Hide and Seek

Her laugh broke the silence. "Ok, would someone like to explain the situation for me?" Jack asked as she watched the four SAS men scrambled around her living room floor. The latino man coughed as he stood up from where he'd been crawling on the floor. "Ms. Starbright, I assume? Hi, I'm Wolf, the head of Cu- Alex' unit from training. "Yes, I know. We have met." She could have sworn the man blushed a little. "Now I would just like to know what is the whole unit doing crawling around my living room."

Other men stood up, too. The readheaded on stepped forward. "We are playing hide and seek with Alex," he said cheerfully, earning a killer stare from Wolf. "Great going there, Eagle, now we definitely don't look like idiots," he growled. "Oh, guys! Did you hear that? Our Wolfie had learned sarcasm from Cub," Eagle exclaimed clapping his hands.

"So if you're playing hide and seek, then why are you all in the same room?" Jack brought the subject back and the men looked at each others. "Well," now it seemed to be the Scottish one's turn to talk. "we did search the whole house, and this was the room where we counted so we thought we might have overlooked it."

"But Jack," Ben walked to her. "You don't look at all surprised to hear that we were playing hide and seek with your teenage ward." He smiled at her wondering what was off. Jack laughed again. "That's not weird at all. Alex and Tom come up with the weirdest bets and when it's about money, Alex is ready to do pretty much anything," she smiled at them as the members of K-unit tried to process this information about Cub.

Before anyone had time to say another word, they heard the front door, so all of them walked to the hall to meet widely grinning Cub. "Had pretty hard time, eh?" he said smugle as his mates oggled at him mouths open. "Is there any idea in doing this at all if you're not going by the rules?" Wolf yelled at him, throwing his hands around in frustration that they'd made fools of themselves. Cub just cocked his head oh-so-innocently. "What do you mean not going by the rules?" he asked them as the epitome of innocence.

"Like you don't know! We especially told you not to hide outside!"

"That is not quite right."

"What do you mean?" Wolf asked charging towards Alex, who jumped to a side.

"Well, the words you used were 'Fine, as long as you don't walk out the door.' And I didn't, the window in the living room was open, remember?"

Suddenly it all came clear to the K-unit and Wolf attacked Cub again who just laughed and ran off yelling something about being more careful how you put your words.

"So, tea anyone?" Jack asked the rest of the unit.