Extra 2

Extra scenes

Well, two extra at this point. This first is from Kyurem and Mimi's backstory, but from the point of view of those in Lacunosa.

It was one of the earliest wars of Zekrom and Reshiram against Kyurem, with the two dragons serving one united kingdom that was facing a terrible long winter brought about by the lone dragon. As always, the town of Lacunosa was ruled over by Kyurem, as his stronghold was closest to there. The area was rich in good earth and precious stones so many people had been tempted to stay when the ice dragon slept. Now that he was active, they were forced to make sacrifices of themselves, both human and Pokemon, to keep him from destroying them utterly.

In this town, there lived a girl who had been born with strange black and white hair. Her parents were powerful enough within the community that the others did not dare act against her, but as she grew, powers of electricity began to manifest within her. She was a gajinka, a mysterious being that is born when a Pokemon soul inadvertently is born human. It is not known why or how this is so, but it happens with incredible rarity. In many places, people do not trust gajinkas and have been known to put them to death once their powers show.

But this girl was allowed to live until she was a young woman. She was known for having a pure heart and a kind soul, so with the shelter of her family's power, no one was inclined to harm her. Then, her father died as a result of the unnatural winter brought about by Kyurem. Superstition flared up and when the time came for another sacrifice, many people said that the gajinka had to go.

After spending a night in contemplation, she agreed and set off into the forest seeking protection for Lacunosa. But on the surface of the crater, she found a sight she did not expect: Kyurem saddened by the death of a Minccino. It was strange, but the girl was touched by this and agreed to help bury the Pokemon. After that, she sang a song asking for a blessing on its soul to find a peaceful rest.

For her kindness to the Pokemon he called Mimi, Kyurem spared the girl's life and agreed to end the winter to allow spring to come. He also swore, upon his power, that he would do so again if the residents of Lacunosa agreed to honor a particular promise. The girl returned home and gave word of what happened to the people there.

From that point on, the peoples of Unova have always seen the birth of a gajinka as a lucky thing.

This second extra scene... well we've met the heroine of the sequel, so how about the hero? It may or may not appear in a sequel; remember, trailers lie!

Aspertia City

It was raining, but Nate had to get out of the building. Being out in the fresh air was a relief. He stood under the borrowed umbrella, watching the water streaming in the gutters. Out in the cold rain... this was so ordinary. But it was nice in that way. The thing that really troubled him was, "What am I supposed to be doing here?"

"Hey!" Nate looked over and saw another teenager coming up to him. It was a boy he wasn't familiar with. Then again, he hadn't been here in Aspertia for long. "Aren't you that crazy guy who's dating Rosa?"

"I'm not dating her," he said.

"Right," the boy said sarcastically. "You shouldn't be so careless about that. There's several guys that would like to be her boyfriend; I was going to congratulate you. Don't let her get away from you."

Nate shook his head. "Did I end up in a dating sim by accident?"

"What?" the boy said.

"Never mind. Were you going to tell me something simple like how pressing the X button reads signs? No, this is supposed to be a Nintendo game. It'd be the A button."

The boy raised an eyebrow. "What're you talking about? This isn't a game."

"That's what you think," Nate said. "Or maybe it's just what I think." And maybe he should stop talking. This wasn't helping him convince the others that he wasn't crazy and could be released from the hospital permanently.

But what was he supposed to do?

Contest (sort of)

Will there or won't there be a sequel? I'm still considering it. There are some cliches I didn't get around to playing with; the test scene with Nate shows that off. Besides, Colress is awesome. He's like a dark version of Hilda, in a neutral sort of way. If I did do a sequel, he'd be one of the big reasons to do so.

But, there is one detail which would bug me for another story, and that's Zane's son. I added the Zorua to the Dragonspiral sequence because of the game sequels, and kept that version because I liked it better. However, I never got around to deciding on a nickname for him. And if I did do a sequel, the Zorua would appear at least once, with Rood.

So then...

Contest: Give a nickname to the Zorua from the Dragonspiral sequence. Include the character who gave him the nickname (N, Rood, or even someone else) and why.

To enter: Include it in a review, or PM it to me.

Prize: I'll use the name and explanation I like best in the sequel, as well as giving credit to the winner.

Well, not much of a prize, but I thought I'd throw it out there. Peace!