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Donatello's pov

I am still uncertain when the change REALLY began. Quite frankly, I have always liked him. It had to be those eyes….felt like he would read me without words. And for the most part, he could. Leonardo was gifted in so many ways, just naturally. We all looked up to him, even when we were younger. So when did I start harboring ideas of molesting my brother?

I sighed, and tapped, absentmindly, at my keyboard. I had pictures on my main drive of Leonardo that I had taken in secret. One of him training, mediating, reading, heck even just standing. But this was my prized one, he had just came out of the pool in our lair and I had captured it. It was glorious to behold. Water clinging, the light….I closed my eyes…

"What the shell is wrong with me?'

"WHAT THE HELL! MIKEY!" The roar of Raphael's anger, almost made me fall out of my seat. I quickly shut down my pc and took a couple breaths to calm down my heart rate.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWW, Poor Raphie!" Michaelanglo was shrieking and I could hear crashing noises. "Get back here…" Raphael was growling. I stuck my head out of my lab, opened my mouth and then closed it.

Mikey was dressed up like Raphael! Same bandana, sais and posture. If It wasn't for the skin tone and Mikey's lopsided smile, you would have thought there was a cloning going on.

Mikey jumped up and down, swinging his arms, looking like he was doing an imitation of a gorilla.

"Aurgh! I'm Raph! Here Me Roar!"


The veins in Raph's neck seem to be popping out. "I'm going to break your face." He said through his teeth at their baby brother. That caused another roar of laughter from the youngest turtle. "No way, I am claiming sanctuary by way of Leonardo!"

The Raphael imposter raced into the dojo with the real hot-head storming after. There was a lot more yelling now. I looked up to the sky and beseech, "why me?" I asked this question a lot. Yet to have an answer. I'll let you know.

I trotted into the dojo as I heard Leonardo's voice, rang out.

"Raph! And…Mikey?" Leonardo was watching the pair run around him, from his crossed-legged position on the mat. He was frowning.

Mikey was squealing and darting around as Raph made feeble grabs at him. Leonardo sighed and got to his feet. "You guys.." He began, but Mikey dodged, running behind him.

"Leo! Save me!"

Raphael charged and the trio went down in a pile. "owowowowowowowowowowowowow!" Mikey yelled as Raphael reached over Leonardo and ripped the mask off his face.

"Stay the shell outta my room! Give me my sais!"

"Raph…stop..get off!" Leonardo was trying to get up, but was tangled up with Mikey's limbs. Mikey had a death grip on his legs. "Leo! Don't leave me with him!"

I rubbed the sides of my forehead. "Okay, this has gone on long enough. HEY!" I shouted. Everyone froze. Leonardo's eyes snapped to me, mildly surprised by the yell. I almost lost my cool. Damn eyes….

"Mike. Give Raph his gear and Raph, get off Leo. I'm trying to work and I can't think straight with all this noise!"

"Geez, Donnie." Mikey whinnied, handing Raph back his sais. "It was just a little fun."

Rapheal shot him a dark glare, taking his beloved sais. "Next time, we train…im gonna show you a little fun." Mikey swallowed. I took a step, planning on going back to my lab, when I heard a startled yell from Leo. I spun around, thinking it was Raph, only to find Mikey had shoved Leo on to his back straddling the turtle's waist.

"Wanna practice, Leo?" Mikey pouted at the stunned leader.

Practice? My head spun. Mikey never practiced. And what was with that coy smile he was giving MY LEO! My blood pressure shot up and then dropped, rapidly.

Come on, Don. I thought. This is Mikey…young, loveable, tricky…I froze with that.

That's when it hit me….Did Mikey like Leo too?