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Donatello's POV

Yes, I did get. I had unleashed the can of worms so to speak. Everything was spiraling and I knew that Raph would be at the bottom of it. Yet, the snake had obviously cornered Leo in the dojo while I was playing "21 questions" with Mikey.

Sheesh, he was a motor mouth.

"How was it! I want details!" He had all but shrieked in my ear from nowhere. I hadn't even heard him come in my room.

"Out!" I hollered back, pointing stiff-arm towards my broken door. Leo had really done a number on it. While I appreciate the reasoning behind it, it still sucked. Now I couldn't lock Mikey the shell out. A true frightening thought to behold.

"AW! You are no fun, dude." Mikey wailed at me. "I came in here with the good intention of congratulating you and this is the thanks that I get?"

I pursed my lips at the younger turtle. "No, you came in here to find out Leo said to me."

"Same difference." Mikey said brushing off my accusation. "I mean I confessed too. He didn't kill me either, which is nice of him."

My mouth dropped. "Confessed? Already!?"

"You got to move fast in the game of love." Mikey said, delighted. "Now, I want to see what Leo does when Raph makes his move."

"What? You told Raph? Shit! Mikey! Where is Leo?" I stormed past him and Mikey followed hot on my trail.

"Relax, Dude. It is only fair that he gets a shot." Mikey was saying and I threw him a venomous look.

"It's Raph, Mikey!" Honestly. I don't get where Mikey get some of his ideas sometimes.

"Yeah, but he said, he wouldn't hurt him…well sort of.." Mikey added as an after thought. Yeah, That little gem really put me at ease. We heard voices coming from the dojo and I zoomed to it. I managed to catch the last part of Raph's sentence.

"Why? Because.I…." He stopped abruptly.

Leo stood there in a defensive position, looking ready to duel, while Raph was further back, his back straight and smiling his ass off. I didn't like the look he was giving the leader one bit. The vibe in the room was down right suffocating.

"What is going on?" I said, harshly before I had even given the sentence any thought. Both turtles jumped and looked at me. Leo's eyes were expanded and darting about wildly. Raph on the other hand looked as pleased as punch about something.

"Just talking." He all but purred at me as he slipped by us and out of the dojo. I turned back to Leo, who looked physically exhausted. That seemed to be a regular affect with Raphael involved.

"You okay, My Love?" Mikey asked, sweetly and Leo and I made faces at him.

"Do Not Call me that." He said, shortly, turning a bit. Mikey pouted as I cranked my neck to get a good look at the leader. Leo was shaking his head at Mikey when I saw a flash of crimson on his throat.

"What happened to your neck?" I asked and Leo's hand flew up to it cover it, but not before I could get a glimpse. It was teeth marks and blood. Leo was giving me a guilty look, but I knew who was responsible. That is when my anger hit the fan, seething.

"That son of a bitch!" I snarled, pivoting on my heel and dashing out of the dojo. I had only gone a few steps, when I spotted Raphael in the living room and flew out him in a reckless fashion. He must have heard me coming because he was in mid turn when I bull dozed into him, catching him around the middle.

We went down crashing onto the coffee table, which caved in under our combined weight. Raph gave grunt as the air knocked out of his lungs from the impact. I didn't hesitate. I was swinging wildly about, hitting any part of him I could reach.

Raph was cursing and trying to knock me aside, while dodging the swarm of blows. We rolled about in the broken bits of the table, yelling a tidal wave of insults at each other. Now we were trading blows in a random trend, like a bunch of emotional amateurs.


I was being ripped backwards off Raphael, I cried out in protest, but Mikey and Leo held me fast. I gave a huge exhale, feeling the bruises already forming, where Raph had nailed me back. I glared down as the hot head touch the corner of his mouth with his fingertips where I had drawn blood. Seeing the blood, he looked up at me and I passed him a nasty smile.


Raphael came off the floor like a possessed demon, murder in his eyes, but Leo intercepted him, hands up. He stood in front of me like a shield. Raph skidded to a stop, his gaze fixated on me over Leo's shoulder.

"Don't even think about it!" Leo commanded his tone deadly.

"That Asswipe fucking jumped me when my back was turned! You fucking coward!" Raphael was enraged, spraying spit all over Leo, who didn't waver a single inch. He stood, steadfast against Raph's frenzy.

I growled in response. "You said you wouldn't hurt him, you shit!"

"I didn't hurt him, you dumb fuck!" Raph swore back, blowing his top. He made a move to come towards me, but Leo shoved him back, swiftly.

"He is bleeding!" I hollered and heard Mikey inhale beside me.

"Bleeding? Leo is? " He asked, confused. "Raph…you said…"

"Please, that is nothing…" Raph was saying in a defensive tone.

"Both of you shut up!" Leo boomed at him, fuming as well. He stepped forward, forcing Raph back into the armchair. He sat down hard and glared up now at Leo, who simply crossed his arms.

"We are having a family meeting this instant. You are all acting like a bunch of raving lunatics!" Leo was saying and my jaw tightened.

"He is the lunatic. Take a gander at your neck!" I yelled and Leo turned on me.

"I said, SHUT UP!" Leo shouted that last part and Mikey squeaked. He flung himself for the safety of the couch leaving me to face Leo' wrath alone. Leo was so close to me that I feel him tearing me apart with his eyes alone. I gave him a feeble smile, fearing for my life, I surrendered, easing myself over to the couch. Quietly, I might add.

Leo stood there like a drill sergeant gone berserk, his gaze piercing each of us before he spoke. "This is not happening. We are not going to have fight about this! We are not going to lose our family core because you all have some silly crushes!"

I flinched at his words. They were cruel and full of thundering spite. My crush was not silly. I knew it. We all knew it. I glanced up at Leo's face. But did he know it? Or was he still writing this off as a faze?

"It isn't silly." Mikey said, softly. He was saying what I was thinking. Leo's expression lessens. After all, the hurt was visible in Mikey's tone. Sometimes having Mikey along was a bonus. Leo let lose a deep sigh to calm himself down a notch.

"You need to understand this. We fight bad guys, not each other. You get me?"

"I am not backing off." Raph said, shortly. His face was still tight in fury as he eyed me across the room. I met his gaze, narrowing my own eyes.

Leo's gaze shifted to the hot head. "I am not asking. I am telling." He answered, darkly and Raph's eyes went to the leader instead.

"You can't fucking control this, Leo.' He snarled back.

Leo's teeth bared. "You want to bet, Raphael?"

"uhhhh…It has gotten cold in here.." Mikey mentioned.

"You think you can snap your fingers and I go back to normal?" demanded Raph, getting up, slowly. "You know what I think? I think we could take you right now and you couldn't do a damn thing about. Once you get that through your head, the better."

"Er…." I managed eyes wide. Leonardo looked livid as he matched Raph's stance. Mikey cleared his throat.

"I don't think that is a good idea, Raphie."

Raph gave him a withering gaze. "Why not? I thought you wanted a foursome?"

Leo made a choking noise, spinning to stare at the youngest turtle, whose face went a deep shade of scarlet.

"Raph…real classy, dude." Mikey muttered.

Leo gave his head a quick shake. "Wait. You guys actually sit around having these conversations?"

A predatory look darted over Raph face as he showed his teeth to the leader. "It is your fault for being so…fucking fuckable in the first place!"

Mikey's eyes about bugged out his head and I literally stopped breathing at that. Leo's jaw hung open briefly, but he recovered, shoving the red wearing turtle back into the armchair, hard.

"Watch your mouth!" He warned the turtle, trying to contain his stone composure.

Raph gave him a look of pure triumph, but he wasn't finished yet. "But, let's move past that. If you want to play the blame game, it was Don who fucked me up with his porn pictures."

I gave a sharp wheeze as all eyes swerved to me. They might as well have turned on a spotlight above my head. Leo's face was incredulous.

"His what?"

"Wait! No…I don't.." I began, nearly hyperventilating.

"Pst, that is so last year, Raph." Mikey piped in. "He has videos now." The room went dead as his words sunk in and then I had a huge coughing fit as both Raph and Leo started.

"WHAT?" They yelled in unison.

"It is not what you think! Mikey is exaggerating! I don't have videos! I swear." I stated, frantically.

"So you have pictures?!" Leo wanted to know and my face flushed. Shit. He was going to kill me now. I had just finally gotten my first kiss and now he is was going to destroy me.


"Holy Shell!" Leo yelled a hand on his forehead. "This is just too much!"

"I was going to tell you!" I explained. "But, then all this happened….."

Leo shook his head, words failing as he sat down heavily in the other armchair. I felt relive wash over me. At least he hadn't told me how horrible I was.

"I don't even know what to say." Leo said, barely above a whisper.

"You could start by telling the others to get out." Raph suggested lustily and Leo's nose wrinkled. I felt my anger boil a little in my gut. Raphael was really getting under my skin.

"You suck at this romance stuff." Mikey remarked, rolling his eyes. "You can't force him to choose. It is not the gentlemen's way. "

"I'm not." Raph said, "But considering as he is wearing My mark. I figured I could have the first go."

His tone was boasting and all our eyes landed on Leo's neck, who shifted uncomfortably from the attention. It wasn't bleeding now, but it was still there, swollen and raw. I felt my malice soar at the sight of it.

'What the hell is that? Mark? You fucking bit him, you sickie! Like a goddamn animal!" I spat and Raph grinned deviously back.

"Hell yeah, I did."

There was more yelling. I was on my feet and Leo shot in front of me again. "I said, this was not happening. You guys are not going to fight!"

"Wouldn't be much of a fight any how." Raph chuckled from behind Leo, still relaxing in the armchair.

"Don't mess with me." I shot back at him, my hands balled up at my sides.

"Wow, this solves nothing." Breathed Mikey from his perch on the sofa.

"You have that right." Leo sighed. "And you guys are giving me a headache on top of that. I can't believe that all this was going on behind my back."

"Not our fault you're clueless." Raph put in and Leo's eyes lit in recognition of the phrase.

"So that's what everyone has meant all this time." Leo said more to himself then us. He shook his head, deciding to keep any further thoughts to himself on the matter.

"Okay, Splinter is coming back in a few days. I suggest we work this out. I do not want World War III waging in the lair."

"Yeah…why don't you go do some first aid on that?" I advised about the mark. "We will talk it out."

Leo gave me an unease look. "Yeah. That sounds like a very bad idea to me."

"It will be okay, Leo dear. We got this. Don and Raph promise not to kill each other in your absence, right?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah…" I murmured and at the same time I heard Raph breathed, "No promises."

I gave him a dirty look and he smiled, politely back. Jerk.

"Okay…." Leo said after a moment, as if he was still battling with the ill feeling he was having. I didn't blame him though.

"Seriously. We have dealt with this for a while now. Go take care of that and then we will all talk this out." I told him, giving him a positive smile. Leo eyed us then, nodded heading over to the bathroom. We watched and once he was inside, we all spun close together.

"What fuck are you doing? We only have a few days left! You shit!" Raph wanted to know.

"You ever bite him again, I am going to break your teeth." I spat back at him, lowly.

Raph sneered at me. "How would you like a third nostril, Donnie?"

"Go to hell." I shot and Mikey whistled.

"You guys are wasting time. I vote that Leo has to spend time with all of us. We all need to be honest…and no Raping, Raph!" He said and we both gave the larger turtle the evil eye.

He was still smirking at us. " No promises." He said again. "I am tired of waiting."

"I am serious. You can't go that far. Leo is new to this stuff. You are going to freak him out." I hissed at him, glancing at the bathroom to make sure Leo was still inside.

"I am just letting him see what he has done to us. Walking around all perfect, while we had to sit around restrained." Raph uttered, darkly.

"That wasn't his fault, Raphie. Not everyone knows that they are sexy." Mikey pointed out.

We all pondered that for a moment. I had to agree, but I thought it made it worse for people like me who did notice. It didn't seem fair. I guess I could see Raph's view in this matter.

"So now what? We all just hang out and hope he likes one of us back?" I asked, to be honest I hadn't planned this far ahead. Things felt even more complicated then they were before.

"Uh…we could watch some chick flicks?" Mikey giggled. "Oooo! That could be helpful!"

"I am not fucking watching that shit!" Raph growled and I grimaced.

"Well, we do have to prove to Leo that this isn't going to interfere with the team. " I said, through my teeth. This wasn't going to be easy. "So..I am sorry that I hit you, Raph."

Raph's mouth broadens into a smile. "No you aint, but I had it coming. I can't help it. I lose my head when Leo is around."

"Not like you had much to begin with." Mikey laughed and quickly ducked a swat from the older turtle. I let lose the breath I had been holding. I glanced at my two brothers, marveling the situation.

"My gah. Leo knows…..about all of us…" I said, slowly. "This is crazy."

"Dude, I think word you were searching for is, AWESOME!" Mikey cheered.

"No. Crazy is right.' Raph shook his head. "And Leo is just as crazy for putting up with all this crap. I would blow this joint as soon as I could."

I nodded. "Well, there will have to be some sort of rule or something. I mean, I am still worried about Leo's health and the stress…"

"Yeah, I bet you were real worried about that when you were swapping spit with him." Cut in Raph. I glowered at him.

"Can you try to actually give a damn for ONCE, Raphael!?" I snapped at him. "I am just saying that leaving bite marks on him, isn't the way to do things."

"It is okay, dude. I still think it is hot." Mikey said soothingly, giving Raph a thumb up. "A little hardcore for my taste, but I get it."

"You are not helping." I snarled at Mikey, who gave me a shrug. "Got call it as I see, Bro."

"Nice to see you aren't beating each other up." Leo said, announcing his return. "I think we should get to work on cleaning up this table."

We all glanced at him. He was acting as if nothing had happened. Nevertheless, one look at the large Band-Aid on his neck and we all knew that it was only wishful thinking on his part. Or maybe he was just trying to push us past this stage. It was hard to tell with Leo sometimes. He hid his emotions so well.

"I'll get some trash bags. This is pretty much done for." I told him, standing up. He nodded, surveying the damage.

"That means we also need a trip to the dump. I would like to see if we could find a new one for Splinter. Don, why don't you get started on that. I will head over to the dumpsite."

"You are going to need help carrying one back if you find one." I told him and he stiffened. I could tell he was sizing us up, like trying to figure who was less threatening to go with him.

"I'll go…" Raph began, but Leo gave him a sharp headshake. "No, Mikey is. You two can stay here and fix your mess." He said, gesturing to the broken table.

Mikey let out a loud, ear-shattering whoop like he had just won the lottery. He danced about in a mad circle. I frowned at him as he gave a huge grin, doing a fist pump. Leo looked like he was already regretting his choice as he turned, heading for the door.

"Alright!" Mikey tagged after Leo like a puppy, chattering away.

"Can we hold hands?"

"No!" Leo responded, quickly, but that didn't faze Mikey a bit. He just kept on going.

"How about linking arms?"

"Mikey. Shut up." Leo was saying as they disappeared out the door. I could hear Mikey whining in response, before the doors closed.

I turned to Raph, who was shaking his head. We both knew that Mikey was going to drive Leo nuts until he got what he wanted and one-step further. Leo had just unknowingly sealed his own doom.

"I think he would have been safer if he had taken you." I informed Raph, who snickered.

"Damn straight."