Hey, Y'all!

I know y'all are dying for an update! But this isn't one! Sorry!

Just to let you know, I am really, really sick! I have double Pneumonia, a sinus infection, and seasonal allergies on top of all of that… I am fighting the Doctor's at this point. They want to admit me, and I don't want to go… So because I have promised the doctors and my Husband to stay in bed and sleep and rest there probably won't be any updates for a couple of weeks! I am soooo sorry! I promise when I start to feel better I'll write more, but right now I just can't!

I am going to the hospital daily for IV anti-by's, Prednisone, and fluid's... So hopefully my lungs will start heal quickly! (One can hope right?)

I'd say the first couple of chapters, when I get back to writing, will be smallish but they will be updated as soon as I feel better!

Sorry once again!