being cautious now that his first attack had been so easily dodged.

"AS ARE YOU!" the snake hissed; his voice as loud as ever.

"I don't see that punk Orochimaru" Gamabunta remarked, looking about. Jiraya leapt atop the giant frog's head.

"It's not Orochimaru we're fighting this time, but Uzumaki Naruto" said the Sannin.

"Why? Is he that snake's disciple or something?" asked Gamabunta, wondering how Minato's son could summon snakes and why also he was fighting his summoner.

Jiraya was silent for a moment, but decided against lying "I was peeking at some girls again at the onsen..."

"Damn it Jiraya, don't you ever learn, so what pissed him off so much, don't tell me you peeked in the men's side this time?" the summon boss replied cuttingly.

"No I did not!" objected Jiraya hotly "he's girlfriend was in there, Anko, you should remember her, she must have taught him how"

"For Kami's sake Jiraya, how many times have I told you not to do stupid things like that" Gamabunta turned his attention to Naruto and Adyss "...so you're Naruto, huh?"

"That's me" Naruto answered calmly whilst drawing his black blade. "Are you going to protect this idiot-Sannin?"

"I will if I have to, can I not convince you to back down boy? Even I can tell how unstable the Kyuubi's chakra is, Jiraya is a seal master, forgive him on this occasion and I'm sure he can fix it" Gamabunta suggested.

"That's my intention" answered Naruto, drawing on the chakra of the black sword. "But first I'm going to batter Jiraya for peeping on Anko-Chan, and you too if needs be"

"That summon of yours seems capable, but don't overestimate your own strength" Gamabunta replied, pointing his tanto in Naruto's direction. "Hopefully we won't hurt you too badly"

'Gamabunta's worse than Naruto' thought Jiraya 'I guess there's no choice...'

Suddenly the two summons lunged forward, Adyss with his teeth and Gamabunta with his knife. There was a brief clash and the hiss of steel, while above them Jiraya and Naruto flew towards each other, Naruto stabbing with his black sword, Jiraya pressed his palms together and summoned a grey broadsword with a wide guard and what looked like veins going down the blade, they met in a heated clash of stabs, slashes and parries. Then gravity took hold, they fell even as they fought, suddenly they were caught by their respective summons.

Adyss and Gamabunta circled each other, cautious, yet both feeling a bubble of adrenaline and excitement. "You might be better than Manda" grunted Gamabunta. "I find it hard to believe your a normal summon, what are you Adyss?"


"A demon huh?" remarked Gamabunta, pausing to suck on his pipe "no wonder your chakra is so dense and dark, last time I fought a demon, it was that pesky Kyuubi"

"So you used to be the Yondaime's summon then?" asked Naruto from atop Adyss's as he built up his chakra.

"That's right"

"Interesting" Naruto then reached out for Kyuubi's chakra 'hey fox, let's cut him in two'

'So you want me to power up that jutsu, huh?' remarked the fox with a chuckle in the recesses of Naruto's mindscape. 'Fine by me kid' Naruto's body was suddenly surrounded by a blood red aura as Kyuubi's chakra flooded his chakra pathways.

"You should probably dodge this" warned Naruto, raising his sword "this jutsu is far from perfect" and with a swing of his sword he sent the Kyuubi's chakra flying in a vast cutting arc. Gamabunta swung his own blade and the area around him was caught in a vast expanding sphere of red chakra, clouds and trees were blown away by the powerful gusts emanating from it.

Naruto tumbled back from the shockwave, nearly losing grip of his sword. "Well that should teach that prat not to peek on my girlfriend" he muttered, breathing heavily.

"I never learn from my mistakes" said a voice softly in Naruto's ear, and even as Naruto began to turn, he was seized and tossed from Adyss's head.

"NARUTO-SAMA!" exclaimed Adyss, but he too was attacked from behind, Gamabunta grabbed the snake's head and pinned him heavily to the ground, using his vast weight to keep Adyss in place.

Naruto broke his fall using the branches of the trees; he landed heavily on the muddy floor below. "Damn it" he grunted painfully as he rose to his feet. His black sword lay at the edge of a ring of trees, pierced deeply into the ground. Naruto hurried towards it, but then Jiraya barred his way.

"Let's see what your taijutsu is like" Jiraya stated calmly with a cocky grin, not even bothering to take a stance.

"Like I'll follow your rules" Naruto made a seal, but nothing happened, he tried again, his chakra failed to react. He glared at the toad sage "what the hell have you done?"

"A Chakra suppression field, it prevents chakra use and doesn't allow interference from the outside, and I put a separate barrier around your sword as well"

"A powerful jutsu" admitted Naruto, his knuckles now clenched tight.

"True, but people rarely use it these days, as the caster cannot use jutsu either"

"So that's what you meant" realised Naruto, entering into a low combat stance.

"Men settle their problems with their fists, isn't that what they say?" commented Jiraya lightly, taking a step forward, before disappearing out of sight, pure speed.

Naruto dodged a series of punches by the skin of his teeth, but then Jiraya firmly planted his foot into Naruto's stomach, sending him smashing against a tree.

"I'm stronger than you Naruto, I understand about you being angry, but those girls kicked my ass because of those snakes of yours, let it go"

"Anko and I have been mistreated and looked down upon all our lives, now we have each other, she doesn't really need it, but I will defend her from anything, even being looked down upon" stated Naruto removing himself from the tree, spitting up a glob of blood.

'Love...he really is in love with her' noted Jiraya, feeling just a tiny bit ashamed with himself, but not enough to let some punk kid beat his ass into the ground. "Well then brat, why don't you protect your girlfriend's honour?"

"Like I need you to tell me that!" he roared leaping into the air and striking out with a axe kick, which Jiraya neatly skipped out the way of, and casually back handed Naruto with sufficient force to put a pimp to shame. But Naruto stopped himself falling, grasping Jiraya's arm before he could pull it back out of reach. Naruto span around to deliver a reverse elbow to the back of Jiraya's neck, but Jiraya drove his shoulder into Naruto's forearm and escaped the attack.

"Not bad kid; seems you know a bit" acknowledged Jiraya, side stepping around him and with a sweep kick he sent Naruto sprawling to the ground again. "We can do this all day if we have to" the Sannin stated calmly, kicking Naruto in the stomach.

"I'm not giving up until your on your knees apologising" growled Naruto, rolling backwards to create distance, shakily getting back to his feet.

'He's so full of anger, very well Naruto; I'll accompany you till there's nothing left' thought the old ninja, bringing up his fists with an open guard. "Get up Naruto, is that all you have without the Kyuubi and your jutsu?"

Naruto charged forward and drove his fist into Jiraya's check, but the Sannin let his neck fly to nullify the power, and immediately upper-cutted Naruto's chin, followed by repeated hooks, easily hitting over Naruto's guard, the young ninja's face was already beginning to swell.

'Damn it, he's so strong even without any Ninjutsu' thought Naruto wearily, his head swimming as the Sannin rained rough punches down on the young ninja without any apparent mercy or hesitation. No matter how hard he tried, Naruto couldn't land a single decent hit. 'Why am I still doing this?' wondered Naruto as Jiraya seized the front of his jacket and hurled him into yet another tree. 'Because I'm angry...no...why?'

The reason was a lifetime of pent up rage, Anko had softened its edges, but it remained there, now Naruto needed to purify himself, until his hate for both himself and others was gone – fighting until there was nothing left but the fight itself, and Jiraya knew that, which was why he didn't stop hitting Naruto, even though it made him want to cry. With a final, heavy blow, Jiraya rendered Naruto unconscious.

'I can't win...?' were Naruto's last thoughts as darkness claimed him '...against some old peeking tom?'

"Take a chill pill Naruto, sleep and tomorrow I'll sort your seal out" said Jiraya softly; crouching down by Naruto's bloody faced form. "I'll be your opponent as many times as it takes until you're all vented out" he fondly ruffled Naruto's hair "getting so pissed just because I peeped on your girlfriend, your dad was just the same."

= Chapter End =

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